How to Connect Devices to A TV Without An HDMI Input

Older flat-screens and TVs sold a decade or two ago aren’t necessarily going to have an HDMI input. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you can’t hook up the latest tech – i.e. soundbars and Android boxes – to them.

What Inputs Does Your TV Have?

A lot of old TVs have color-coded inputs. These are RCA inputs. They use RCA cables, understandably.

If the device you’re trying to connect has an RCA cable port, you’re golden. All you then need is a high-quality RCA cable and there are several available right now on sale in Canada from

What If My Device Doesn’t Have An RCA Output?

Most modern devices will not have RCA outputs. There’s no reason to. RCA is dated next to standards like HDMI.

Don’t let this limit you in any way. Look for what other inputs match. Between video and audio cable standards, there are at least a half-dozen possible combinations that are easily workable.

An Adapter for Video-Audio For An Old TV

If you cannot find the right cable to put between your device and your TV, try for a high-speed adapter.

Home theater adapters make it possible to hook up almost anything to your TV simply by converting the signal from the limitations of a device’s output to what’s available for your TV input. Convert HDMI, DVI, VGA, and more. Split the signal. Switch the signal. And more.

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How To Give An Old TV Bluetooth Capabilities

An older television also will be lacking in certain capabilities we take for granted, such as compatibility with Internet and Bluetooth.

In terms of Internet, there are multiple ways to connect your TV to the Internet. If you use an Ethernet cable, this is perhaps the easiest. There are also dongles and similar devices that essentially will convert a television into a streaming receiver. An Android TV box may be able to accomplish this as well, depending on what your setup is for cables and adapters.

For Bluetooth, you need a Bluetooth 3.5mm jack receiver. If your TV has a classic 3.5mm jack, converting it to Bluetooth.

Now, if you’re installing something like a Bluetooth sound bar, simply go the cable-and-adapter route.

We are limited by the tech we have in the devices we own but there’s always a cable or an adapter out there that can transform your home theater system for almost next to nothing. Consider the possibilities. If you know what you’re shopping for, you’d be amazed at how easy adapters make the home entertainment experience. Check it out at

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