6 Tips on How to Set Up Multimedia Speakers and a Subwoofer like a Professional

A new set of multimedia speakers and subwoofer are easy to set up in a configuration pleasing to the eye. Will it be as pleasing to the ear however – sometimes, not so much. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to set up your media speakers and subwoofer the right way!

1 – Take stock of what you’re working with.

An empty room is very easy to set up speakers in. A room already cluttered with furniture is going to be more difficult. Sound waves are going to be bouncing off of unexpected places, and absorbed or reflected with what they come into contact with. High and mid-range frequencies are notably absorbed by heavy furnishings, upholstered couches, and more. Note what you’re open to re-arranging if it gets you better sound.

2 – Choosing your right speaker for your room.

If you haven’t yet bought multimedia speakers and your subwoofer, for small spaces, you may want to re-consider. Sometimes, a Bluetooth soundbar is all you’ll need to get great sound from your home theater system or computer. Just remember, bigger isn’t always better.

3 – Never place a speaker in a corner.

A speaker in a corner increases the ‘boom effect’. This is when the bass is overloaded because of a lack of spherical resonance. Essentially, when a speaker faces outwards from a corner, the sound waves end up just bouncing off the walls next to the speaker. Ideally, place the back of a speaker a foot away from any wall to help create distance and avoid boundary loading.

4 – EQ customization.

If you have manual control over your EQ, adjust it to make it the type of sound you want. Depending on if you’re watching sports, watching a movie or TV, or listening to music, you may prefer to set up different EQ settings. Though this can be tricky, you may have some presets to play with which can help.

5 – Setting up your subwoofer.

Subwoofers provide extra bass you won’t get from your regular multimedia speakers. This will protect your multimedia speakers by lessening the bass strain on them while widening your bass sound overall. Consider placing your subwoofer closer to the wall than you would for other speakers. This will help emphasize the bass effect and help with the ‘rumble’ effect.

6 – Calibrate and tweak.

Play with your speakers. Calibrate them, tweak them, and get them just right. ‘Good audio’ is subjective. If you don’t trust yourself to get them to your liking, there’s plenty of hardware and software which can be used to calibrate audio. You can even download smartphone apps to get it done.

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How to Place your Speakers to Maximize your Home Theater Experience

Computer speakers, home theater speakers, and surround sound systems all have a science in how to maximize the audio experience for the user. They involve knowing where to place speakers, in addition to how to use the different speaker channels. Even with the most expensive equipment available, if your speakers have not been properly configured for the room, they can sound cheap. Comparatively, if you set up a cheap pair of high quality speakers just right, you’d be surprised at the audio performance you can derive from them.


Imagine having a brand new high-definition TV setup with amazing picture quality, and all the accessories and gadgets you could want. So you sit down to watch a movie or a sports game or your favourite TV show and the sound is horrendous. Suddenly, no matter how good your flat-screen’s picture is, the experience is ruined. People give way more thought to what kind of TV they want and usually don’t give much to what speakers are preferable. Speakers are not a casual purchase. In many cases, they can make or break the home theater experience.


To know the right speaker placement for home theater audio, you must get to know the channels you’re working with. Most of us will be working with a simple two-channel stereo setup. In some cases, you’ll add a subwoofer for three channels. Additional channels can be used to create a 360-degree envelope of sound that sits around the listener. Multi-channel surround sound usually require an A/V receiver to amplify and distribute the sound signal as required. There is no maximum amount of home theater speakers required however the biggest mainstream home theater speaker collections are either 5.1 which is five speakers and a subwoofer, or 11.2 meaning eleven speakers with two subwoofers.


The subwoofer is the simplest speaker to place as it can be placed almost anywhere within the room and it should still deliver amazing low-frequency sound. Let’s say you’re working with a stereo two-channel audio speaker setup, sitting one on the left and one on the right is relatively easy to put together but there’s more to the puzzle. You want to ensure they are at listening height to the viewer, which is accomplishable using speaker mounts, in-wall speakers, or speaker stands. Also, angle the speakers inwards towards the listener, as opposed to facing outwards. Regarding larger surround sound home theater speaker systems, thankfully, a lot of those systems come with guides that show where to place speakers.


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What are the Best Computer Speakers to use for Home Theater Systems – read here!

For condos in Canada, in small basement spaces, and multi-purpose living rooms, some consumers choose to manufacture their home theater experience using a combination of traditional and more advanced tech elements. For example, computer speakers sometimes double as home theater speakers.


If you’re looking to turn up the volume and get home theater-level sound though, not every pair of desktop speakers is going to do the trick. If anything, most won’t. That makes it important to find speakers you know are going to be able to deliver in performance.


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If you’re just looking for a basic set of two speakers, you’re not alone. A set of two is easily the most recommended option for computer-home theater combinations. That said, in some cases, consumers choose to have the thumping bass of a subwoofer, full surround sound with a 5.1 system, and/or Bluetooth connectivity. Thankfully, when you browse with PrimeCables, you have the opportunity to customize and select only what you need.


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How to choose the right speaker wire gauge for your home theatre at PrimeCables.ca!

Picking the best speaker wire for your home theatre system starts with understanding the wire gauge. Speaker cables measure gauge by AWG, and using this value, you can determine precisely what you need for your setup.

We have cables of every shape and size, so, once you figure out what most suits your needs, you can browse our massive catalogue of top-quality PrimeCables® speaker wire to enhance your home entertainment experience and get the most out of your amplifier and speakers.

Buy the best speaker wire deals for home theater system at PrimeCables.ca
Buy the best speaker wire deals for home theater system at PrimeCables.ca

PrimeCables® speaker wires include a lifetime warranty and free return shipping. If you ever have a problem with it, whether it breaks, corrodes, or the cable’s performance simply doesn’t match your expectations, you can send it back, free of charge, and we’ll help you get what you need.

The utmost important quality of speaker wire is not how big the AWG number is, but what resistance works best with your amp and speaker. More specifically, it’s the insertion loss and damping factor which ultimately influence the resistance of your cable, in turn affecting the output of your speaker.

Insertion loss can be mitigated by reducing its overall effect to your system. Installing speaker wire with lower AWG is better for distant wiring (meaning your amplifier is in the front of the room and your speakers at the back, for example). Because there is less resistance over a greater distance, you minimize the influence of insertion loss in the system. Conversely, if you have speakers standing on either side of your amp, for instance, hugging the sides of your display, then you would want wires with a greater AWG, which are less thick and more resistant, delivering the best current to your loudspeaker over a short distance.

After a distance of around 10 feet, an AWG of 16 or lower will deliver the best results with a speaker load of 8 ohms.

The same goes for the damping factor. With a lower resistance, you can run longer lengths of wire. That’s because it’s a ratio between the loudspeaker impedance and the source impedance (for example, your amp + wire): too low, and you’ll experience excess frequency variation; too high, and you’ll hear booming from the bass.

All in all, if you’re doing a short-length sound system installation, then you’re going to want a high AWG value to improve the efficiency of your speaker and amp system, and if you’re doing an elongated setup, then you’re probably going to need low gauge cable to keep the resistance in check across the length of your floor or wall, however you’re wiring up your speakers.

Don’t forget to check what ohms impedance your speaker is before attempting to estimate the gauge you should use. With 8 ohm speakers, for example, 10 AWG would be good for 100 feet of cabling, whereas 18 AWG would be better for 10 feet; with 4 ohm speakers, these distances are halved for the same gauges, respectively.

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Getting practical, affordable speaker stands in Canada for your home theatre installation can be a challenge when dealing with big box stores with limited quantities, which is why we’re happy to share with you the PrimeCables® Metal Height-Adjustable Satellite Speaker Floor Stands, available in sets of two, for just $19.99 each!

One of our most popular home theatre furnishings, these satellite speaker stands really have every functionality you need to enrich your cozy, personalized home theatre environment with rich surround sound.

The PrimeCables® Metal Height-Adjustable Satellite Speaker Floor Stands have plenty of features, including:

  • adjustable height, allowing you to shift your speakers to ear-drum level to get optimal audio;
  • sturdy five-pound steel bases, making them stable and durable;
  • cable management design, making your home theatre layout safe from trips, slips, and falls; and,
  • a total height range of 680mm to 1100mm, so you can accommodate the whole family and all your guests, no matter what their preference.

Wonderful for obtaining a balanced surround-sound setup around the back of your sofa couch or movie theatre-style seating arrangement, place them around your furniture to get a fully adjustable, immersive listening experience for TV, movies, video games, music, and more.

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The Best Speaker Cable Choices for your home theater at PrimeCables.ca!

When it comes to picking out the proper speaker wire for your sound system, we’ve got the knowledge, design, and warranty you need to make the best choice, here at PrimeCables.ca.

Expensive doesn’t always mean better, especially not when it comes to cables. We offer affordable solutions for your speaker cable needs, it’s true, but there’s no one-fits-all solution when it comes to sound systems and speaker wire.

Buy the best speaker wire deals for home theater system at PrimeCables.ca
Buy the best speaker wire deals for home theater system at PrimeCables.ca

You have to pick the right gauge for your setup, low AWG for bigger installations, high AWG for close-proximity installs. How many ohms of impedance does your speaker feature? What kind of amplifier do you have? These things, too, have an effect on the output of sound coming from your speakers, and the cable is the piece that ties it all together.

But there’s no reason to fret about something so inexpensive and complementary to your home theatre. At PrimeCables.ca, we offer free return shipping and a lifetime warranty on all our cables, so if you’re not completely satisfied, just send it back and we’ll take care of what you need.

Measure the area before buying the cable. If you’re doing a five-star setup for surround sound, for instance, then you’re likely gonna need 100 feet of cable, with 12 AWG, such as the PrimeCables® 100ft Speaker Wire 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable, on sale now for just $34.99. Having a lower gauge means there’s less resistance in the wire, which makes your sound system more efficient once it’s up and running.

Thicker cables can be used for dual-speaker setups, where the speakers are rather close to the receiver. Like 18AWG over 5 or 10 feet is smart. For that, we recommend getting the PrimeCables® 50ft Speaker Wire 18AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Cable (For In-Wall Installation), just $10.99. Crimp it and clamp it as necessary.

When you order $49 or more, your order is automatically eligible free shipping nationwide. We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you live, you get what you need in about a week. If you need it to arrive more quickly, you can add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 to receive it in a day or two, tops.

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