7 Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Riser

A laptop riser is sort of like having a sit-stand laptop desk. It’s an ergonomic office product everyone with a laptop should own and there are several reasons as to why. Here are 7 major benefits of a height-adjustable aluminum laptop riser to remember.

Correct Your View

You’re no longer staring down at the screen with a laptop riser. You’re staring across. This will correct any sort of neck pain, eye strain, or spinal pressure that’s put on you when you have to angle yourself downward.

Prevent Overheating

The adjustable angle laptop riser from PrimeCables.ca has a heat vent that helps to prevent overheating. Laptops are more likely to overheat than desktop computers. The more it has to work, the slower and more strained its performance gets. A riser can solve, in part, this overheating.

A Laptop Riser Is Portable

A laptop riser is like having your own home theater and work-from-anywhere office as one together. A laptop riser is collapsible, portable, and can be easily taken with you wherever you venture, i.e. the library, a friends’ place, travel for work, or to another room in your home.

Create A More Immersive Watch Experience

If you use your laptop to watch Netflix, YouTube, or download videos, a height-adjustable riser can put the screen at an optimum height so you don’t have to worry about glare or holding a laptop up at a certain level.

Improve Your Typing Speed And Accuracy

Though most of us have grown accustomed to typing on our laptop keyboards where they’re already located, when you get the hang of this new ergonomic laptop position, a lot of users discover they can type more comfortably and accurately. That said, this varies and is not a consistent benefit.

You Don’t Have To Put Yourself In An Uncomfortable Position

When we work at our laptops, most people tend to shift positions a lot. That’s because they’re uncomfortable. Prolonged sitting doesn’t feel natural nor does being at a laptop for hours. Ergonomic laptop risers are a way to put a laptop in an optimum position to minimize any discomfort.

Be Able To Work For Longer

When you aren’t contending with spine issues, eye strain, and neck pain, you will find your productivity increases and you can also work for longer. You’re comfortable. You’re in the moment. You’re ready to put in your best work.

We know a lot more today than we ever did before about the benefits of ergonomic design. Anyone who consistently uses their laptops every day can boost their speed, productivity, and overall enjoyment by adopting an aluminum laptop riser. So have at it! Buy your height adjustable laptop stand on sale today at PrimeCables.ca.

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