What Are the Best Bookshelf Speakers in Canada in 2021 – See here

The best bookshelf speakers provide clear, reliable sound with depth, detail, and fair volume control.

Compact and small in design, bookshelf speakers are sought after by students in dorms, apartment-dwellers, audio engineers, and home theater builders who want high-quality sound inside a space-saving cabinet.

Bookshelf speakers are built like boxes. They contain a speaker inside, usually come in pairs, and often can be mounted to create an even more theatrical-looking and impressive sound presentation.

Whether you’re in it to get better sound for TV and movies, want to listen to music and live concerts, desire more immersive gaming audio, or for whatever reason, high-performance bookshelf speakers are a smart investment.

What Goes Into the Best Bookshelf Speakers in Canada

Bookshelf speakers are typically quite small, only a half-foot in diameter. They can be safely positioned in various areas either on a desk, table, or stand, and are usually quite stable due to their square or rectangular design.

From a sound standpoint, of course, you want audio that’s clear and detailed. If the clarity is lacking, the speakers aren’t worth even a look. The bookshelf speaker set for desks from PrimeCables.ca offers free shipping, is priced just under $60, and the sound is impeccably accurate and sharp.

You also have quick-connect speaker terminals. This makes use of speaker wire, going from an amplifier to the speakers.

The exact design of bookshelf speakers includes a small silk dome tweeter – in this case, 0.5 inches in width – and a 6.5” Kevlar woofer. From the rich bass to the minimal distortion, you get a full frequency spectrum with everything you need to enjoy high-quality sound.

6.5 Inch 2 Way High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers Pair – PrimeCables®

Can You Mount Bookshelf Speakers?

High-performance bookshelf speakers can be set on a table, put on a speaker stand, or mounted. That said, to mount them, one must ensure they have a back-panel keyhole. Without a hole to mount with, the only other way will be to either glue them – which is unrealistic, stupid, and dangerous – or to drill a hole in yourself, something which is also coincidentally stupid and dangerous.

With those keyholes though, you can mount any speaker. All you need are high-quality speaker mounts.

An alternative to mounting your bookshelf speakers are speaker stands. These are modern-minimalist, typically made of steel, and very stable. Even with pets or young children in a household, speaker stands can generally hold up speakers pretty well – especially if they’re lightweight like these bookshelf speakers.

If you have an office, dorm room, apartment, or home theater system, and want bookshelf speakers, get them from the most reliable brand in home theater electronics in Canada. Shop high-performance two-way bookshelf speakers at PrimeCables.ca today.

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