How to Connect An Ethernet Cable to Get Faster Internet On Your Device

An Ethernet cable provides a wired Internet connection. No WiFi needed. Ethernet is fast, exceeding the speeds of wireless internet. If you’re looking for the quickest and most reliable Internet going, Ethernet is where to look.

Direct Connection

How Ethernet works is simple. Before WiFi, Ethernet is how computers got Internet. Ethernet has come a long way in recent years, upgrading its technology in very much the same way USB cables, HDMI cables, and other standards have progressed.

Benefits of Ethernet

The benefits of Ethernet cables are immediate and obvious from the moment a device is connected.

  • Ethernet is almost always faster than WiFi.
  • Ethernet is a more stable connection as the only way to lose the signal is through a damaged cable.
  • Ethernet is safe and secure, more than WiFi. To gain access to an Ethernet connection, a hacker has to physically cut into the wire or somehow gain access to a signal that’s protected and covered the cable.

How Do I Connect Ethernet?

First, you must buy an Ethernet cable. There are various types of Ethernet cable. The main difference between the different Ethernet cables are their data transfer speeds. The higher the number on the Category, i.e. Cat7 cables, the faster the Internet speed.

To connect Ethernet, put one end of the cable directly into your router and the other into your computer.

For this to work, you will need an Ethernet port on your laptop or computer. Fortunately, most laptops are Ethernet-equipped. Be sure to check beforehand just to confirm. The Ethernet port is typically put near the 3.5mm and USB ports.

Why Switch to Ethernet From WiFi

Although speed and stability can be substantially improved, you may look at the idea of connecting to Internet by cable to be old-fashioned, clunky, and restricting. There are a lot of reasons though to abandon WiFi in favor of Ethernet.

  • No objects block your Internet signals, like they do with WiFi.
  • There won’t be any sudden drops in Internet speed, something which is advantageous when you’re using the Internet for work.
  • Gaming with Ethernet is much faster and has less lagging, a huge advantage.
  • You can connect devices in areas where WiFi may have trouble reaching, such as the backyard, basements, and other areas.
  • They make USB-to-Ethernet adapters that allow you to pair an Ethernet cable to almost any device.

For work, gaming, video-watching, and high Internet usage, Ethernet is the better choice over WiFi. Youwill have a speedier connection instantly. It’s as easy as plugging it in. Shop Ethernet cables and adapters at today.

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