Why Buy A Short USB Cable

Length isn’t always better. Especially with USB cables. Though most prefer an average to extra-long USB cable, in more instances than most expect a short USB cable works even better. A shortened cable cuts down on excess unused cable length and charges quickly.

What Is A Short USB Cable?

By ‘short, we mean a 0.5 ft USB cable. That’s only six inches. It’s enough to connect a device in close proximity to the charger.

Any USB type can be made into a short-length cable. They have short USB-C cables, USB 2.0 cables, and more. Compatible with any USB-enabled device, they make short USB cables for Samsung Galaxy phones, Apple iPhones, OnePlus, Pixel, and more.

Is A Short USB Cable Faster?

You cut out a minimal amount of distance when you choose a short USB cable compared to a longer cable.

A short USB cable is not any faster or any slower than a long cable. USB 2.0 cables all support transfer rates up to 480Mbps regardless of cable length so long as it’s not excessive. The performance is just as good on a short cable as with a long cable, meaning you shouldn’t have concerns if you are considering a 0.5 ft USB cable.

Some claim short USB cables are better for charging and transferring data. This is because the longer the cable, the more resistance there will be and the more voltage or power you lose in distance. That said, this sort of change from long to short is negligible with general consumer cables.

When Is A Short USB Cable Preferred?

A short USB cable keeps your device close to the charger. This isn’t a handicap though. A smartphone charging next to your computer is the perfect example. You can set your device beside your computer and charge away without any unnecessary cable length occupying surrounding space.

An external battery pack or portable power bank necessitates a short-length cable as an average-size cable has unnecessary length that can catch on things as you move around or accidentally disconnect if it does catch on a doorknob, hook, or corner.

Another example is when you are charging a device with your device placed on a surface, in a holder, or mounted nearby. A multi-port USB hub and a collection of short USB-C cables avoid the usual tangled mess of smartphone cables.

Shop short USB cables, long USB cables, and Nylon-braided USB cables at PrimeCables.ca. Charging your devices will be a lot easier when you aren’t carrying around the extra cable. It doesn’t have to be that way. Select a short-length USB Type-C cable for your devices.

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