How to Choose the Best Tabletop Material For A Sit-Stand Desk Frame

An electric sit stand desk riser frame does not come with a specific tabletop material in mind. Office workers or homeowners have the opportunity to customize a sit-stand desk with their selected preference.

If you aren’t sure what type of tabletop is best for a sit-stand desk, here are some options.


Let’s start with one of the more luxurious tabletop options available. That is, glass. Glass is a modern, versatile material that stands out. It is able to handle moisture and heat, and is easy to clean.

The downside is that glass can chip and scratch, and has glare in direct sunlight. An experienced desk worker who is at their computer eight hours per shift may not prefer glass. Nothing’s wrong with glass per se though if it is your preference.

Natural Woods

If you want something fancy for a sit-stand desk riser, try a brand of natural wood. Reliable and with a variety of colours, you have lots to choose from.

You can even use reclaimed wood if you know how to cut it and put it together. That said, wood can be expensive and difficult to maintain. Cheaper woods are also problematic because they can fall apart.

Quartz Composite

A quartz composite is a great tabletop material for a kitchen countertop. That said, a quartz composite material can be used for a desk tabletop.

It is sleek, modern, and non-porous. Unlike other desk options on this list, quartz composite is also very easy to clean and durable.

Medium-Density Fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboard, aka MDF, is a highly popular desk tabletop material. Assembled utilizing finely-ground wood scraps, it is bound together typically with a resin. It is then put under high pressure.

A high-quality MDF can be very light in weight but also quite durable. Unfortunately, low-quality MDF can also break apart quite easily. If you go this route, always go quality.

Metals, A La Stainless Steel

Metals are not a first-choice for most when searching for a sit-stand desk frame tabletop. With creativity though, you can do some very interesting things with metals. Stainless steel is indestructible, common in commercial kitchens. It is a great choice for a tabletop.

Create your own composite material if you wish, using mixes of woods, stainless steel, and/or additional materials.

Choosing a tabletop can be as easy as grabbing a piece of wood or using a tabletop you already have. It can also be something very unique and requiring a lot of attention to building it. Regardless of what your mindset is, shop your sit-stand desk riser frame today at

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