7 Reasons To Buy An Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

An anti-fatigue standing mat is a multi-facet home and work accessory with lots of surprising advantages.

On first glance, it’s understandable why someone who’s never had an anti-fatigue mat would question whether they are useful or not. Here are 7 reasons to buy an anti-fatigue standing mat for your home.

Better Endurance

The biggest benefit to a standing mat is you can stand on one for hours on-end with no issue. At a standing desk, when you’re standing for hours at a time, you may notice pain and aches in your legs or lower back. Standing mats can partially or totally eliminate that, providing support to maximize your endurance.

Less Fatigue

Some ergonomic anti-fatigue mats are shown to reduce fatigue by up to 50%. This lets you maintain a standing position for longer periods of time and walk away at the end of the day with less discomfort.

Relieves Pressure On The Spine

We don’t realize the pressure we can put on our spinal column day-in and day-out just by maintaining a standing position. An anti-fatigue standing mat takes strain off the spine and thereby minimizes the stresses that begin in this area of the body.

They’re Adaptive

We all not only have different sizes in feet but the shape of our feet can be quite a bit different. The soft foam of a standing mat adapts to the contour of your feet and will provide the same support no matter the size or shape.

Use It For Work, In The Kitchen, And Everywhere

Don’t forget that this is a multi-purpose comfort mat. You can use it at your work desk, of course. It’s also able to have a role in the kitchen for food prep or doing dishes. You can use it in a garage if you’re at a workbench and have to stand in the same place for extended periods. It’s also been used in various work settings if a worker is stationed in the same place for long amounts of time.

Long-Term Benefits

You might notice a lot of immediate benefits to an anti-fatigue standing mat but long-term is where it shines. As you slowly take away these aches and pains, you’re going to build strength and physically feel better. Not being in so much pain, this can also help with moods and have other positive consequences.

They’re Non-Slip

Though this depends on the type of anti-fatigue mat, a lot of them are anti-slip. This turns a hazardous work area into one that’s a lot safer. This is why they’re perfect for warehouses or environments where there’s even a small, small chance of a slide or slip.

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How To Create More Space On Your Desk

An office desk can get cluttered quickly. Fortunately, there are lots of budget-friendly ways to save space. Whether it’s large or small, here is how you can maximize the space available and free up some room.

Mount Your Monitor

Monitors are a necessity but they can take up a ton of space. A great way to create more available space on a computer desk is to use a single monitor desk mount.

Under-Desk Storage

Most of us need more than our desks can handle space-wise. A little bit of storage is a smart investment. You can choose to have some standalone or freestanding organizers, on-desk organizers, or under-desk storage trays. They’re all helpful.

Clamp Your LED Desk Lamp

Every desk needs a light. If your light is sitting on the desktop though, that’s an obstruction. A thin LED desk lamp with a clamp is much easier to set up and can be positioned to your far side, allowing the space closer to you to be totally free.

Clamp-On Power Strip Holder

Cables can get tangled quickly. It’s also not very convenient to have cables hanging down the back of your desk. A clamp-on power strip holder keeps your outlets at desk level, including available USB charging ports.

Deluxe Cable Management Spine

If you do have a lot of cables around your desk, use a cable management spine to hook everything through it. This can help minimize the mess, declutter the look, and keeps all power cords, audio cables, and computer cables organized.

Adjustable Keyboard And Mouse Tray

If you’re using your desk for things other than your computer, an adjustable keyboard tray can be quite the get. This allows you to slide your keyboard and mouse underneath your desk when it’s not in use.

Monitor Document Clip

Let’s say you routinely have paperwork to go over or want a set of notes accessible within view during your next Zoom call, using this ergonomic monitor document clip sets you up nicely. Mounted to your monitor, you can hold paper immediately next to it.

Under-Desk CPU Mount

A desktop computer is going to have a big case that needs to be put somewhere. If it’s on a tabletop, there’s no reason for it to be. If it’s sitting on the floor, this might not look so inviting. An adjustable under-desk CPU mount affixes it to the underside of your desk which saves you a mess.

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What Is The Best Laptop Stand To Buy in 2021?

A laptop stand that you can carry with you to bed, use on the couch, or bring with you when traveling to a friend’s place is a handy work-from-home – or rather, work-from-anywhere – tool to have.

There are a few different designs in portable laptop stands, however. You, of course, have the basic model laptop stand but then there are others with rotation, height-adjustability, extra sturdiness, and more.

Here are the best laptop tables and laptop stands in 2021 to have your eye on if you’re in the market.

Basic Height Adjustable Laptop Stand

You can get a basic ergonomic laptop stand for under $10 and, for some people, this will be enough.

It is very limited, however, it will raise your laptop to the desired angle for typing and helps to ergonomically lift your screen to the optimum perspective. It also folds up for easy portability. The downside is that it is limited to laptops up to 15” in screen size.

Dab1b primecables cab lps01 2 monitor desk mounts height adjustable laptop tablet stand portable ergonomics primecables

360-Degree Rotating Laptop Stand

In the next tier of laptop stands is this 360-degree rotating laptop stand. A very popular choice, this model carries up to 17” in screen size.

This is a very sturdy ergonomic laptop stand, still portable and lightweight enough to carry. The increased functionality is certainly an advantage although to some, it won’t make a huge difference.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

This adjustable laptop stand is the ultimate answer to the question of what laptop stand is the better one.

Sturdy and user-friendly, you can adjust the angle to your liking. It has an anti-slip rubber to hold both your laptop and an accessory. Its legs are also height-adjustable, allowing you to raise it to the most comfortable position for you.

Multi-Angle Aluminum Laptop Riser

An alternative is this multi-angle aluminum laptop riser. This is less of a stand and more of an adjustable lift.

It is perhaps the smallest of all the designs on this list, other than the basic model. If you enjoy watching movies in bed or aren’t going to use your laptop for eight hours of work a day, an aluminum riser is a great option. There are definitely some concerns though around the gears when it comes to using it for prolonged periods. That said, it’s a highly rated ergonomic laptop stand.

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Use A Laptop Stand To Turn Anywhere Into The Ultimate Ergonomic Home Office

Did you know you can turn any space into an ergonomic work-from-home office – it’s true!

Anywhere. From dining room tables to countertops, sitting up in bed, living room couches, backseat in your car, sitting on a bench waiting for the bus, and more. It can all be transformed into a home office in a matter of seconds.

An ergonomic laptop stand is how. Adjustable to the position you need, you can relieve any difficulty there is around typing or watching. Here’s everything you need to know about ergonomics and how they work with a portable laptop stand.

Why Our Laptops Are A Problem

You may look at a laptop and think, “There’s no problem here!” Oftentimes, there isn’t… in an office.

When you’re on your bed, you’re craning your neck. When you’re at the dining room table, leaning over is common. If you’re working standing up at a kitchen counter, getting into a comfortable position is a struggle.

Laptops can be too low, too high, not have enough tilt, or be at the wrong angle for optimum productivity. A height adjustable laptop stand changes all that. The adjustability of it is key. That’s what ergonomics is all about.

How A Laptop Stand Works

A laptop stand can work in several ways. A more high-tech model, such as the 360-degree rotating laptop stand from PrimeCables.ca is priced well and offers all the ergonomic benefits you’ll want.

A laptop stand sits on your lap, tabletop, or any flat surface. It allows you to raise and angle a laptop according to what best suits your posture. This prevents unhealthy postures or having to deal with the after-effects of working in a non-traditional workspace.

Do you have regular discomfort in the neck, shoulders, back, and even vision trouble after a session at your laptop – try a portable laptop stand! You will likely come to find you no longer struggle post-work like you once did.

With an ergonomic laptop desk, there’s no more reaching over the keyboard to type, no more straining, and no struggle in working.

You can set up a laptop stand like this anywhere you like. It’ll even work on your lap. It’s also portable and lightweight so carrying it with you or putting it in your bag is not a problem. This provides you with equipment to turn wherever you are into a comfortable, ergonomic office space.

Don’t settle. This is an easy-to-buy, affordable laptop stand that can drastically change your experience for the better. Work longer, faster, and more efficiently. Shop 360-degree rotating adjustable laptop stands and portable laptop tables at PrimeCables.ca today.

Overhaul Your Home Office With These Trendy Ergonomic Accessories

A home office is a beautiful thing. They can also cost a ton if you’re shopping retail. Buy office accessories online at a much better deal and give your home office a bit of a remodel!

If you know you’ll be continuing to work from home, partially or full-time, now’s the time to save. Make your office more in-tune with focus, productivity, and comfort. Ergonomics does all that. Here are some trendy accessories you may want to get your hands on.

Ethernet Cables

If your Internet is not so reliable where you have your ergonomic office setup, connect with Ethernet. A wired connection is faster and more reliable than a wireless one. Buy high-quality Ethernet cables.

53afd network ethernet cables network ethernet cables

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk

An ergonomic sit-stand desk keeps your muscles moving and blood flowing throughout the day. You combat the dangers of prolonged sitting while burning calories, adjusting from sitting to standing and vice versa.

De28e sit stand desk solutions sit stand desk solutions

Power Strips And USB Banks

As we work, we want to make sure all of our electronics have adequate power, including smartphones. Charge your devices and power your computer with ergonomic office power strips.

D270a power charger adapter power charger adapter

Headphones And Earbuds

Whether you have an upcoming Zoom call or you just want to drown out the noise around you with music or white noise, buying some home office headphones or earbuds isn’t a bad decision.

8b81a headphone earbud headphones earbuds

Ergonomic Office Footrest

An ergonomic footrest helps you get a little more comfortable in your office chair. You put one leg up and it reframes your posture, taking strain off those places where you might already get aches and pains.

Single Monitor Desk Mount

Lift your monitor. Create more space. Minimize tension headaches and take some stress of the neck, shoulders, upper back, and even the eyes. A single monitor desk mount is a great home office investment.

Ring Light For Streaming

If you aren’t happy with your appearance on Zoom calls and want to appear more attractive, the desktop selfie ring light sits on a tripod and shines light directly on you from the front. This minimizes shadows and eliminates any uneven lighting you may be dealing with.

1a167 pc qftbs01 microphones accessories desktop selfie 10 ring light with tripod stand phone holder for photography live streaming

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

When productivity is starting to drag a bit mid-afternoon and you’re starting to long for the morning when you could actually focus, turn on your single-serve coffee maker. Pop in some coffee grounds or a K-Cup and enjoy.

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6 Professionals Who Use Monitor Desk Mounts Every Day To Work

The best monitor desk mounts are easy to install, heavy-duty, and adjustable to get your screen settled at just the right height.

Monitor mounts are used every day by a vast array of people. The work-from-home revolution’s brought ergonomic office accessories like mounts into the forefront. If you aren’t sure whether a mount would suit your needs, here are 6 jobs where people use them almost as a necessity professionally-speaking.

Film And Media Directors

Video editing slows down quite a bit when you just have one screen you’re working on. A setup with multiple monitors takes up space.

Using monitor mounts, a director or video editor can elevate as many as six or more monitors without disturbing what’s on their desk.

Game Makers

Video game creators – as do gamers themselves – have to do a lot of fast editing and calculations, necessitating the use of multiple monitors and therefore a monitor mount.

From a gamer’s perspective, a mount envelopes them inside a more immersive experience. It’s more ergonomic and helpful from a physical standpoint, allowing them to play or create for longer periods.

Music Production

Musicians who make their own music. Music producers. Engineers. Mixers. Mastering professional. They all use mounts held on monitor mounts to get the job done.

They need a wide space to spread across their digital mixing board, recording tracks, and software.

Security Monitoring Professionals

Ah, yes. The least fun of these jobs. Security guards. CCTV surveillance and any sort of video monitoring center are done today frequently with mounts supporting screens.

An ergonomic adjustable desk mount allows security personnel to have eyes in multiple places at once, so to speak.

YouTubers And Podcasters

YouTubers, podcasters, and any sort of influencer who routinely uses video are likely using a monitor mount of some variety to edit their video and possibly even aid in filming them.

They look trendy. They help get work done faster. If you’re serious about customizing a work desk or workstation for yourself, regardless of what line of work you’re doing, a monitor desk mount is absolutely recommended.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers include logo designers and image editors. They often use two or more gas spring monitor mounts to minimize the amount of space their desktops use.

Graphic designers require more space than the average person to work. Image editing can require multiple programs and an array of editing tools, typically spread across multiple screens.

Who Else Uses Monitor Mounts?

Everyday work-from-home folks use height-adjustable ergonomic desk mounts all day long. They’re frequently among the top-selling and most requested home office accessories on the market.

A monitor desk mount is relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and boasts several benefits. Enjoy your time in front of your computer screen a little bit more. Be more productive. Reduce neck strain and shoulder aches. There are a lot of reasons to buy a gas spring desk mount from PrimeCables.ca. Visit us today to learn more.

9 Reasons To Buy An Electric Sit-Stand Desk Riser For Your Office

We sit down every day. For hours. Some of us spend most of our days sitting. For work. For commuting. At home on the couch. Though we can’t avoid this sort of sedentary behaviour, buying an electric sit-stand desk helps to avoid some of the dangerous consequences, i.e. increased risk of cardiovascular disease and increased risk of overall mortality. Here are 9 reasons to buy a sit-stand desk online.

You Burn Calories

Standing burns more calories than sitting. By switching to a standing position, over a 3-hour afternoon, the average person burns an additional 174 calories per day.

You Increase Your Activity

A lot of us don’t have time to get to the gym every day. We’re doing other things. When you stand, it’s something you can do to give your body a little more activity and to engage your physical self.

Have More Energy

A height-adjustable desk challenges you to get up and stretch those legs. This keeps blood flowing, circulation happening, and reduces fatigue. If you struggle to stay focused, tackle a standing position for a bit.

You Eliminate Back Pain

Back pain in an office comes from two things – sitting and posture. An electric sit-stand riser addresses both, taking stress off the body and reducing the amount of time spent sitting and reducing back pain, particularly lower back pain, in the process.

Improve Your Productivity

When you stimulate the body and circulation, you’re also motivating the mind to be more alert and focused. This improves productivity. Also, not having the aches and pains of daily work contributes positively to focus and concentration as you’re not tied up processing pain and discomfort all day.

PrimeCables® Cab-ET101-BK-G3 is one of the best options for standup desk that will boost your productivity whilst improving the workplace confort and your health. It is perfect for offices, schools, home and most working environments.

It Strengthens Muscles

When we stand, we are supported by our legs, butt, and abdomen. You’re creating a minor workout for yourself simply by remaining standing and it’s not taking anything out of you in terms of energy or productivity.

It Doesn’t Come With A Rulebook

Just because you have an electric height-adjustable desk riser doesn’t mean you have to stand uninterrupted all day. Most of us can’t! Don’t do it! This isn’t an advertisement for prolonged standing. It’s to give you options and some adjustability, keeping you comfortable on your schedule.

It Will Help You Live Longer

Do you want to live – get an electric sit-stand desk! Ha! …well, it’s not quite like that but in a way, it is. People who sit for more than 6 hours per day are more likely to die at an earlier age in comparison with people who don’t. Another study revealed that sitting for under 3 hours a day increases life expectancy in some people by as much as two years.

They’re Cheap

A sit-stand desk isn’t very expensive. They do make manual height adjustable risers but electric risers are easier to operate. They cost a little more but you get an overall better experience and all the benefits already mentioned here.

Buy an electric sit-stand riser or electric height-adjustable desk at PrimeCables.ca, Canada’s ultimate ergonomic office storefront.

7 Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Riser

A laptop riser is sort of like having a sit-stand laptop desk. It’s an ergonomic office product everyone with a laptop should own and there are several reasons as to why. Here are 7 major benefits of a height-adjustable aluminum laptop riser to remember.

Correct Your View

You’re no longer staring down at the screen with a laptop riser. You’re staring across. This will correct any sort of neck pain, eye strain, or spinal pressure that’s put on you when you have to angle yourself downward.

Prevent Overheating

The adjustable angle laptop riser from PrimeCables.ca has a heat vent that helps to prevent overheating. Laptops are more likely to overheat than desktop computers. The more it has to work, the slower and more strained its performance gets. A riser can solve, in part, this overheating.

A Laptop Riser Is Portable

A laptop riser is like having your own home theater and work-from-anywhere office as one together. A laptop riser is collapsible, portable, and can be easily taken with you wherever you venture, i.e. the library, a friends’ place, travel for work, or to another room in your home.

Create A More Immersive Watch Experience

If you use your laptop to watch Netflix, YouTube, or download videos, a height-adjustable riser can put the screen at an optimum height so you don’t have to worry about glare or holding a laptop up at a certain level.

Improve Your Typing Speed And Accuracy

Though most of us have grown accustomed to typing on our laptop keyboards where they’re already located, when you get the hang of this new ergonomic laptop position, a lot of users discover they can type more comfortably and accurately. That said, this varies and is not a consistent benefit.

You Don’t Have To Put Yourself In An Uncomfortable Position

When we work at our laptops, most people tend to shift positions a lot. That’s because they’re uncomfortable. Prolonged sitting doesn’t feel natural nor does being at a laptop for hours. Ergonomic laptop risers are a way to put a laptop in an optimum position to minimize any discomfort.

Be Able To Work For Longer

When you aren’t contending with spine issues, eye strain, and neck pain, you will find your productivity increases and you can also work for longer. You’re comfortable. You’re in the moment. You’re ready to put in your best work.

We know a lot more today than we ever did before about the benefits of ergonomic design. Anyone who consistently uses their laptops every day can boost their speed, productivity, and overall enjoyment by adopting an aluminum laptop riser. So have at it! Buy your height adjustable laptop stand on sale today at PrimeCables.ca.

Why the Future of Work-From-Home is Ergonomic

Post-pandemic work-from-home jobs are on the increase. Modern office trends have shifted to serving remote workers and those working in work-from-home or hybrid employment. In maximizing productivity at home, one word comes to mind – ergonomics.

At home, we spend hours sitting at our work desks. More than ever, we are getting even less exercise. Normally, sitting wouldn’t be such a problem except office desks and office furniture contribute to aches and pains from being in odd positions and not prioritizing a healthy sitting posture. When we sit for hours at a time, the likelihood of a musculoskeletal disorder increases.

See the Impact Work-From-Home Sitting Has On Your Body

Musculoskeletal disorders can be from slouching, hunching over a computer, and other prolonged posture holds.

MSDs account for roughly 6.5 million hospital visits in Canada every year. It can be as straightforward as a sore neck or as complex as long-term chronic back pain. Musculoskeletal disorders can also lead to diagnosed conditions like Forward Head Posture or Upper-Crossed Syndrome.

It is costly not only to our healthcare system but also for employers who lose over $1.4 billion annually. Here are three ways an ergonomic work-from-home office can help.

  • Increase and maintain productivity.
  • Reduce the risk of developing a chronic condition.
  • Minimize the aches and pains you feel after work.

What Is A Work-From-Home Ergonomic Desk Setup?

Ergonomics allow you to sit comfortably. Ergonomics position office elements in places that support a more natural posture, eliminating the need for you to hunch over, bend, or strain to work.

This type of workstation is built around a work-from-home ergonomic desk. A height-adjustable desk can rise up to a standing position and back down to sitting. This allows you to change positions throughout the day and also means you can customize height according to your preferences or body type.

As we sit in awkward positions – even if they don’t feel awkward at the time – our muscles and joints compensate. They overstretch, eventually becoming sore and rigid. This is exactly what’s avoided with a sit-stand desk.

Combine this with your chair at the right height. Your thighs will ideally be parallel to the floor, elbows at roughly a 90-degree angle, and lumbar support for your lower back muscles and to protect the curvature of your spine.

Additional work-from-home office accessories such as a monitor mount can also be extremely valuable. A monitor mount lifts your screen so that strain in the upper back and neck are eliminated.

If you do nothing else for your work-from-home office setup this year, invest in ergonomics. The future of working from home is here. Prioritize your health. Increase your longevity. Minimize unnecessary stress put on your body. Shop ergonomic office desks and more at PrimeCables.ca.

The Correct Posture For Sitting At A Computer Desk – Read here

Sitting at a computer for eight hours a day or longer for work can take its toll. Aches from poor posture are incredibly common but fortunately, easy to solve by adjusting your position at a workstation.

How to Sit At A Computer Desk

Three things should happen when you have found the right posture for a computer desk. The shoulders are relaxed. Your feet are flat on the floor. You are sitting up straight. If these three components are working, you should be able to extend your endurance in this position.

What is the Best Ergonomic Computer Chair?

An ergonomic computer chair should support your spine correctly, first and foremost. Ideally, height-adjustability is important only because you want your feet to rest on the floor. A chair should support the natural curvature of the spine as well as the lower back. Adjustable armrests can maintain the elbows close to the side but they aren’t wholly necessary either.

What’s the Best Height For A Computer Keyboard?

An adjustable under-desk computer keyboard tray may be worth investing in to optimize keyboard typing. You should have your keyboard in a place where your elbows are bent 90 degrees. You may also prefer your keyboard at a tilt. Like armrests on a chair, this tilt isn’t completely necessary but can be advantageous if you feel more comfortable typing from this perspective.

What Other Ergonomic Changes Can I Make to My Desk?

  • If your feet are not touching the floor and to touch them to the floor is uncomfortable, footrests are an option.
  • If you really want to mix things up, try an ergonomic sit-stand desk that raises and lowers allowing you to work from any position. For people very uncomfortable sitting for prolonged periods, switching from sitting to standing every once in a while can help.
  • Your monitor should be comfortably placed right in front of your eyes. Your neck should not be angled upward or downward to see it. If your monitor isn’t at a natural height, investing in a monitor arm or monitor desk mount is recommended.

The last piece of advice we want to give on how to ensure you maintain correct posture throughout your workday and have the endurance, strength, and concentration to be productive is to take breaks. At least once every hour, take 2-5 minutes and have a little walk-around. Go get some water, go to the bathroom, or just get up at your workstation and stretch your legs a little bit. This is relief from the aches or stresses you may be experiencing sitting. Furthermore, if you have a chronic condition, this is something that can help improve the enjoyability of your workday.

Shop ergonomic accessories such as monitor mounts, under-desk keyboard trays, footrests, ergonomic desks, and more at PrimeCables.ca.