7 Must-Have Power Tools To Have In Your Home

Power tool deals in 2021 are at their best right around this time of year. If you’re shopping for quality-made power tools on sale, now’s the time to buy. This article is all about the best power tools for home repairs, outlining a few tools you may not know you needed and a few you probably already have.

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Rotary Tool

A cordless rotary tool is for carving, engraving, and cutting. For small crafting projects and Michaels-style DIY projects, this is a power tool that you will love to work with.

Cordless Power Drill

A cordless power drill should be one of the first power tools you buy. It helps to drive in and remove screws, and can be used on a wide variety of materials with ease. So long as it’s fully charged, power drills are needed no matter the project.

Cordless Circular Saw

Alongside a power drill, what else you want to buy if you’re working with wood is a cordless circular saw. You may be using a handsaw. That’s totally unnecessary. It’s only going to tire you out. Circular saws speed things up and often give you a better cut. Try one.

Angle Grinder

If you’re working with more than wood, an angle grinder is a power tool you want. It cuts metal, tile, stucco, and pavers. An angle grinder can sand, polish, and sharpen these materials as well. A very diverse tool, any sort of work with steel or the materials mentioned can prove easy work when you have an angle grinder in hand.

Impact Driver

An impact driver drives in fasteners quicker than any other tool. It doesn’t tire out your hands and wrists, and helps to speed up your project beyond what’s possible with a drill. As a bonus, an impact driver also is less likely to strip screws. This is an easy must-buy.

Digital Clamp Multimeter

A digital multimeter measures AC/DC voltage and allows you to connect electric wire safely. If you’re working with electric current, you want to make sure you’re receiving the current you’re expecting.

Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

An oscillating multi-tool kit delivers fast cutting action at variable speeds from 5,000 to 20,000 OPM. If you are working with a lot of different materials and have to do some cutting, sawing, scraping, sanding, and other forms of material prep, a multi-tool kit can help you complete all these actions.

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These are all important power tools with unique purposes on various DIY-style home projects. If you’re looking to do some repairs and construction work this summer around the house, visit PrimeCables.ca for cordless power tools on sale and more.

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