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Why Everyone should at least get one Magnetic Phone Mount for your Car

Driving in the car and fumbling through one’s smartphone is dangerous and irresponsible. That said, so many of us continue to do it even though it’s putting us and others at risk. A magnetic mount is an easy way to get around the smartphone issue and to keep your eyes on the road. Shop with PrimeCables today to get the…

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How to Mount your Phone in your Car Properly using a Magnetic 360-Degree Car Mount

Using a magnetic car mount is a fantastic way to maintain a driver’s commitment to hands-free driving and to keep the road environment safe. Though the laws and fines are tight, even still, users across Canada continue to drive distracted with their smartphones in hand. For these reasons, car companies are encouraging drivers to mount their cell phones in-car using…

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PrimeCables 360° Rotatable Mount Holder

The best mobile mount is on sale for 75% off at just $4.99, the PrimeCables Magnetic Car Mount. Have you ever wanted hands-free calls while driving? Eye-level visibility in the kitchen? Somewhere to put your waterproofed phone in the shower? This is a versatile, ubiquitous rotatable mount holder that sticks to any surface, with a magnetic ball and adhesive base,…

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