Time To Use A Wireless Multimedia Keyboard For Your Home Theater System – Read Here!

For home theater lovers, PC users, and mobile devices, one can easily accumulate multiple remotes. Every console has a remote, as does every Android box, HD player, cable box, and screen. You’ll need a basket to carry all those!

A wireless multimedia keyboard is a cheap alternative, aligning the uses of various devices in a single remote.

These are a go-to when you’re operating a home theater PC, aka HTPC. For systems where browsing the Internet, controlling a smart TV or Android media player, and gaming consoles are mixed together in the same room, an HTPC keyboard is a necessity.

The best wireless home theater keyboards are, fortunately, those that are cheap, simple, and efficient.

What Are the Different Parts Of An HTPC Keyboard?

An HTPC keyboard is made up of several different components. You have a keyboard just like what you use for your computer. You also have a multi-touch touchpad that allows you to manipulate your flat-screen similar to a touchscreen.

You also have navigational controls for up, down, left, and right, and of course ‘play’, ‘stop’, ‘rewind’, and ‘forward’.

Mini 2.4GHz Portable Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Multi-Touch Touchpad Mouse – PrimeCables®

What Can You Use With A Wireless Multimedia Keyboard?

A mini 2.4GHz wireless keyboard works with a variety of devices, including the following.

– XBOX360
– PS3
– HD Players
– Blu-Ray Players
– Android TV Boxes
– Smart TVs
– HTPC Systems
– IPTV Systems
– PCs
– MacOS

What to Look For In A Home Theater Keyboard

A keyboard for a home theater system comes in various sizes and specifications. A mini 2.4GHz keyboard is preferred by many because of its high functionality but also for its pocket size. Comparatively, there are full-size remotes that are similar in design.

You may also have some preference in the shape of the HTPC keyboard. An integrated touchpad’s something that isn’t included in every wireless keyboard. Eliminating this cuts down on size, however, means you will need a mouse to complete the same home theater maneuvers.

Battery type matters. Being wireless, you don’t want to be replacing batteries regularly or recharging your keyboard after every use.

A mini wireless keyboard requires either 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth connectivity. You want effective connectivity. Some want a backlit keyboard so that they can use it in the dark. Some remotes do not have this functionality.

Upgrade your home theater system with a mini wireless HTPC keyboard from PrimeCables.ca. Complete with keyboard, touchpad, and mouse, you have everything you need to enjoy full control over your screen. Plug and play, get yours today.

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