Is An Articulating TV Wall Mount The Right Pick For My Home Theater?

A popular option for a lot of homes, an articulating TV wall mount is a great option when you’re setting up a new TV. You reduce clutter and save space. You make your home entertainment center more immersive. With the ability to extend, tilt, swivel, and rotate, an articulating TV wall mount may be the best buy for your room. Here’s why.

You’re Creating A Real Home Theater

In a lot of ways, you can’t have a home theater without making it look theatrical. A movie theater doesn’t have their screen stationed on a table. The screen is always mounted. Always. By elevating your screen with the best TV wall mount, you create that same movie theater feel in your home.

For Bigger Flat-Screen TVs, They’re Perfect

You can run into a lot of trouble working with large flat-screens or flat-panel TVs. A common complaint is glare. The light from a lamp or a window reflects in the screen and makes it unwatchable during the day. An articulating arm allows you to make a few small adjustments, often eliminating glare altogether.

Size Of Your Flat-Screen TV

You don’t want a TV wall mount that’s incapable of holding the size or weight of your screen. Articulating TV wall mounts are notorious for being able to carry a lot of weight with the right supports.

Is The Wall Mount Bracket Safe?

This type of TV wall mount uses a wall mount bracket that is very safe so long as it’s properly fastened to the wall. You need a wall stud. This is the only safe way to install any TV wall mount.

Is Articulating TV Wall Mount Full Motion?

An articulating TV wall mount is a full motion mount, taking a screen anywhere from 37” to 70” and allowing you to tilt, swivel, and rotate it, adjusting the angle and perspective as needed. Articulating arms are what make this movement possible.

Always Have The Best Viewing Angle

Taking into account its full-motion functionality, nothing is better when you have to angle your screen downward or upward, move it to the left or right, or adjust its tilt. An articulating TV wall mount makes it possible to sit anywhere in the room and have an optimum perspective for the image on-screen.

Can You Use It With All LED, LCD, And Flat Screens?

Any TV wall mount can only carry a certain size and weight. Assuming your screen fits those specifications though, all LED, LCD, and flat screens should fit into the bracket and be mountable via an articulating arm.

For large TVs that you want to mount, a full-motion articulating TV wall mount offers the best placement options, allowing you to move it in any direction as needed. Get yours from

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