Why Buying A Gas Spring Monitor Mount Is Worth It – Read here!

We work at our computers. We play at our computers. On any given day, the average person might spend up to 12 hours cumulatively in front of their laptops or computers.

As we spend so much time here, we tend to occupy the space around our monitors with paperwork, devices, hard drives, items of clothing, décor, and more. It can get messy quite quickly, taking up lots and lots of space and really cluttering up the place.

A gas spring desk mount is a saviour of sorts. Using a grommet desk mount base, you adjust the clamp to the size of your tabletop. It clamps down. From there, you mount your monitor on the arm. So long as it’s secure, you can then lift the monitor and position it at an optimized visual height for you.

What does this do – a lot, actually! It frees up a ton of desktop space. It makes you more comfortable. Mounting your monitor can remove a lot of the aches and pains that come with being in front of the computer for an extended period of time.

Do You Need A Gas Spring Monitor Mount?

A gas spring monitor mount benefits everyone. Whether you need it or not though relies on whether you use your computer enough to justify it.

  • Anyone who works in front of their computer – i.e. office workers – should have a monitor mount.
  • Anyone who pursues a digital hobby, such as music production, digital editing of photographs, video editing, or graphic design, they would benefit from a monitor mount.
  • Do you have a messy desk – please get a gas spring mount. You’ll feel so much better working at a clean desk.
  • If you suffer from neck pain, chronic pain, tension headaches, or any sort of aches and pains around the upper rib cage and above, these are all worsened by prolonged straining at a desk. A monitor mount can put you in a more natural and ergonomic position.
  • If you have multiple monitors taking up desktop space, it’s probably very limited what’s left. A single monitor mount, multiple monitor mounts, or a multi-monitor mount is a permanent solution and you don’t have to sacrifice any of your monitors to get additional space.

All in all, a gas spring mount is easy to install and simple to use. At any time, you can adjust the monitor’s height, depth, and angle to suit your position. Whether you are seated or standing, monitor mounts are an ergonomic resource you can use to eliminate stress, increase comfort, and maximize productivity.

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