What’s The Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount For My Living Room?

There are some very obvious considerations to make when searching for the best full motion TV wall mount. Of course, you want your TV mount to be able to handle the weight and TV size. It should be in line with a screen’s mounting holes. You also want to know how many inches from the wall the mounting bracket is.

The best TV wall mount for your living room also will rely on having the right type of mount and additional features.

Why To Choose Full Motion Mounts

Full motion mounts offer so much functionality, from tilt to swivel, and adjustments left, right, up, and down. For a living room, where you could be sitting in several locations, you can make modifications to the exact viewing angle of your screen.

What Range Of Motion Your TV Wall Mount Has

The best full motion TV wall mount for you has the range of motion you want. Not all brands are alike, however. The degree of the tilt and swivel can differ. Be sure to verify your TV mount has the type of motion you want.

How Many Inches From The Wall Your Mount Is

A basic TV mount is thin and can go flat against the wall. With a full motion TV wall mount, the design can get bulky very quickly. Having it some inches from the wall can provide wide side angles but some home theater lovers don’t like it. You will want to measure out before the largeness of a mount on your wall with where you place it.

Have Your TV Mount Heavy-Duty And Easy To Install

You don’t want to have doubts about mounting your TV and having it remain on the wall. A full motion TV wall mount should be easily installed and heavy duty built. Even if it’s a lightweight screen, you can still cause damage when/if the full motion mount has been improperly installed or is low-quality in its build.

Make Sure Your TV Wall Mount Can Handle The Weight

With larger flat-screens, verify that the full motion mount can handle what you’re putting on it. Some full-motion mounts are built with more than one arm or have some extra mechanics included to support the sort of weight that a lot of these flat-panel TV screens have.

Where You’re Installing Your Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Understandably, you want the space where you’re putting the full motion mount to be large enough to accommodate it. If it isn’t, you may need a smaller mount or adjust where you’re wall mounting.

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