Why This MFI-Certified Lightning Cable Is The Best USB Cable You Can Buy

What makes a lightning cable ‘the best lightning cable’? Well, you might think it’s pretty straightforward what a cable is supposed to do. It plugs into a port. It syncs and charges the iPhone. End of story.

That’s definitely true but there’s a lot more to the cable that charges your iPhone than this. The speed, for example, matters. Speed can be compromised if the tech inside the lightning cable gets compromised through wear-and-tear or poor design. There’s also safety. That is, overcharging can fry your device. This isn’t a concern if you buy an MFI-certified lightning cable. A cheap imitation cable though can wreck a device.

Needless to say, you have some options when it comes to what to charge your iPhone with. Lightning cables are known for their quickness and quality but that’s restricted to only true and certified designs. In this article, we give you some notes on lightning cable and make the argument that the PrimeCables.ca Apple MFI certified lightning to USB cable is 2021’s best USB cable.

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It’s Not A Cheap Lightning Cable

Cheap cables are fire hazards. They can be a lot of trouble. This cable is available at a cheap cost but the design and technology itself are as high quality as anything else. It charges your smartphone quickly and effectively.

It’s Durable, Built For The Long-Term

Like any Apple iPhone USB cable, this lightning cable is equipped with a classic Apple-style casing which ensures it’s ready to be wrapped, tossed into your bag, and taken with you or set up at home.

It’s An Apple-Certified Cable

Apple signed off on the PrimeCables.ca design which makes it equal in our books to any other lightning cable on the market. Apple’s MFI certification process isn’t an easy pass. It requires several quality standards to be met.

Excellent Warranty, Easy Replacements

If your lightning cable breaks for whatever reason, don’t worry about it. Send it into PrimeCables.ca and they’ll replace it so long that it falls under the lifetime guarantee. That’s a lifetime warranty!

PrimeCables We Make Stronger Cables

You Get Three For The Price Of One

Buy MFI-certified lightning cables online from PrimeCables.ca and they won’t just give you one. You’ll have three cables coming for the price of one. Even better, they all carry that lifetime guarantee. Bonus!

Optimized Design With Every Advantage

This simple lightning cable has also got some bells and whistles deep In its design, including a 4,000+ bend lifespan, aluminum foil shielding inside the cable, and a tested structure that’s guaranteed to last.

You will find nothing short of quality in the pages of PrimeCables.ca. Search out MFI-certified lightning cables and other Apple USB accessories for your iPhone and Apple devices at PrimeCables.ca today.

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