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A multi-use rotary tool can be used for carving, engraving, cutting, and more. With dozens of attachments and accessories in a rotary tool kit, a 7.2V cordless rotary tool is handy for home projects and arts and crafts.

How Does A Rotary Tool Work?

A rotary tool is a handheld power tool. A cordless rotary tool is chargeable. There are also traditional rotary tools that are wired. Using a fast-spinning motor tip, depending on the attachment, you can grind, sand, hone, and polish a wide variety of materials.

Due to their diversity, rotary tools have become a go-to for a lot of home renovation doers. Lightweight and easy to manipulate, a rotary tool kit offers an alternative to heavy-duty power tools.

What Materials Can You Use A Rotary Tool On?

What you can use a rotary tool for depends on the attachment. In general, most rotary tool accessory kits have everything you need to work on wood, stone, or metal. Using a cutting disc or grinding stone, you can cut and grind metals, rigid plastics, wood, composites, and more.

You can also carve designs, a key feature in woodworking. Wood or plastic pieces can be cut. Mirrors or glass can be etched which means you can work on mirrors, windowpanes, glass tableware, and more.

What’s the Best Rotary Tool in Canada?

The best rotary tool in Canada is arguably the highly-rated PrimeCables model.

Your rotary tool comes with 110 pieces, up to 25,000 RPMs in speed adjustment, bright LED lights perfect for use in darker conditions, and it’s as compact and lightweight as any rotary tool available.

In a single rotary tool accessory kit, here are some of the attachments you have available.

  • A grinding wheel for abrasive cutting.
  • A sanding disc to remove surface materials and/or imperfections.
  • Multiples sizes of sanding bands.
  • A dressing stone to clean and reshape grinding and sharpening accessories.
  • A steel wire brush to finish different types of metals and to remove paint, rust, scratches, and imperfections.
  • Silicon carbide grinding stones.
  • Aluminum oxide grinding stones.
  • A felt polishing wheel to remove burrs, light scratches, rust, stains, and more on metals including stainless steel, copper, and aluminum among other materials.
  • A rubber emery wheel for precision grinding, de-burring, and polishing of high carbon steels, high-temperature alloys, and more.
  • Cut-off wheels to cut, notch, and grind aluminum, plastic, sheet metal, stainless steel, and other materials.

Shop cordless rotary tools, rotary tool kits, and more at PrimeCables.ca. Choose the right rotary tool for your home projects and be able to work quickly and efficiently on tasks where a heavy-duty power tool would require more time and effort.

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