7 Benefits Of Ethernet For Home Use

Ethernet offers the most stable Internet network possible. For home use, when having stable Internet is vital to what you’re doing, Ethernet is a better choice over WiFi. Here are 7 Ethernet benefits worth remembering if you’re trying to find a way to get better Internet at home.

Ethernet Offers The Best Internet Security

An important benefit of Ethernet is how secure it is. Anyone can access a WiFi signal within range. Data sent across Ethernet is protected by the cabling. They can’t access it without being connected to the network via cable.

Ethernet Is The Most Reliable Internet

Nothing is worse than having a wireless signal drop out of the blue. It sucks. You don’t want WiFi randomly dropping or being inconsistent. With Ethernet, this issue is avoided. You have a direct connection to your modem. There is no ‘dropping the signal’. That problem doesn’t exist, anymore.

Ethernet Is The Fastest Internet

Like we said, you have a direct connection to your modem. This means no interference, no split usage between devices, and no speed issues. You are always getting the fastest speed and getting it directly from the source.

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Receive Faster Internet For TV And Home Theater Use

If you are having difficulties streaming in 1080P, an Ethernet cable will get you your best Internet possible. This is a sure way to know there won’t be any troubles once your stream is going. No loading. No buffering. No cutting out. No. Problems.

You Can Buy A Long Ethernet Cable

A long Ethernet cable might not seem like such a benefit. In certain homes though, Internet’s spotty. In basements or if you are trying to get internet on a different floor than your modem, problems can present. There are Ethernet cables at all sorts of lengths, fostering connections anywhere in your home and effectively eliminating these dead zones.

Receive Faster Internet For Gaming

If you’re a gamer, buying an Ethernet cable is a no-brainer. No one uses more Internet than gamers. If you’re streaming games online, doing Twitch, or playing with others over your connection, Ethernet’s the best way to do that and ensure you don’t run into any lagging along the way.

Connect Unlimited Devices

When you have a WiFi signal, any device that jumps on it is competing for the same wireless Internet. Ethernet cables work a little differently. Every cable receives its own stable connection. There isn’t any fighting over the same signal, meaning that you can connect in effect as many devices as you desire and not have to worry about not being able to use the Internet due to ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’.

There are a lot of reasons to use Ethernet. Routers, modems, work-from-home setups, desktop computers, gaming consoles, home theater TVs, printers, and security cameras all benefit from Ethernet. Visit PrimeCables.ca today to find an Ethernet cable to match your household’s needs.

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