Why A Wired Gaming Headset is Better Than Wireless

Headsets for PCs, Xbox, PS4, smartphones, and more have hit record sales in the last 12 months. As the pandemic had more of us working from home and gaming in our spare time, gaming headsets have been in high demand.

The drawback with a lot of headsets though is lack of compatibility. For example, they work specifically for your console and not through your computer. A lot of wireless gaming headsets are like this as they require that wireless connection and not every console or device has the software to connect.

Why Wired Gaming Headsets Are Better

They make multi-platform gaming headsets and they are often wired rather than wireless.

A gaming headset that connects via wire simply needs an output jack. Every device has one. Adaptable and far cheaper than a wireless headset, this is the start of why wireless gaming headsets aren’t worth your money and why a wired headset is the better choice.

You may enjoy wireless headphones and wireless earbuds when you’re working out, on your commute to work, or in general. While that’s fine, gaming isn’t an activity requiring portable headsets. Thereby, going wireless won’t add much to your in-game experience.

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What’s the Best Gaming Headset to Buy

A few things make the best gaming headset ‘the best’. Ideally, you don’t want headphones to be too heavy. They also should sit comfortably over the ear. Some of the cheaper headsets unfortunately sacrifice a lot of comfort.

You also want a working microphone, clear sound capture from the mic, and clear sound coming through the ear speakers. The latter is perhaps most important. The more powerful and all-encompassing the sound is that you receive, the more you will feel like you’re right in the game.

If you shop gaming headsets at Walmart, Best Buy, and other retailers, what you often find are overpriced, limited gaming headsets. They either only work on one specific console or they’re priced so high that it doesn’t make sense to buy.

You don’t have to spend more than $25 on a gaming headset. In fact, there are plenty of affordable but quality-made gaming headsets under $20.

Xtrike Me is one of the better cheap gaming headset brands, a fine alternative to Corsair, Turtle Beach, and others. If you’re looking for something that’s going to grab your voice and deliver quality clear sound from sounds in the gaming environment to communications from other players, this is it.

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What’s The Best Headphone Stand in Canada for Musicians, Gamers, and Audio Lovers – see here!

There’s a lot of publicity that goes into promoting headphones, headsets, home theater audio systems, earbuds, and similar high-tech audio devices.

Let’s say you get a great quality pair of headphones. You slap them over your ears, listen to a great concert or immerse yourself into a whole different world playing a game. What do you do when you’re done – if you don’t have a headphone stand, you’re probably throwing them on the floor or table without second thought.

For professionals working with sound like musicians and video editors, or gamers, or people who just love high quality audio, a headphone stand gives your headphones a little respect.

They provide a place for you to store your headphones when they’re not on your head. They keep headphones off the ground or table, ensuring they don’t incur any damage, fall off the table, and/or aren’t accidentally stepped on.

These sort of small accessories are a great way to heighten the look of your home theater, workstation, or gaming station. They give a sense of style and purpose, and ensure wires aren’t tangled or that your headphones aren’t just casually tossed aside. If you love organization, you will absolutely adore a great headstone stand. You can even purchase a lightweight, study headphone stand for two headphones if you have multiples.

In the same way you wouldn’t throw your most expensive coat on the ground, why would you treat your headphones – something so expensive and useful – any differently? Be it in your home, office, a studio apartment, or bedroom, you want a headphone stand to keep your listening equipment safe.

Thankfully, there are some headphone stands that are clamps and then, others standalone. There are also some duo deals that include premium hi-fi headphones with an aluminum headphone stand. It’s all in what you need it to be.

At the end of the day, headphone accessories like this add a sense of class, professionalism, organization, and cleanliness to a room. Stands aren’t gawky, clunky, nor do they take up much space. The best headphone stands in Canada, design-wise and cost-wise, come from PrimeCables. For when you’re ready to suit up your space with high quality audio accessories like these, we’ll be waiting. See hundreds of products like this and suit up your room the way you want!

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Curved Gaming Monitor v. Flat Gaming Monitor – find out which one is right for you

Curved gaming monitors have won mainstream attention and fortunate for gamers, prices continue to come down. Although there are differences between curved and flat monitors, and while some prefer flat screens, curved monitors continue to win the day. Here’s why.

Curved gaming monitors are all about creating realistic gameplay, giving your graphics card a proper workout and allowing you to jump into the game in a way you can’t do with a flat monitor. Price-wise, curved monitors are oftentimes more expensive than their flat counterparts; however for a lot of gamers, it’s all about quality of product and the experience. A flat monitor can still pack a punch however it’s not going to give the same experience as a curved model. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features of both, curved and flat, and note how they differ.


A 27” flat gaming monitor from PrimeCables comes with UHD 4K resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, and in an ultra slim aluminum bezel with FreeSync technology. Like its curved counterpart, a flat gaming monitor comes with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Why a lot of people choose the flat model is because of the Ultra HD 4K resolution. HD quality is 1280×720, Full HD is 1920×1080, and then the Ultra HD 4K resolution is 3840×2160. Get ready to be wowed with this monitor!

27″ Flat Gaming Monitor 4K UHD 60hz Ultra Slim Aluminum Bezel with FreeSync™ – PrimeCables®


Alternatively, a 27” curved gaming monitor is going to come down a little in resolution. For a lot of gamers, from 4K to 1080p may not be a big jump but to others it will be so it’s worth mentioning. Other features include a more premium 144Hz refresh rate, a super thin aluminum frame with FreeSync technology, and a faster response time. Also, contrary to popular belief, curved gaming monitors are just as mountable with a monitor mount as a flat screen. So all in all, the picture quality’s less however the refresh rate is a significant upgrade which is a massive advantage.

27″ Curved Gaming monitor 1080P FHD 144hz Super Thin Aluminum frame Freesync – PrimeCables®


Like we said, there’s an argument to be made for both. When it comes to gaming, we would recommend the curved gaming monitor just because of the 144Hz refresh rate. If you’ve never gamed on a curved monitor before however, give it a try first. You may not enjoy it as much as some insist. After all, some gamers still prefer and choose flat-screens, regardless of what’s built into a curved design.


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