What Speaker Wire Do I Need For In-Wall Speakers? – See here

In-wall speakers are a modern way to bring high-quality sound into your home entertainment space.

Using speaker wire to connect in-wall speakers to an amplifier or receiver, one must use the appropriately-rated wire.

Speaker wire for in-wall speakers is rated CL2 or CL3. This indicates the wire is safe for placement inside an airspace above a drop ceiling or behind a wall. If you intend to bury your wire, additionally, the cable will have to be rated for direct burial.

Why Do I Have to Use Special Speaker Wire for In-Wall Speakers?

In-wall speaker wire is designed to protect against fire. A normal speaker wire, when placed in a wall, can behave like a fuse. If there’s a fire, normal speaker wire will light and spread fire throughout the wall. This is the primary reason why you need special speaker wire for in-wall speakers.

Furthermore, if fire spreads from speaker wire through the wall, this sort of fire could void your insurance. Passionate speaker wire users and home theater users have reported these sort of inconveniences.

Also, in-wall speaker wire is more compact and has a tougher insulation jacket. Sonically, no differences exist. It’s all about the build.

You do not want to compromise the safety or integrity of your speaker system by non-specified speaker wire.

250b1 speaker wires speaker wire

What You Need to Know About Speaker Wire for In-Wall Speakers

Like with other speaker wire, all the same rules apply.

In-wall speaker wire is identified with two numbers – the first is the gauge and the second the number of strands.

16/2, for example, indicates a 16-gauge wire with two strands or two conductors. The lower the gauge, the thicker the cable and the less resistance there will be inside. Low-gauge speaker wire is defined for distances exceeding fifty feet.

Measure what you’re working with. For distances under fifty feet, a high-gauge speaker wire works. When buying the correct length of speaker wire, add a few extra feet. This will give you a little slack to work with, in addition to making it easier to work with the wire while you’re configuring everything.

Remember, you can always cut it after the fact. It doesn’t hurt to have a little more wire than you probably need and is in fact recommended by experts.

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