Why A Wired Gaming Headset is Better Than Wireless

Headsets for PCs, Xbox, PS4, smartphones, and more have hit record sales in the last 12 months. As the pandemic had more of us working from home and gaming in our spare time, gaming headsets have been in high demand.

The drawback with a lot of headsets though is lack of compatibility. For example, they work specifically for your console and not through your computer. A lot of wireless gaming headsets are like this as they require that wireless connection and not every console or device has the software to connect.

Why Wired Gaming Headsets Are Better

They make multi-platform gaming headsets and they are often wired rather than wireless.

A gaming headset that connects via wire simply needs an output jack. Every device has one. Adaptable and far cheaper than a wireless headset, this is the start of why wireless gaming headsets aren’t worth your money and why a wired headset is the better choice.

You may enjoy wireless headphones and wireless earbuds when you’re working out, on your commute to work, or in general. While that’s fine, gaming isn’t an activity requiring portable headsets. Thereby, going wireless won’t add much to your in-game experience.

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What’s the Best Gaming Headset to Buy

A few things make the best gaming headset ‘the best’. Ideally, you don’t want headphones to be too heavy. They also should sit comfortably over the ear. Some of the cheaper headsets unfortunately sacrifice a lot of comfort.

You also want a working microphone, clear sound capture from the mic, and clear sound coming through the ear speakers. The latter is perhaps most important. The more powerful and all-encompassing the sound is that you receive, the more you will feel like you’re right in the game.

If you shop gaming headsets at Walmart, Best Buy, and other retailers, what you often find are overpriced, limited gaming headsets. They either only work on one specific console or they’re priced so high that it doesn’t make sense to buy.

You don’t have to spend more than $25 on a gaming headset. In fact, there are plenty of affordable but quality-made gaming headsets under $20.

Xtrike Me is one of the better cheap gaming headset brands, a fine alternative to Corsair, Turtle Beach, and others. If you’re looking for something that’s going to grab your voice and deliver quality clear sound from sounds in the gaming environment to communications from other players, this is it.

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