How Well Do Universal Magnetic Mounts Work? – See Here

A collection of universal magnetic mounts are a handy tool for any person to have. They’re designed to hold your smartphone up and can be fixated to almost any surface. In the car. In bed. On the fridge. Anywhere.

How strong are magnetic mounts – well, that’s an important question. Magnets can vary in strength, as many know. In this article, we take a deep-dive into magnetic mounts and what’s expected of them.

What Do Magnetic Mounts Do?

A magnetic mount is most often used in the car. It’s a way to mount a smartphone in full view of the driver. They are compact and sturdy, and hold a smartphone with a strong grip. It’s a guarantee you won’t see it suddenly falling to the floor or coming out of its mount.

Placed on a ball, you also have the advantage of adjusting the angle, rotating it, tilting it, and maneuvering your smartphone to where you need it to sit. You also don’t have to worry about magnets affecting the signal or functionality of your device. It is protected in a casing that minimizes the transfer of magnetic energy to zero.

How Do Magnetic Mounts Work?

The beauty about high-quality magnetic mounts is that they stick to any surface via a 3M adhesive. Car, desk, wall, anywhere.

There are three components – a metal plate, a magnetism pad, and a magnetic mount ball. Fitted together, the installation process takes 30 seconds or less. It’s very easy.

The neodymium magnet and silicone center combine to form a one-of-a-kind magnetic mount that often exceeds the performance of car vent mounts and similar products, as helpful as car vent mounts can be.

By far, there’s no easier way to mount a smartphone in your car or anywhere than with a magnetized method.

How Strong Are Magnetic Mounts?

Say you take out one of your universal smartphone magnetic mounts and decide to use it on something other than your smartphone. It may not work as well as you’d hope. Weight is the problem. A smartphone isn’t that heavy. If you have another device or item that is equal to a smartphone’s weight, however, it could very well work.

The precise weight restriction on the magnet is 250g. Anything heavier can cause trouble.

All in all, a universal magnetic mount works well. The only downside is the 3M adhesive is only single-use, requiring multiple adhesives if you intend on removing it and placing it again. A collection of mounts is your best bet if you’re going to buy them. That way, you can install magnetic mounts wherever you like.

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