Receive $10 off a Portable Vocal Recording Booth for Podcasts, Music Recording, and YouTube

When inspiration hits, capture it. A portable vocal recording booth makes it easy to set up wherever you are out in the world and get high quality vocals. A mini vocal recording booth like this is available all September long with $10 off and fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada.

Simple enough to set up, reduce room echo and ambient noise giving your microphone the chance to capture voice and voice only. The following are the top uses of portable recording booths.

  • In a home recording studio, you might not have the money to perfectly design a vocal booth. If you don’t, here’s your alternative. Combine it with the right microphone and get everything you have to have to nail down a top live vocal.
  • Have you ever downloaded a podcast only to find that you can barely hear one of the speakers? If you’re doing a podcast, record it right with a mini portable vocal recording booth. This isolate field gives you a direct route from voice to microphone.
  • YouTube voiceovers and audio capture also hinges on high quality sound. You want a quality microphone and an isolation shield like this, especially if you’re not recording at home. This way, you won’t need to worry about your voice sound being low quality.
  • Mobile recordings can also be notoriously difficult to capture. If you’re on the road and in hotel rooms or similar interchangeable settings, recording your voice can be tough. Any voice recording takes on the sound of the room. With a vocal recording booth, you can count on the same sound in the isolation booth no matter what room you’re in.

What’s great about the PrimeCables design is that it folds up, making it easy to pack and keep ready to go for when you need to hit the road. For in-field recording, you’re covered. While shopping this portable vocal recording booth, you may also want to pick up a professional broadcasting and recording condenser microphone. A condenser microphone is the right microphone. You’ll honestly be shocked at how good it sounds.

No matter what you need your portable voice recording booth for, what you can count on is sound that’s clear, noise-free, and most importantly controlled. In less than ideal conditions, you can give yourself some space to do your thing without having to compromise. Get your vocal recording booth today and isolate your voice so that your performance sounds top-notch no matter what is around you or where you are.