Should My Work-From-Home Office Use Ethernet or WiFi? – See Here

WiFi or Ethernet. A tough choice. For home use, you may automatically side with WiFi. Ethernet boasts many advantages over WiFi, however. Here is a side-by-side comparison of WiFi and Ethernet, allowing you to make an informed decision on what’s best for your work-from-home setup.

Wireless Has No Wires

WiFi is easy because it has no wires. All you need is the name of your Internet and the password. When simplicity is most important to a person, they consistently choose WiFi over Ethernet. Perfectly understandable.

Ethernet is Faster

WiFi relies on signal strength to deliver Internet. An Ethernet cable has nothing stopping it from providing the fastest possible speed at all times. If you’re experiencing WiFi speed troubles, Ethernet may get you a faster speed.

Ethernet Has A More Reliable Signal

Ethernet cables are a stable connection. You will never have wired Internet go down. Internet strength is consistent, meaning less downtime and less interference. There is no influence from other devices meaning stability is never compromised.

An Ethernet Network is Safer And More Secure

An Ethernet network isn’t even visible on WiFi search. The only way to get into it is by somehow accessing the wire. From a security standpoint, there is no interference. Any sort of data storage is safe.

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Ethernet Requires A Cable

It seems very basic but it’s true. With Ethernet, you need a cable. This means any smartphone connection has to be done via WiFi. If you intend to do all your work strictly through Ethernet, it requires one to use a wired connection at all times.

Cost is Similar

There are no cost savings with Ethernet or WiFi. Though you have to buy Ethernet cables, the purchase is minimal especially for a single device. They’re dirt cheap, really. And what you will pay from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be the same regardless of whether it’s wired or wireless Internet.

Installation is Similar

A similarity between WiFi and Ethernet is that they are both relatively simple to install. Ethernet simply requires a wire. This requires one to map out a bit on where to put their modem and computer but if they’re near to one another, there really shouldn’t be an issue.

Ethernet or WiFi, Which One to Choose is Up To You

If you’re not using a lot of Internet, you may decide that WiFi is all you need but chances are you’ve come to this article because you’re not satisfied with your wireless internet. You want something more stable, strong, and faster. That’s Ethernet.

You don’t need to switch out your modem or call your ISP, fortunately, to try Ethernet. You don’t need to do anything but connect an Ethernet cable from your device to your modem. Rest assured you will notice a difference. No more Zoom call troubles. No more dropped WiFi signals. No more data transfer issues.

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