Earbuds Vs. Headphones: Which Do You Buy?

A guide for headphones & earbuds will typically rule in favor of one over the other but for audiophiles, there are a range of products in both categories each producing amazing quality sound. It would be very unfair to pick one over the other based on quality alone. That said, it’s usage. That’s what really matters.

When listening to music, you might have a specific setting in mind. At the gym. While you’re commuting. Around the house while doing chores. Listening to records at home. How you play music will ultimately lead a person to lean more towards either earbuds or headphones. Analyzing listening experience and other factors, here are the advantages of both.

Why Earbuds Might Be Better

There are three main types of earbuds – wired earbuds, Bluetooth wired earbuds, and Bluetooth wireless earbuds. There are, naturally, design variations, such as the feel of the earbud in the ear canal, whether there is a microphone or volume control, and how long a charge lasts for a Bluetooth set.

There is a lot of cross-over in terms of features between earbuds and headphones. For example, while True Wireless earbuds exist, so do wireless Bluetooth headphones. Why lots of people prefer earbuds is their compact size and their affordability. You can get a great pair of earbuds for under $30 easy. Whether you get the same audio quality from headphones varies by the brand.

Why Headphones Might Be Better

There are many types of headphones. Noise isolation headphones. Active noise cancelling headphones. You can find headphones at Walmart for very cheap. Of course, they aren’t very good. Then, there are headphones that cost hundreds. You don’t have to spend that for an excellent pair of headphones, thankfully.

Headphones do not fit in the ear. They go over the ear. This slight design variation helps protect hearing health in a way that earbuds do not. That said, turn up the volume loud enough and whatever pair of earbuds or headphones that you have, they will cause damage. A possible advantage for some is headphones covering the air and being overall better at blocking the outside noise from ruining your listening experience.

Which Will You Buy To Listen To Your Audio?

There are lots of deciding factors in analyzing earbuds vs. headphones. There’s the feel, the affordability of a pair, and what’s more comfortable to wear according to the activity you’re wearing them for.

If you aren’t sure what’s best for you, check out earbuds vs. headphones at PrimeCables.ca today. Check out all types of headphones and high-quality earbuds, with premium sound, features, and mixes.

The Best Quick-Charge True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds in Canada

True Wireless earbuds are fairly common nowadays and worn by most avid music or podcast listeners on the move. No wires involved and usually equipped with a charging case, they let listeners enjoy their media without being tied to their device.

With so many types of earbuds available, trying to find the best True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds isn’t so obvious anymore.

Here is what we’d say makes True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds from PrimeCables.ca the best in Canada.

Universally Compatible

This isn’t an Apple product where it’s only workable with other Apple products. This pair of Bluetooth earbuds works with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Bluetooth-enabled device.

Great Audio Quality

PrimeCables.ca specializes in discount tech, cables, and audio quality. Some of the best headphones and earbuds in Canada are available in the PrimeCables.ca catalogue and these True Wireless buds are no exception. Total class.

Price Of True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Let’s face it, if you buy Bluetooth earbuds, you’re going to pay at least $45 for a decent pair. Assuming you want a wire at all, True Wireless is your only option. PrimeCables.ca offers True Wireless earbuds for under $30. Huge savings.

Smart Features

A built-in mic. Up to 10 meters of transmission. Easy touch control to skip, adjust volume, and pause/play.

Low Latency

With cheap wireless earbuds, latency is an issue. The latest Bluetooth chip, however, reduces power consumption, resolves the distortions and interruptions associated with lesser earbuds, and yes, addresses the low-latency issue. No delay. Real-time mic capture. All the features you want in a set of Bluetooth V5.1 earbuds.

6 Hours of Playtime

Some of the cheap Bluetooth earbuds offer better prices because of inferior tech. True Wireless from PrimeCables.ca without the charging case is good for up to 6 hours of continuous playtime. Add the case into the mix and you have even longer.

They Fit Nicely

True Wireless earbuds come in different designs, just like non-Bluetooth earbuds and headphones. If you’re used to the style of earbuds these are, rest assured, they will fit snug and comfortable ensuring you’re not inclined to not wear them.

USB Type-C Quick Charging

You don’t want to be waiting around for your earbuds to pick up a charge. Through USB-C connection, your charging case charges quickly and allows you to get going with a way to recharge in no time.

Shop the best audio quality today with quick-charge True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds from PrimeCables.ca.

Where To Buy The Best Earbuds In Canada On A Budget

We use earbuds everywhere. At the gym. Listening to music on the bus or on a walk. At home doing chores and cleaning. Listening in on a Zoom call for work. It’s all based around working earbuds.

If you’re still tied to wired earbuds, don’t be. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are easier to use and won’t keep getting you caught on doorknobs, corners, and furniture as you move about. A quality-made pair of earbuds go a long way.

The drawback to earbuds is they can also be quite expensive. There are, fortunately, some earbuds more affordable and ideal for someone on a budget. Here are a few of the cheap earbuds we’re talking about.

And don’t worry. They’re all great pairs. They’re just a little less expensive than other brands.

Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds

For under $12, these are the ultimate Bluetooth sports earbuds. They have a wire between the earbuds but none going to your device. This is a nice transition from wired to wireless.

These are great for outdoor use and do not compromise sound quality whatsoever.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds With Charging Case

When we talk ‘wireless earbuds’, this is the type of buds most people think of. Bluetooth earbuds with a charging case offer a totally wireless listening experience. The trade-off is only price. For most though, a little extra in cost is worth the advantages you get.

No wires. A charging case to recharge your earbuds as you go. A great investment for all activities.

Hi-Fi Reflective Sound Earbuds

This pair of hi-fi reflective sound earbuds are equipped with drives that point outward from your ear. This reduces ear fatigue which can set in after extended listening. They also come with enhanced bass response.

Price-wise, these sit midway between sports earbuds and wireless charging case-style earbuds.

Enhanced Bass Noise Isolating Earbuds

The cheapest noise isolating earbuds are right there. Thought wired, you won’t have to worry about playback time or the bulkiness of over-the-ear headphones. They offer impeccable sound quality that you can listen to when you’re hanging out or if you don’t mind having a wire while traveling around the city.

For under $14, the enhanced bass noise isolating earbuds are a perfect accessory to any smartphone.

A lot of debate can be had between wired earbuds and True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds but different styles suit different people. These pairs are what we rank as the best earbuds in Canada on a budget. Browse these and more online, with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on qualifying orders. Buy them today at PrimeCables.ca.

The Best Headphones And Earbuds With Built-In Microphones For Work, Gaming, And More

Headphones with a microphone built-in, aka headsets, have been a key work-from-home tool aiding so many Canadians communicate over Zoom, Skype, and video-calling technology throughout the pandemic.

Are you looking for the best headphones with built-in microphones – check out our quick list below!

HP Earbuds With Mic

These are the cheapest of the cheap. HP earbuds with mic are under $7 and while they work, unfortunately, the sound isn’t the best. These earbuds make this list more for their price than evidence of quality. If you want to communicate clearly, try these. They just may do the trick.

Bluetooth Earbuds With Mic

The PrimeCables.ca Bluetooth earbud with mic is a relatively basic earbud-and-mic combo, however, is quality all the way. If you’re doing outdoor activity, stuff at the gym, or are doing chores and need a mic to make phone calls with, this is your best bet.

Wireless Bluetooth Sports Stereo Earbud Headphone w/ Mic & Volume Control – PrimeCables®

Monoprice Wired Earbuds With Mic

The next step up from HP is this pair of affordable premium-grade Monoprice wired earbuds with mic. For Android and Apple devices, you have some good-quality sound in the microphone pickup. If you need something passable but you don’t necessarily have to have a mic that’s high-tech, try this.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic

Let’s say you want a totally wireless experience, go for these True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with mic. A lot of True Wireless earbuds are equipped with a mic though at all. It may not be what comes to mind when buying Bluetooth earbuds like this but it’s a key feature users come to appreciate when they have to get through a day of Zoom meetings or answer a call.

B5dc2 primecables cab pc 07882 headphones earbuds wireless bluetooth earbuds with mic and charging case primecables
Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic and Charging Case – PrimeCables®

HP Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic

An HP gaming headset with mic works like headphones except they’re really designed for gaming. They work well for gaming and all sorts of uses, and plug into your PC, smartphone, gaming consoles, and more.

Premium Over-the-Ear Headphones With Mic

For cheap headphones with mic, you won’t find a lower price on headphones-and-mic than PrimeCables.ca has on this model. These over-the-ear headphones with mic provides clear, focused sound for taking calls, gaming, work-from-home, and streaming.

Premium Headphones Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro – PrimeCables®

Monoprice Over-the-Ear Headphones With Mic

The prior headphone design was by PrimeCables.ca. At a slightly higher price point, these are Monoprice headphones with mic. A great pair of headphones, its built-in mic picks up audio clearly and is a major asset during virtual meetings, remote work calls, and can be used for streaming as well.

Built-in mics have to do two things – pick up your voice and hopefully tune out the noise around you. A high-quality built-in mic on headphones helps a ton on phone calls, Zoom meetings, recording audio, and more. Shop all these headphones and earbuds this week at PrimeCables.ca.

Pros And Cons of Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless earbuds operate via Bluetooth to provide a user with convenient wireless audio broadcasting.

Connect your earbuds to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any Bluetooth-enabled device. It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s the best way to listen to audio for a lot of people.

Sadly, these earbuds don’t come without a few disadvantages. In some cases, a user might prefer shopping another type of earbud or buy headphones. Here are the pros and cons of Bluetooth True Wireless earbuds.

Pro – Portability

Bluetooth earbuds can be thrown into your bag and so long as they’re charged, you can take them out wherever you are.

Con – Connecting

Connecting True Wireless earbuds is a simple process. You turn them on. You turn on your Bluetooth. You pair them. Done. Unfortunately, some devices have weaker Bluetooth capture than others. One might run into difficulties pairing True Wireless earbuds although admittedly it’s rare.

Pro – They Last Longer

Compared to wired Bluetooth earbuds, wireless Bluetooth earbuds last longer. A set comes with its own charging case, elongating how long you can be out with them. When your earbuds start to die, put them in their charging case.

Pro – You Can Move

There are no wires. This means you can work out, run, go walking, travel, clean the house, cook foods, and more, without worrying about a wire getting caught on a handle, hook, or furniture corner.

Pro – Waterproof

Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds with 2600mAh Charging Case – PrimeCables® 

Pro – No Tangles

Any sort of wire inevitably tangles. USB cables tangle. The wire connecting earbuds will tangle inside your pocket, bag, or purse. With True Wireless earbuds, you avoid that experience. This subsequently also cuts down on the likelihood of damaging the internal technology as it’s protected inside the charging case and casing for the earbud itself.

Con – Loss of Quality

Users buy Bluetooth earbuds predominantly for the convenience. In terms of quality of sound, audiophiles can do much better. If you’re mixing music, creating recordings, or aren’t using earbuds on-the-go, you may want to look at over-the-ear headphones and better-quality earbuds.

Pro – Quality is Excellent

In terms of Bluetooth earbuds, True Wireless technology isn’t cheap. The quality doesn’t match high-end headphones but Bluetooth earbuds still offer excellent sound in comparison with non-wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The soundstage is wide and the clarity of sound is exceptional.

Pro – They’re Trendy

Bluetooth True Wireless earbuds and headphones have a fantastic design. A lot of the models exhibit a minimalist, dynamic feel that can be applied to any outfit.

Whether you’re looking for wired Bluetooth earbuds or True Wireless earbuds, shop both on discount at PrimeCables.ca. If you value convenience and portability, True Wireless is definitely worth checking out.

9 Cheap Highly Rated Tech Products On Sale Today At PrimeCables.ca

PrimeCables.ca is a growing collection of Canada’s best tech accessories and highly-rated products you’ll find hard to put down. From the products we love to trendy new favourites, discover these cheap tech products that will help you live better and which will stay with you for years.

USB Hubs

Especially in a house with roommates or a family, you may have dozens of devices between everyone. A USB hub or wall charger allows you to charge three, four, or even up to eight or nine devices simultaneously.

3-in-1 USB Cable

A 3-in-1 USB cable is a multi-use cable with several connectors, including USB Type-C, a lighting cable, and micro. Imagine having a single USB cable for all your devices. This is that chance. For data sync and charge.

USB-A 3 in 1 1 Self-Winding Magnetic Charging Cable + 1 180° Rotation Charging Cable – PrimeCable®

Android Smart TV Box

There are a wide range of Android smart TV boxes on the market. Buy one and turn your flat-screen into a smart device. Tap into YouTube, streaming services, apps, websites, and more. A highly-rated addition to anyone’s living room.

True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Have you struggled with earbuds breaking because of a weakened wire or cheap design – True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the answer. Fitted with a high-quality charging case, enjoy the best in sound with the most convenience.

Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds with 2600mAh Charging Case – PrimeCables® – White

HDTV Antenna

An HDTV antenna reaches out for miles, picking up free over-the-air local TV from all types of channels. Perhaps to some’s surprise, in cities, you can get dozens of channels and possibly cut out your cable subscription at no inconvenience to you.

100” Projector Screen

A collapsible 100” projector screen is the perfect accent to redesign your home theater system around. Large flat-screens cost $1,000s over the years. Forego that expense. Switch to projectors and projector screens.

100″ Portable and Collapsible Projector Screen for Wall/Ceiling – PrimeCables®

Slim TV Cart or TV Stand

A slim TV cart is kind of like having a TV wall mount that’s mobile. Take it with you wherever you move. For LCDs up to 80” and 88 pounds, it’s the perfect solution to mounting a flat-screen when studs aren’t available.

HDMI 2.1 Cables

HDMI 2.1 cables are the latest standard in HDMI technology, capable of handling 8K video. If you’re looking to upgrade your home theater in the next 3-4 years, sooner or later, this HDMI cable’s going to come in handy.

Like other HDMI cables, these last a lifetime and longer. You’ll be holding onto this one for years.

Car Phone Air Vent Mount

A smartphone air vent mount for your car positions your phone in an upright position for accessibility and single-handed operation. Always have your phone ready to use for navigation, music, and to receive calls.

Car Phone Holder Air Vent Mount Stand PrimeCables®

Shop all this tech and tech accessories in Canada at PrimeCables.ca today. It’s a treasure hunt waiting to be found!

The Best Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds for Working Out

Managing a workout schedule in the COVID-19 pandemic – with all the shutdowns and regulations in a state of flux – has proven massively challenging.

The best solution to all of this has been to control what you can control. Just because the gym shut down and working out indoors isn’t an option doesn’t mean working out from home is an impossibility.

Bluetooth wireless earbuds are one of your best companions for a home workout. Play music, podcasts, or blast a movie while you run some cardio.

At any budget, there are wireless headphones ready with Bluetooth, excellent sound quality, comfortable fit, and adaptability to workouts like bodyweight exercises, yoga, tai chi, cardiovascular machines, and more.

These are some of the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market today, available on sale from PrimeCables.ca.

Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds

The best cheap wireless Bluetooth sports earbuds are here, priced for under $12 and rated at 88/100. You can bike, lift, run, jump, and do everything with these pressed into your ear. Get a sweat on, without worrying about losing charge.

Wireless Bluetooth Sports Stereo Earbuds Headphone w/ Mic & Volume Control – PrimeCables®

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds in a charging case are totally wire-free and offer Apple-adjacent quality. Unlike earbuds with a wire between them, when you have a wire-free design, the charge is less. That’s the drawback. The total charge is only for three hours in total.

Large-Driver Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

A large-driver Bluetooth wireless earphones has a built-in microphone and is compatible with Apple, Samsung, and any Bluetooth-enabled products. Enjoy hands-free phone calls and continuous playtime of up to 5 hours. The search for wireless earbuds is over! Work out with ease.

Large-Driver Bluetooth Wireless Earphones with Built-in Microphone – Monoprice®

True Wireless Sweatproof Earphones

Enjoy this pair of True Wireless sweatproof Bluetooth earbuds. No wires, no hassle. The price point over $100 justifies the quality, though you can get a fine pair for less. These are workout-ready, sweatproof in design, and with a charging case included.

True Wireless Earphones IPX4 Sweatproof, Bluetooth 4.2, Mic and Portable Charging Case – Monoprice®

True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds

The best in sound quality, hear music across the ultimate spectrum of frequencies with clear accuracy. A True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds come in stereo with 2600mAh, up to 5 hours of listening time, and a charging case that’s ready to provide an extra 130 hours of playtime. Optimize your time, optimize your workout. These may be the best option on this list based on quality.

Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds with 2600mAh Charging Case – PrimeCables®

See Bluetooth wireless earbuds, headphones, and more workout-friendly accessories from PrimeCables.ca. Make your day-to-day fitness regimen custom to your preferences, with a podcast or music to accompany you through your hardest moments.