Why Ethernet Is The Best Work-From-Home Internet You Can Get

So you’re working from home. It’s a Monday morning. You’re dressed and ready to go. You’ve had your coffee. You’re on Zoom with co-workers, running through tasks, updates, and conferencing. You could not be having a better morning. Then, all of a sudden – oh no! – your Internet connection starts to lag and then drops out altogether.

Work-from-home WiFi is hit and miss. As convenient as it is to just sign on with a password, it’s unprofessional to have your Internet give out when you’re in the middle of a call with management, co-workers, or a client. If you’re going to work from home, you’ve got to have reliable Internet.

Ethernet isn’t WiFi. It’s actually better. It may look a little old-fashioned but it’s faster and more stable than anything a wireless modem is going to send out.

What Makes Ethernet The Best Internet For Work-From-Home Situations?

  • Your Internet will be faster, with the signal coming direct from the modem to your computer.
  • Your Internet will be more reliable with no interference and no sharing of the WiFi signal between devices.
  • Your Internet will never drop on a wired Cat6 Ethernet cable.

How Does Ethernet Work?

Ethernet is using a wire to connect to the Internet. It’s how Internet used to work before wireless connections were possible. It’s still how a lot of Internet – particularly with small businesses and commercial environments – is used.

When you set up work-from-home Ethernet, you use what looks like a phone cable with an RJ45 connector on the end. Ethernet cables come in various lengths, including 100 meters long. Regardless of where your modem, so long as you’re willing to travel a cable from it to your computer or workstation, it’s always possible to get you high-quality, fast, and reliable Ethernet connectivity.

You may notice different types of Ethernet cables, i.e. Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, and Cat8, and differences in color. The color of the cables does not matter whatsoever. Color is used predominantly in large commercial settings to differentiate between different connections or networks. For at home use, choose your favourite color and it won’t matter beyond that!

A lot of Ethernet cables for home offices use Cat6. Cat6 offers speeds up to 10 Gbps with less electromagnetic radiation and electrical noise due to an increase in shielding.

You can go up to Cat7 or even Cat8 which offers speeds up to 40 Gbps, however, it’s not necessary. Your modem has to be capable of such speeds to begin with and not all Internet packages are.

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