What To Look For When You Buy A Power Bank For Your Smartphone

An effective and reliable power bank can be a major asset in your time of need. A smartphone can only carry a charge for so long. Eventually, you hit a single-digit percentage with what’s left on your battery. Thankfully, when you have a power bank and a USB cable, all you have to do is connect your device. You’ve just saved yourself from an emergency.

When buying a power bank, here are the features and details to look for.


The size of a power bank is fairly small and compact. Most people will want it to be portable enough to put in their bag and keep with them, without weighing them down or taking up too much real estate.


Charging a smartphone, you don’t need a very large, expensive, or high-tech power bank. Charging a tablet though or a laptop, you will certainly want a universally-compatible power bank that’s able to handle the connection to these larger items.

Output Voltage

The output voltage on an external bank is what decides how much power is going to your smartphone. A fast-charging power bank at 18.5W in output is an excellent rating. Automatic charging will ensure your device isn’t overcharged at any given moment.

How Much Power

How much power your power bank holds is an important detail. They make power banks with as much as 20,000mAh and above.

For smartphones, a 5,000mAh power bank will provide all the charge you need to keep your device charged. For under $12, it’s also a steal when compared to some models that can fetch for as much as $60 and higher.

What Brand Of Power Bank Is Best?

There are lots of types of power banks that can be considered among the best and some are drastically more affordable than others.

Rather than suggesting what the best power bank is, all we’ll say is know who made it. The brand should be one that you trust and one that prioritizes performance. An un-labelled power bank should be avoided. After all, you’re plugging your devices into it. You don’t want any damage befalling them.

Overcurrent Protection

Cheap power banks and no-name external battery chargers can overheat, short-circuit, and unfortunately damage a device in the process. It is rare but it does happen. With overcurrent protection, you can protect your smartphone from the risk of damage.

Any battery charger or power bank has to be recharged before use. Over time, it will run down what charge it has even when not in use. Shop high-quality power banks and external battery chargers at PrimeCables.ca.

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