Types of TV Wall Mounts You Can Use to Upgrade Your Flat-Screen

Your flat-screen mounted is an instant upgrade on any home theater presentation. It’s more theatrical. It feels more luxurious.

A TV wall mount is also ergonomic, positioning your flat-screen at a more natural angle for everyone in the room to admire.

There are different types of TV wall mounts, of course. Each offers a different set of features a home may find advantageous, depending on the available space, size of the flat-screen, and where in the room the window is.

Curved v. Flat TV Wall Mounts

If you have a curved flat-screen, ensure the type of wall mount you are buying can hold something curved. Few models can. Most are designed to carry flat-screens and that’s it.

If you have a flat screen, you have a much wider selection of mounts. Just ensure the rest of a screen’s specifications align and that you have the sort of functionality you want, be it a tilt or articulating full-motion.

Tilting TV Wall Mounts

There are some very basic TV wall mounts that essentially treat your flat-screen like a painting. Ideally, a TV wall mount with a tilt is what you want to get. A tilt is beneficial because when a screen’s mounted, the light source or light from the window will create glare. A tilt avoids that.

Taking up no extra space, tilting your TV in a very slight way can also aid in creating a more attractive aesthetic.

Size And Weight

TV wall mounts get separated into categories also by size and weight. Certain mounts can only carry a certain maximum weight. Your flat-screen is also equipped with pre-drilled holes, recognized by a number known as VESA.

Your VESA number measures the distance between mounting holes, something which is key to getting the right mount.

Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

A full-motion articulating TV wall mount gives you all the functionality you want in a mount. Designed for commercial applications, large rooms, and areas with extended sitting areas, articulating TV wall mounts can generally extend, tilt, swivel, and rotate, allowing you to re-arrange your screen however you see fit.

Full-motion mounts are preferred by most people, as they provide the best adaptability to watching alone or with friends.

Can You Mount Any Size TV?

You can in essence mount just about any size television so long as you have the right TV wall mount. Even larger TVs weighing 100s of pounds can be mounted with a large heavy-duty tilt mount.

All TV wall mounts get mounted more or less in the same way. Find the studs in the wall. Drill the mounting bracket or plate into place. Ensure the second plate is connected to your screen. Connect them. Secure them. That’s it!

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