Must-have home theatre accessory, Satellite Speaker Stands under $30 at!

Getting practical, affordable speaker stands in Canada for your home theatre installation can be a challenge when dealing with big box stores with limited quantities, which is why we’re happy to share with you the PrimeCables® Metal Height-Adjustable Satellite Speaker Floor Stands, available in sets of two, for just $19.99 each!

One of our most popular home theatre furnishings, these satellite speaker stands really have every functionality you need to enrich your cozy, personalized home theatre environment with rich surround sound.

The PrimeCables® Metal Height-Adjustable Satellite Speaker Floor Stands have plenty of features, including:

  • adjustable height, allowing you to shift your speakers to ear-drum level to get optimal audio;
  • sturdy five-pound steel bases, making them stable and durable;
  • cable management design, making your home theatre layout safe from trips, slips, and falls; and,
  • a total height range of 680mm to 1100mm, so you can accommodate the whole family and all your guests, no matter what their preference.

Wonderful for obtaining a balanced surround-sound setup around the back of your sofa couch or movie theatre-style seating arrangement, place them around your furniture to get a fully adjustable, immersive listening experience for TV, movies, video games, music, and more.

To get an idea whether the PrimeCables® Metal Height-Adjustable Satellite Speaker Floor Stands are right for you, check out our brief YouTube installation demo.


If you’re curious about testimonials, then read up on these speaker stands with our collection of user-submitted customer reviews. And feel free to add your own!


When you make an order for $49 and up, your purchase is eligible for free shipping nationwide. So, keep on browsing our massive home theatre catalogue if you like, adding whatever else catches your eye to your shopping cart to take advantage of our shipping deal.


We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you live, you can get what you need to build or upgrade your home theatre setup quickly, reaching most destinations in a week or less. If you need it sooner than that, you can always add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and get it delivered in about a day or two, tops.


No matter what you need, no matter what your desire, whether you’re preparing to build your very first home theatre setup or you’re hoping to upgrade yours or your friend’s, then we’ve got what you want here at

The Best Speaker Cable Choices for your home theater at!

When it comes to picking out the proper speaker wire for your sound system, we’ve got the knowledge, design, and warranty you need to make the best choice, here at

Expensive doesn’t always mean better, especially not when it comes to cables. We offer affordable solutions for your speaker cable needs, it’s true, but there’s no one-fits-all solution when it comes to sound systems and speaker wire.

Buy the best speaker wire deals for home theater system at
Buy the best speaker wire deals for home theater system at

You have to pick the right gauge for your setup, low AWG for bigger installations, high AWG for close-proximity installs. How many ohms of impedance does your speaker feature? What kind of amplifier do you have? These things, too, have an effect on the output of sound coming from your speakers, and the cable is the piece that ties it all together.

But there’s no reason to fret about something so inexpensive and complementary to your home theatre. At, we offer free return shipping and a lifetime warranty on all our cables, so if you’re not completely satisfied, just send it back and we’ll take care of what you need.

Measure the area before buying the cable. If you’re doing a five-star setup for surround sound, for instance, then you’re likely gonna need 100 feet of cable, with 12 AWG, such as the PrimeCables® 100ft Speaker Wire 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable, on sale now for just $34.99. Having a lower gauge means there’s less resistance in the wire, which makes your sound system more efficient once it’s up and running.

Thicker cables can be used for dual-speaker setups, where the speakers are rather close to the receiver. Like 18AWG over 5 or 10 feet is smart. For that, we recommend getting the PrimeCables® 50ft Speaker Wire 18AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Cable (For In-Wall Installation), just $10.99. Crimp it and clamp it as necessary.

When you order $49 or more, your order is automatically eligible free shipping nationwide. We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you live, you get what you need in about a week. If you need it to arrive more quickly, you can add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 to receive it in a day or two, tops.

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Use Height Adjustable Surround Sound Speaker Stands to elevate your Home Theater

Achieving the most cosmetically appealing home theater entertainment system sometimes requires something extra. As impressive as speaker mounts can be, they’re not for every household. To those who have a particularly impressive home theater speaker system, height adjustable surround sound speaker stands are a beautiful way to show it off.


Be it for rear or front speakers, a surround sound speaker setup can take experimentation to get right. To really elevate the speaker to minimize distance to the ear, it takes a speaker stand to get it there. For those that have trouble hearing dialogue or who haven’t quite yet found the right sound settings, changing the way the speakers are set may provide some assistance. How to improve the audio quality of your speakers begins with searching for the equipment to help maximize what you already have. This is what you get with a pair of surround sound speaker stands.


Buy the Height Adjustable Metal Satellite Speaker Floor Stand set of two, Black for $13.99 for rear installation surround speakers. The great thing about these is that they are height adjustable which makes it very easy to set them up in the optimized position. Tag them right to ear level and out of the way. The steel base provides an extremely solid construction, ensuring safety and stability. Cables can be easily managed with these stands, ensuring everything remains organized. Do keep in mind though that there is a maximum five-pound weight capacity per stand.


PrimeCables has several other home theater accessories like this at discount prices worth considering. A lot of PrimeCables’ home theater products qualify for free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Also, any time you build an order to the minimum threshold of $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Be sure to browse other home theater accessories, and create for yourself the ultimate home theater system according to your needs and preferences. High-fidelity audio systems can be brought to the next level when presented on a pair of surround sound speaker stands.


Arrange the pair of stands the way you see fit. Surround sound speaker stands are visually impressive and can help achieve the look you want for your home theater system. If you’re moving away from the limited TV speakers and switching to surround sound for the first time, consider this pair of high quality speaker stands for under $15. Shop today with PrimeCables.

See PrimeCables’ amazing Back to School Bookshelf Speakers perfect for the Dorm Room

An easy inexpensive way to brighten up back to school shopping is to upgrade the audio system you’re about to take with you to university. All of us carry devices that play video, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. In most cases, we value the video above audio. To this point, we sometimes settle for lesser quality audio as long as we have a decent picture to watch.


Why not upgrade your audio speakers to something high quality so that you can enjoy a more immersive viewing experience no matter what device you’re on – now you can with a pair of bookshelf speakers. What’s great about bookshelf speakers is that they can be used to make the most of a small space. For students in the dorm room, bookshelf speakers can act as both something for their home theater and also as computer speakers. They’re a great multi-purpose item, favored by music producers, filmmakers, and gamers as well as general consumers.


Small sized and with a profound performance to back it up, PrimeCables’ bookshelf speakers are one of the highest quality pairs at its price point. Boasting excellent clarity and detail to its sound, musicians and mixers have used these to produce music, gamers love them for the deep base, and those who enjoy TV and movies enjoy hearing every word of dialogue without a miss. Perfect for a small office, dorm room, bachelor condo or apartment, and similar student-friendly spaces, buy the amazing Bookshelf Speakers ​6.5-Inch 2-Way Pair – PrimeCables® today for $39.99.


The two-way bookshelf speakers provide a smooth, acoustically accurate performance at an unbelievably affordable price. No student should have to spend any more to get a good pair of speakers.


From the perspective of parents, these bookshelf speakers can also make a good gift to send someone on their way with. If your child is in high school and/or is involved with music, a pair of speakers like this is a great introduction to mixing and to do all sorts of fun things with. Please feel free to browse our other audio products and home theater accessories. There’s plenty of back to school deals to consider. Also, keep in mind when you shop with PrimeCables, you can receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


See discounts, exclusives, and more back to school promos for inexpensive shopping this summer and fall. Don’t give it another minute. While quantities last, cobbling together a good student home theater system is suddenly not so expensive and not so hard anymore!

Get our Speaker Wire with Cheaper, Stronger, and Faster from PrimeCables!

Cheap high quality speaker wire in Canada is a specialty for PrimeCables. Throughout the past couple decades, speaker wire has become the go-to method for connecting loud surround sound speakers and amplifiers. To audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts, the benefits of speaker wire are well understood. In this space, it is considered one of the best cable types to use which is in large part what got us so interested in it. For the lowest prices on speaker wire in Canada, we’re proud to say that no one comes close to PrimeCables.


Speaker wire is a tremendously diverse way of hooking up a speaker system for the home. Refined from a wire system originally developed in the 1920s, speaker wire comes in a range of price, quality, aesthetic, and convenience. Beyond the obvious benefit of paying less for it, PrimeCables has worked with our manufacturers and suppliers to prioritize quality as well. After all, there’s no need paying less for speaker wire if what you’re receiving is a low quality version. When you shop with PrimeCables, know that you will receive a high performance, conveniently packaged, and affordable speaker wire that you can manipulate to your home theater surroundings.


Browse home theater speaker wire from PrimeCables today and choose from the 100ft Speaker Wire 14AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable – PrimeCables® for $24.99, the 100ft Speaker Wire 14AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Cable (For In-Wall Installation) – PrimeCables® for $34.99, the 50ft Speaker Wire 16AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable – PrimeCables® for $12.99, the 50ft Speaker Wire 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable – PrimeCables® for $19.99, and the Speaker Wire 12AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Cable(For In-Wall Installation)-4 lengths-Monoprice – 50Ft for $31.99.


Though speaker wire comes in many different specifications, something we recommend Canadian home theater enthusiasts to pay attention to moreso than others is resistance. A low-resistance speaker wire will provide more energy and power. Thereby, the shorter the length, the more optimized the performance. The longer it is, the more one may lose power over extended distances. This is why for many of our commercial clients using speaker wire across large buildings, they will commonly employ interconnected speakers and amplifiers, and possible a constant voltage speaker system to help.


Speaker comes strong and for cheap at PrimeCables. As if we haven’t given you enough of a reason to shop with us, consider we offer free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. If you’re in the market for speaker wire or are looking for somewhere to buy speaker wire cheap in Canada, visit PrimeCables today.

Why Speaker Wire is Essential for Home Theater Wiring – Important Tips!

More Canadians are realizing, when building a home theater sound system, the audio experience and the speakers one chooses is incredibly important. Choosing the best speaker wire and audio configuration is key to maximizing the home theater experience.

how to choose the speaker wire cable from PrimeCables
how to choose the speaker wire cable from PrimeCables

Investing in your home theater system should budget in finding the best wire and high quality connections. Speaker wire is well-regarded as one of the best home theater sound options for these reasons. For example, going with a thick-wire speaker wire, you’ll never have to worry about low quality, distorted sound. Instead, expect to receive the most explosive, accurate home theater sound there is.


There are plenty of other advantages to speaker wire as well, such as being able to choose different lengths as needed. For any Canadian homeowner tackling their own home theater setup, measure the distance between speakers, tack on a little bit of extra length, and then, cut speaker wire as appropriate. There won’t be any cable loose on the floor and by being able to use different types of wire, it’s possible to support the exact power rating of your sound system.


Browse some of the lowest prices on speaker wire in Canada from PrimeCables, including our 100ft Speaker Wire 14AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable – PrimeCables® for $24.99, 100ft Speaker Wire 14AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Cable (For In-Wall Installation) – PrimeCables® for $34.99, 50ft Speaker Wire 16AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable – PrimeCables® for $12.99, and 50ft Speaker Wire 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable – PrimeCables® for $19.99.


All in all, there’s no shortage of different speaker wire varieties out there for the right price. Buying speaker wire from PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping on any orders above $49. Be it an in-wall installation or otherwise, speaker wire is not the easiest component of a home theater system to install. For passionate DIY home renovators and home theater installers though, they may be able to overcome the challenges of speaker wire. Believe us when we say, it’s much easier if it’s not an in-wall installation however we understand full well if that’s the preference.


See discounts, deals, and promotions on home theater wiring from one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce brands, PrimeCables. Speaker wire fits inside the walls, under the carpet, in the ceiling, or can be stored neatly in the home. Though it can appear very messy, for homeowners who care to use ties and labels, speaker wire is a welcome addition to any home theater entertainment experience. Believe us when we say the performance is well worth it!

The Best Way to mount rear Surround Sound Speakers for Home Theater Systems

Spending thousands of dollars on state of the art home theater equipment does not necessarily guarantee an aesthetically beautiful and immersive experience. If you don’t know how to maximize what you got and ensure all components are properly coordinated, even the most expensive of home theater systems can fall flat.

home theater speaker system from PrimeCables
home theater speaker system from PrimeCables

If you have rear channel surround sound speakers, what we recommend is getting them up off the floor and mounted. There are many advantages to having mounted rear surround sound speakers.  There’s no chance you’ll accidentally knock them over getting popcorn, it’ll look great, and best of all, you’re optimizing the way your ears catch the sound.


Every Canadian household should be mounting their rear surround sound speakers for maximum effect. Though the sound that comes through your speakers will be more or less the same, you’ll notice a big difference in your home theater’s appearance and the functional layout of the room. All you need to mount your rear surround sound speakers are the appropriate mounts and mounting hardware, a stud finger, and cordless drill. If the intention is to also install new cables, a wire stripper and cutter may also be required. If you’ve ever mounted shelves before, it’s pretty much the same task.


After you’ve chosen your surround sound speaker mounts and know the location of where you want to install them, use a stud finder to ensure there are no electrical conduits, pipes, or other hazards you could drill into. From there, drill a hole into the wall, clean out the holes, and then, insert the appropriate wall anchors. From there, the process should be pretty straightforward. We recommend examining the installation instructions for further information on how to proceed.


If you’re not sure where to find the perfect set of rear speaker mounts, there are a few dozen options to browse with PrimeCables, including the Universal Sound Bar Speaker Bracket-PrimeCables® for $9.99, the Adjustable Satellite Speaker Wall Mount (Max 7.7LBS/3.5Kgs) – Set of 2 – PrimeCables® for $7.99, the Universal Wall & Ceiling Projector Bracket, Support up to 20kgs/44lbs – PrimeCables® for $14.99, and the Adjustable Wall/ Ceiling Speaker Mount (Max 7.7LBS/3.5Kgs) – Set of 2 – PrimeCables® for $9.99.


The best way to mount rear surround sound speakers ultimately comes down to your preference and the space you’re using. Decide on the best position for the speakers, ideal for both sound and aesthetics. See why so many Canadians have already made the switch to mounting their speakers and shop with PrimeCables today to find the perfect speaker mount for your home!