How To Connect A Smartphone or Tablet To An Ethernet Cable

Some areas are dead zones for Internet. Sometimes, the WiFi is spotty. Though not the usual solution, connecting an Ethernet cable to a smartphone, tablet, or mobile device provides consistent, dependable internet 24/7. And it’s fully possible to make happen. Here’s how.

Why Use An Ethernet On A Smartphone

WiFi is great. At least, it is most of the time. That said, it can be slow or sporadic in its signal connection. WiFi can drop out altogether as well. With an Ethernet cable and adapter in hand, you have another way to give your smartphone Internet.

  • Achieve the strongest Internet signal possible.
  • Have faster Internet than what WiFi can provide in a lot of cases.
  • Have a better connection for streaming and gaming, and other high-usage activities/
  • Consistent Internet signal that will not drop or weaken.
  • The most secure Internet signal you can have.
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What Kind of Ethernet Adapter Do I Need?

There is no Ethernet port on a smartphone or tablet. There is, however, a USB port. To make an Ethernet connection possible, an Ethernet-to-USB adapter will be what’s needed. This will essentially convert your USB-C port into an Ethernet port, allowing you to connect your best Ethernet cable.

Newer smartphones using USB Type-C will need an Ethernet-to-USB-C adapter. For older smartphones and tablets, they may need a micro USB-to-Ethernet adapter. For iPhones and recently released iPads, lighting-to-Ethernet adapters will be your answer. Be sure to know the adapter type you need.

What Ethernet Cable Do I Need For A Smartphone?

If you don’t have an Ethernet cable, no worries. There are many, many types of Ethernet cable deals available through sellers like They don’t cost a lot. You can choose the standard, the length, and colour you need.

How Do You Set Up Ethernet On A Smartphone?

Once you have all your supplies, the next step is to disconnect from your WiFi and cell phone data.

After that, connect the Ethernet cable to your router or modem. Plug the other end into your adapter and connect the adapter to your smartphone.

Doing this, your smartphone should automatically connect to the Ethernet-supplied Internet regardless of whether you’re using an Android or iPhone. Through an Ethernet connection, browsing the Internet is easy. Some apps and services may not work, however, if they rely exclusively on WiFi or cell phone data packages. There is unfortunately no workaround for this. Apps of certain types are not able to connect to wired Internet supplied through an adapter.

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