Can You Mount A Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone? – Read Here

You want to be able to lie in bed with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and have it stable, mounted, and safe.

You want to be sitting on your couch and have your laptop in a height adjustable stand or ergonomic mount.

Maybe you want to be at your kitchen counter preparing food, at the dinner table eating, or elsewhere, and you just want to have your laptop, smartphone, or tablet somewhere you can watch.

They make desktop mounts and angle adjustable tablet stands. There must be a way to mount these same devices.

How Large Your Device is Dictates the Stand, Holder, or Mount

Just like flat-screen wall mounts, any sort of mount for a laptop, tablet, or smartphone relies on size. A small portable foldable phone stand, for example, is meant for phones. It can, however, work with tablets. It is a very adaptable type of stand but once a device exceeds a certain shape, safety’s questionable.

If you’re looking for something a little fancier and high-quality, try a universal height adjustable phone stand. This stand carries a lot more weight and is sure to be sturdy on any table or countertop.

Is A Laptop Too Heavy to Mount?

A mount is fixed. We don’t recommend a laptop mount and here’s why. If you wanted a fixed computer, you would have bought a desktop but you didn’t. You bought a laptop. The best solution for a laptop is an ergonomic height-adjustable laptop holder. Made from aluminum, safely hold your laptop in place with this stand.

Be able to move the stand to where you need it to be whenever you need it. A height-adjustable laptop holder like this is heavy-duty. It can tilt and adjust height. There are ventilation holes, ensuring it doesn’t overheat. It’s also got a great look, is durable and scratch-resistant.

Now, let’s say this isn’t good enough. Let’s say you still want to mount your laptop. You can. Attachments for full-motion laptop mounts exist and they can be used for desks but also other setups.

Needless to say, there are a lot of mounts, stands, and holders for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You just have to look for them. Buying laptop mounts in Canada is easy with You can find a mount for almost anything. Just remember to look at the specifications on size and weight, just to be safe. Use your best judgment!

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