What to Look For In An Angle Grinder For Home Use

A top-quality angle grinder is the perfect tool to help you cut, grind, carve, and more. If you haven’t used an angle grinder before and aren’t sure what to look for in a model, here is everything you need to know about how to spot the best angle grinder.

Disc Size

An angle grinder uses a rotating disc to do its work. For DIY home use, you only need a 4-inch or 5-inch disc. For industrial situations, up to 9-inch discs are used. The thicker the disc, the more material you can cut.


An angle grinder is a tool used for everything from cutting iron pipe to fixing a faulty valve, handcrafting furniture, cutting tile, removing grout, and carving wood. If you intend to put an angle grinder through its paces, ensure it’s up for it.

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Dust is produced as we use an angle grinder. This can clog vents, cause overheating, or burn out the motor. Though not a necessity, some angle grinders have a seal or dust ejection system incorporated into the design. Any sort of protective guard will help keep this material under control.


Most home angle grinders offer speeds between 5,000 and 10,000 RPM. There are more robust angle grinders up to 12,000 RPM. The higher the speed, the easier the tool will be to use and cut through materials.

Electric v. Cordless

Cordless tools are very convenient. That said, when it comes to angle grinders, cordless means they rely on a charge. It will spit out less power and you’ll continually lose power the lower the battery goes. Ensure your angle grinder is corded. This way, you have consistent and reliable power. You can work quickly and efficiently.

Multiple Discs

Even the most high-quality angle grinder in Canada will see its disc get worn down. Ensure you have multiple discs. Some angle grinders come with two or more discs but far from all. If you are sure you’re going to be using it frequently, a few extra angle grinder discs is a smart buy.

Angle Grinder Size

A large angle grinder with a large disc will fatigue the hand quicker than a small angle grinder designed for portable use. A handheld angle grinder that feels comfortable in your hand is recommended for home use.

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