Where Can I Buy A USB Type-C To Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified Power & Data?

Apple has delivered one of the best smartphone cables in recent memory with their amazing lightning cable that’s been heavily promoted in the past few years and featured on several iPhone designs.

While Apple is known to charge a premium price for its premium quality cable, this has meant several off-brand companies trying to replicate Apple’s USB-style cable and typically under-delivering.

It can be dangerous trying to use an Apple lightning cable that is not certified for its quality. Protecting your device is imperative when it comes to what sync and charge cable you use. Opting to buy a USB Type-C cable to lightning cable Apple MFi certified power & data should come down to knowing where to buy, what the source is, and verifying that it’s a quality-made cable.

Why To Buy Your USB-C To Lightning Cable From PrimeCables.ca Is Smart

PrimeCables.ca is a reliable source you can rely on for USB sync and charge cables, and USB accessories. They offer USB-C cables for iPhone, iPad, Apple, and Mac. All beautiful, durable cables, they’re available at a fraction of the cost you might pay in retail without compromise on quality.

The cables sold through PrimeCables.ca are MFi-certified for iOS compatibility. You get fast charging for your devices and don’t need to use an adapter. The flexible copper-braided jacket makes it durable and fashionable, easy to roll up and include in your bag when you’re out on the go.

When you buy your USB-C to lightning cable online, you get a better price and it’s more convenient. You don’t even have to get up from your seat and you can schedule delivery right to your front door. Once you have it in-hand, you can connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with lightning connector to your USB-C input.

Don’t bother with going through Apple or trying to find a cable through a retailer you can’t necessarily verify whether it comes from somewhere reputable. MFi certification matters. Apple certification matters a great deal. You get both when you opt for a USB-C to lighting cable via PrimeCables.ca. In case you need more than that, they also sell countless other cables and adapters for smartphones and all sorts of devices, making them your one-stop shop for pretty much everything cable related.

The lightning cable that comes with a new iPhone is not the best. What you’ll find with a USB Type-C to lightning cable Apple MFI-certified power & data through PrimeCables.ca is that it’s fast-charging, delivers a consistent performance, and will last a long time. Shop yours today at PrimeCables.ca.

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