Why A Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control Is Better Than A Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are cute and trendy. A wireless way to capture photos and get optimum angles for selfies and other photographs, for those looking at getting better images, they naturally will gravitate towards a selfie stick. Here’s why that’s wrong.

A selfie stick is fine. Sure, it helps to extend outward your angle and with that, you can get an optimized perspective for selfies. That’s more or less all they do. Selfie sticks are literally a stick on which hangs your smartphone. For a high-tech product, they sure are very basic and don’t provide much value beyond what we’ve already mentioned. Needless to say, they kind of get old fast.

A Bluetooth selfie remote control may be a better option long-term, especially if you’re a skilled photographer.

It’s Wireless

A Bluetooth remote isn’t connected to your smartphone with a stick. This vastly opens up the photos you can capture and makes things a little easier on the person taking the photos.

You Can Control Your Camera Remotely

Let’s say you are looking to capture a specific shot but don’t know when the event is going to happen. That’s easy. Set up the camera and wait. When the time comes, press down on the button and you’ve got your photo.

Less Shake In Your Photos

Although a selfie stick can stabilize your camera to a degree, there is still a risk of shake. A Bluetooth smartphone remote control, by comparison, doesn’t touch your device. There’s no risk of dropping the smartphone or taking a photo while accidentally shaking it.

No Arm Fatigue, No Asking For Help

Your arm won’t get tired holding up a selfie stick. You won’t need to ask anyone for help taking a photo. With a remote, it’s easy. All you need is a Bluetooth connection.

Capture Movement

What a selfie stick can’t do is capture your movement. That’s because as you’re moving, the smartphone will as well. This creates shake. By positioning your smartphone on a stable tripod, using the Bluetooth remote, you can capture these difficult-to-take moving images with ease.

No Hardware In The Shot

With a selfie stick, you often see the selfie stick in the shot. When you don’t see the stick, you at least see the arm or posture of the person holding it. It’s very obvious. With a selfie remote, you don’t get that same issue at all. You can hide the remote fully out of view.

If You Want A Wider Shot, You Can Have It

With a selfie Bluetooth remote, you aren’t connected to your smartphone via stick. It’s totally wireless. This means you can move the camera back even further. You can stand six feet away and more, and get an even better angle.

They’re A Lot Cheaper

A selfie Bluetooth smartphone remote is also way less expensive than a Bluetooth selfie stick.

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