Do I Need Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Noise cancelling headphones block what you’re listening in and keep outside sound from interfering.

Have you ever put in earbuds or headphones and listen to a podcast or music only to have everything around you still cramping your ear – this happens all the time. Sometimes, the only listening we want to have is the music we’re listening to.

That said, not all of us need noise cancelling headphones per se. Here is everything you want to know about them, including how noise cancelling headphones work and a few of the advantages they bring.

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones v. Passive Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation falls into two main categories – passive and active.

Passive noise cancellation blocks out outside noise. It’s essentially a design built on isolating the ear, insulating them from outside noises almost like an earplug would except it’s in an over-the-ear headphone.

Active noise cancellation uses circuitry to create inverse audio that will cancel out sound. Microphones on active noise cancellation headphones capture surrounding outside noise, processing it in the headphone and delivering in your ear an inverse signal in real-time to completely eliminate it.

Active noise cancelling works best with tones that do not vary in pitch or volume, i.e. an air conditioner that hums or the rumble of a train. Unfortunately, it will not work so well with things like clapping, singing, and the like.

Why Buy Noise Cancelling Headphones

Every year, noise cancelling over-the-ear headphones get a lot of attention. They are used for various reasons.

  • People who want to work out at the gym without talking to others, being bothered, or being forced to listen to the music playing over the loud speakers.
  • People who do not want to be bothered on public transport as they commute to post-secondary, work, or elsewhere.
  • People who want to focus on their work and avoid a talkative co-worker or to ignore distractions around the office.
  • People who just plain do not want to be bothered no matter where they are and what they’re doing.

There are a lot of benefits of noise cancelling headphones, including helping you concentrate while working from home. Demand for noise-cancellation has gone up since the COVID-19 pandemic began for this reason.

Some of the additional features of noise cancelling headphones include a wireless option, Bluetooth compatibility, a foldable or easy-to-carry design, high-definition sound, and playtime ranging from a few hours up to 18 hours of playtime with enabled active noise cancellation.

Browse some of the best noise cancelling headphones in Canada at Find Bluetooth earbuds, over-the-ear headphones cheap, and more. If you truly want noise cancellation, active noise cancellation is your best bet. It will help a ton in minimizing what’s surrounding you from impacting your concentration.

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