What Would You Do If You Could Work at your Laptop and Do an Exercise Bike at the Same Time – now you can!

We don’t often think about getting work done and putting yourself through a workout at the same time. These days though, active ergonomic workstations are growing in popularity. In achieving a perfect life-work balance, we combine activities whenever we can to save time. Here’s an opportunity for someone with a busy schedule and who’s unwilling to compromise their work or health.

An exercise bike desk workstation takes the ergonomic height adjustable desk craze to a whole new level. Although it may look like it’s going to be complicated to use or install, it’s not. No installation is necessary. The design itself is near-silent which is impressive considering so many exercise bikes tend to create a lot of disruption which naturally isn’t conducive to work productivity. It uses a magnetic tension tension control system, ensuring smooth movement without pause.

For this exercise bike ergonomic desk station, you’ll also find that everything’s adjustable. The desktop can be forwarded, backed up, moved up or down, and can be adjusted for a sit or standing position depending on what you’re in the mood for. You can also monitor what’s happening with your fitness while on the bike. The exercise bike carries a digital display with distance, calories burned, speed, and time.

If you’re stationery throughout the day for whatever reason and you’re concerned about the effect this is having on your health, this is a way to work on your computer, read, or write, while eliminating the requirement of you sitting there and doing nothing. You can customize your workout for personal comfort, with no pressure to overdo it. On one of these exercise bike workstations, the average person burns about 400 calories every hour. Even if you only jump on for one hour a day at about 5 times a week, that’s an extra 2,000 calories you’re going to work off.

We have a lot of responsibilities, especially with the older we get. Eventually, we’re tied down with a lot to look after – real estate, taking care of our significant other, taking care of our kids, attending school meetings, business trips, making and eating dinner, scheduling family outings and ensuring family time isn’t being forgotten, and of course, spending time with your partner ensuring they’re being treated well and that you’re maintaining these sort of connections to the people you love. The first thing that tends to go is our health. That’s how we gain weight, stop going to the gym, and sometimes get sick. Give yourself the gift of not setting your health aside. Pick up an exercise bike ergonomic desk this summer and live your best life!>>

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk Converter on sale at PrimeCables.ca!

If you’re working nine-to-five sitting at a desk every day of the week, you may experience some fatigue or soreness that can only be relieved by getting up and walking around the office. One of the best ways to change your workstation is with the PrimeCables® Portable Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter, on sale till the end of the month for just $99.99.


This Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter allows you to instantly transform your workspace, giving you the opportunity to work standing up, freeing up the blood flow in your legs and providing an alternative to sitting that benefits your posture, feet, and neck.


Featuring a height adjustment range of 40mm to 400mm, or 1.6 inches to 15.7, just set it up on your desktop surface and put your laptop or monitor upon it to give yourself an ergonomic boost to your workstation.


Save $20 and order it before the end of the month and receive free shipping anywhere nationwide!


Ultra-slim and designed for saving space and easy storage, the PrimeCables® Portable Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter features five height settings on an easy-to-clean plastic surface with a durable steel and aluminum structure. It’s especially helpful for getting work done when you’re suffering from any kind of long-term leg or back injury.


There’s no hydraulic parts or gas spring mechanism, so you can use it right out of the box and install it anywhere, at work, home, school, even on the road. Adjust the height by simply pulling up on the handle on the right-hand side of the device.


Boasting a workspace measuring 660mm x 470mm and a weight capacity of 8kgs., this lightweight and portable height adjustable sit-stand desk converter is suitable for laptops, tablets, and flat screen monitors of all types.

We offer free shipping on any order of $49 and up nationwide, so if you’re already sold, then take advantage of our promotion and stock up on all the ergonomic accessories you need while you’re at it!

We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you’re working, you can get this sit-stand desk converter in about a week anywhere coast to coast. If you’re in dire need of an ergonomic workstation solution, then you can add fast shipping in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and receive it in a day or two, tops.


For all your ergonomic accessories, sit-stand desk devices, and more, visit us today at PrimeCables.ca!

Check out PrimeCables’ New Ergonomic Children’s Desk and Chair Set Starting at $160!

Children’s ergonomic solutions are now available through PrimeCables.ca, with our brand-new children’s desk and chair sets, on sale right now starting as low as just $159.99!

PrimeCables ergonomic kid desk
PrimeCables ergonomic kid desk

This Kids’ Ergonomic Adjustable Height Desk and Chair Set features a desk, measuring at 664 x 474 x 540-760mm, with a 40-degree tilt-control top, compartmentalized drawer, and cup holder, and an amply ventilated chair, made with a high-quality, sturdy PP plastic structure, to provide an easily adjustable workstation for your child that prevents slouching and gives them a customizable workspace that’s great for homework, drawing, and laptops, as shown in this video.

It’s great for growing children, with height adjustments for both desk and chair, making it suitable for kids aged 3-14.

If customization is a key factor, then you might want to consider the larger Book Holder model, measuring at 680 x 550 x 540-760mm, and on sale now for just $199.99. This desk has a 45-degree desktop tilt function, storage drawer, pencil grooves, and space for our ergonomic desk accessory LED lamp, on sale now for just $29.99, and the chair has an ergonomically-friendly winged-back design, to reduce pressure on the spine.

If you’re looking for reasons to choose, then check out this video of ours on why you should pick the Book Holder Ergonomic Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair combo!

Each desk is great for reading, writing, and drawing, with a pull-out drawer to hold books, papers, school supplies, and more, and has a safety designed anti-pinch system to keep your child from getting hurt when adjusting the height of the desktop. The desk and chair combo is easy to set up and install in their room, as demonstrated in this video, and gives them a fun, professional area to do whatever they need to do, with lots of space, features, and ergonomic support.

Ergonomic furniture isn’t exclusively part of an adult market. Kids, too, can experience fatigue from poor posture and uncomfortable, continuous sitting, and pain from poorly designed desktop workspaces.

In those first years of school, it’s important to give your child a healthy environment to complete homework assignments, read, draw, and have fun.

That’s exactly what we provide.

PrimeCables is dedicated to offering ergonomic solutions at the highest quality and lowest prices possible. All orders of $49 and up come with free shipping all across Canada, and with warehouses in Vancouver and Montreal, you’re bound to receive your purchase within a week. Fast shipping is available, too, for just $5.95.

For all your ergonomic needs, visit PrimeCables.ca!

Check out PrimeCables for your kids’ ergonomic sit stand desk solution!

Right now with PrimeCables is a sit stand desk solution that’s perfect for kids, the Ergonomic Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair set, complete with cup holder, available for just $159.99!

This sit standing desk is perfect for children who spend a lot of time sitting down to play or do homework, because in one swift, fluid motion, they can go from a seated to a standing position, giving them better circulation and a way to avoid slouching, with an adjustable, tilting desktop view to continue working or playing.

The PrimeCables Ergonomic Height Adjustable Children’s Desk has three ranges of viewing angles: 0-15 degrees for writing, 16-30 degrees for reading, and 30-40 degrees for drawing, as well as an adjustable height, making this desk perfect for your growing child, between ages 3-14. Underneath the tabletop is a pull out drawer, perfect for colouring supplies, agendas, homework, books.

It’s a totally safe, sturdy, and fun desk for your child’s room!

Made out of PP grade plastic, the desk features 1” stoppers to keep children from clamping their hands when adjusting the tilt, and measures 26” x 19”. It adjusts between heights of 21” to 30”, and comes with a chair which can be adjusted to 12.5” up to 17” in height. This way, your child can reap the benefits of an ergonomic work station from kindergarten till high school, allowing them to maintain good posture and overall health.

The desk also has an embedded pen groove to the right-hand side, a hanging hook to the side for school bags, and cup holder, so they can get to homework as soon as they get home along with a nutritious snack and drink.

The chair is designed with good ventilation to allow proper airflow, ergonomic structure, and a solid steel frame for support. Get your child an all-in-one ergonomic solution that will grow with them all throughout their elementary school years.

Check out our video to get the bigger picture on our Ergonomic Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair. And to see how easy it is to build and install, check out our other video, here.

And see our website for a variation on this product, which comes with space for a small, adjustable desktop stand, LED lamp, and equipped with a pullout keyboard/mouse tray.

Order now and you’ll receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada! This is the perfect gift for back-to-school, and the fun, ventilated design makes it appropriate even for the summer. So what are you waiting for? Order today at PrimeCables.ca!

How to Save Space using an Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Monitor desk mounts are purchased for many different reasons. The ability to lift your monitor above your desk’s surface and provide more space to work with comes with a number of advantages. Reducing clutter and seeing stronger concentration is also never a bad thing. How to save space using an ergonomic monitor arm involves considering price v. quality on some of the best monitor desk mounts in Canada. Browse the PrimeCables’ catalogue for more insight into how to make the monitor viewing experience more comfortable and relaxing.

For those of us that are saddled with a desktop monitor, a monitor arm is a necessity to maximizing space opportunities. Also, by employing an ergonomic monitor setup, you reduce the stresses on the body that come with prolonged sitting and monitors improperly placed in relation to its user. Some of the best single monitor mount products typically also come with rotation, swivel, and height adjustment capabilities, which creates a truly immersive and interactive monitor experience. Needless to say, saving space using an ergonomic monitor arm is quite the upgrade for most persons’ existing desktop setups.

Browsing the current list of PrimeCables office monitor products, one of the most popular in Canada is the PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount available today for only $159.99 with fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. For LED and LCD monitor screens up to 32”, this single monitor desk mount should more than do the trick! The detachable VESA plate makes installation easy, the grommet and clamp base are easily adaptable to desk surfaces, and, after installed, the full-motion mechanism built into its design allows the user to swivel, tilt, and rotate the screen as needed.

PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount
PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount

Imagine being able to sit down at your desk and look up to see your monitor already in the perfect place. Now, with full motion, extensive size compatibility, and easy installation, there’s no reason not to consider an upgrade. The amount of space you save might also be able to help keep things more organized and focused. For smaller desks, the PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount is a great option for these reasons among others. You’ll be thankful to have a neat and clutter-free appearance with integrated cable management using this single monitor mount.

Shop today with PrimeCables to begin saving valuable desk space with this ergonomic monitor arm. Believe us when we say that things will be a lot more organized and tangle-free when you throw this mount into the mix. Buy today to begin seeing the difference.

How to Ergonomically Optimize your Workspace

Build your ergonomic workstation at lower cost
Build your ergonomic workstation at lower cost

Ergonomics is essentially the commitment to creating an environment that is most favorable to proper body positioning and eye contact. By making adjustments to your workspace, you can help reduce stress on the body and keep yourself more engaged in your work for a longer period of time. How to ergonomically optimize your workspace begins by knowing what you need to buy, how to make the most from the elements in your workspace, and knowing when to switch it up to keep your mind and body engaged to the highest degree.

build your budget ergonomic workstation
build your budget ergonomic workstation

A big component in optimizing your workspace involves using a sit-standing desk. This height-adjustable desk is almost a necessary component as it is the greatest tool to combat the risk of musculoskeletal problems associated with prolonged sitting. The next time you’re sitting at a desk, take note of your posture. Chances are it’s not probably not great – and that’s pretty normal. It’s sort of natural for the body to gradually hunch over, using one or two arms to lean and/or to sit with a leg propped up in some awkward way beneath you. Though it may seem comfortable, it may be unknowingly putting stresses on your muscles, joints, and nerves. Switch to a sit-standing to begin the ergonomic optimization process!


Next on the list of how to optimize your ergonomic office is to set up your ergonomic work station. This might involve purchasing some ergonomic-friendly products such as a monitor mount, a height adjustable chair, an anti-fatigue footrest or mat, a document clip, and more. All of these products are available on discount through PrimeCables, one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce office accessories marketplaces. In our catalogue, there are numerous ergonomic accessories to consider buying. Though every accessory might not be ideal for your personal workstation, that’s ok. Set up your ergonomic workstation how you want it.


At PrimeCables, designing an ergonomic workstation is treated very much like a science. Instead of physically forcing the body to confirm to workstation expectations, design the workstation to suit the worker. This is not just about buying a new ergonomic desk and chair but is about creating a work environment in which you thrive in. It’s about activating your body in strong, healthy ways while your mind is engaged in your work.


Through ergonomics may seem like the latest fad, the science it’s built on says a lot. PrimeCables is proud to be counted among the companies promoting health and well-beign in the workplace. Proper ergonomic workstation setup is increasingly a key component to improving worker health. Please feel encouraged to browse PrimeCables ergonomic office accessories today to find what suits you best!