Why Is There An Ethernet Port On The New Apple iMac Charging Cable in 2021? – See Here

This spring, Apple revealed the template for the new iMac charging cable to lots of online controversy. Why is because Apple has moved the Ethernet port and power brick onto the charging cable as a way to further thin out the iMac design.

Although we won’t get far into the debate around Apple cables and the use of proprietary designs, the inclusion of Ethernet onto an Apple charging cable 2021 design is of particular significance. It really showcases just how important Ethernet is. If one of the top five tech companies is on-board, that’s quite the endorsement.

Why Ethernet Is Still Important in 2021

Ethernet is wired Internet. Wired Internet is Ethernet. They are more or less the same thing. Most households associate Ethernet with old-style Internet before there was WiFi.

As wonderful as wireless connectivity is, when WiFi arrived, we all went a bit nuts with it. Every device uses wireless Internet now. And it’s great. It works fine. You can get high-speed internet without issue on WiFi.

Despite all the benefits of WiFi, Ethernet cables in 2021 are still popular. Ethernet is still a form of connection important to homes and businesses. It’s also relied upon by Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

Benefits of Ethernet Over WiFi

  • Ethernet is generally believed and often proven to be much faster than wireless Internet.
  • Due to the increased speeds, small businesses and corporate actors can get more employees online and protect the data in a more controlled online environment.
  • Ethernet is much more reliable. If you tend to drop the WiFi signal or have devices that switch on-and-off WiFi due to weakened signals, Ethernet doesn’t have this issue. You’re reliably connected at all times up until you disconnect the cable.
  • You can do more intense work on Ethernet. If you use a lot of Internet – i.e. gaming, streaming, transferring large files, etc. – buy an Ethernet cable.
  • Ethernet is much more secure than a WiFi connection. You can hack WiFi by guessing a password. To hack an Ethernet connection, you have to somehow literally intercept the signal and cut your way into the cable.
  • It’s also cheaper. WiFi tech has progressed to the point where setting up a network, especially large networks, pose a significant cost to businesses. It’s quite a bit cheaper buying Ethernet cables, switches, routers, and any other hardware you need.

These are some of the reasons why Apple and other tech companies continue to use ports for Ethernet on their devices. As awesome as it is using WiFi, we all occasionally run into scenarios where Ethernet would unquestionably be a better option. It’s important any employee or consumer still has that opportunity to connect to Ethernet. It’s a smart move by Apple and as controversial as it may be to say, the incorporation of an Ethernet port into an iMac charging cable makes a lot of sense.

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