Why We Buy Audio, Video, and Cable Adapters – Add More Function to Your Home

Occasionally, we run into the problem of not having the ability to amplify audio or connect a video to the right device. When this happens, thankfully, you have a wide array of audio and video signal adapters to choose from.

Why we buy cable adapters is ultimately to turn one cable type into another cable type, modifying the connector. For example, let’s say you have a video signal coming across a DVI/VGA cable but your flat-screen has no such input. If all your flat-screen has is HDMI, an adapter that goes DVI-to-HDMI or VGA-to-HDMI – in accordance with the requirements of whatever the existing connection is – THAT’s what’s needed.

PrimeCables® HDMI to DVI-D Dual Link 28AWG High-Speed Bi-Directional Cable
  • 3ft long

Compatibility issues aren’t just reserved for solution by adapters either. Sometimes a converter’s better. For example, if you have an analog signal to convert into digital, a converter does it! Alternatively maybe you want to extend a signal beyond what the length of a cable allows. Extenders are employed in this case, perfect for adding more power to a signal that has to go across long distances.

PrimeCables® VGA to HDMI Adapter
  • 1080p

As a multi-screen household or if you’re looking to get either audio or video functionality on multiple screens, a splitter is used to do this. Audio and video splitters essentially divide a signal, allowing it to reach multiple input points. The most popular kind of home theater splitter is HDMI, which would send audio and video to two or more devices.

PrimeCables® HDMI Splitter V1.4
  • Supports Full 3D and 4K×2K resolution

Technically, within the scope of what splitters, converters, and extenders do, you could say network routers and switchers do the same thing. These devices help strengthen or extend distribution of signal. For virtually anything – DVI, VGA, HDMI, or router – there are means of adapting the signal to the unique home setup you have. If you aren’t getting the functionality you’ve always wanted to have from your home theater system, look at the possibility of what adapters can do. You may be surprised to find out there’s a lot you can do.

USB cable adapters can also help a ton in connecting USB devices, printers, keywords, and equipment of all kinds to a computer or wall plug to charge. Although a USB cable adapter’s never going to be able to increase speed or add to the technology in a USB connector, they provide connection where it may not be otherwise possible. If you have an older device or something purchase overseas that may not have the most convenient USB type on it, there are tons of adapters that could potentially help in resolving this very, very common issue.

PrimeCables® USB 3.1 Type-C Hub to USB3.0 Ports with Micro SD+SD/MMC Card Reader

Introducing an easy way to shop cables, adapters, and more. Find high quality cable and connector adapters in Canada from PrimeCables. Get them shipped right to your front door. Extend, split, convert, adapt, and more. Don’t let some metal alloy connector hold you back!

What is HDMI and How Many HDMI Ports do you Need on your HDTV

Buying a new TV for your home is going to present you with a lot of different port possibilities. Inarguably, the most important of these is your HDMI otherwise known as ‘high definition multimedia interface’. HDMI consumer technology is one of the most advanced and most popular in the marketplace today. Transfer high quality video and audio, HDMI can be held up as one of the best cables for a wide range of different applications. So as you search out a flat-screen, the question then becomes, how many HDMI ports do you need?


There is no single number to give in response which could be considered the ‘right answer’. It depends on how many devices you have to hook up to your home entertainment system. Things like satellite or cable TV boxes, DVD/Blu-ray players, smart TV boxes, and gaming consoles all connect via HDMI. Ideally, a TV is going to have enough HDMI ports to accommodate all of the devices you intend to use on a regular basis. For this reason, you need to know how many HDMI ports you have to have before you make a final purchase on any HDTV.


The vast majority of TVs out there have a minimum of two HDMI ports. Unfortunately, devices manufactured with HDMI connection is growing. Thereby, two HDMI ports are next to nothing. Assuming one of your connections is HDMI ARC however, that’s excellent because this is a connection type supporting downward and upward transfer of audio signals. You can send and receive audio through an HDMI ARC connection like this. Therefore, through a port like this, connect your Bluetooth soundbar and then you can connect a device like your game console through your soundbar.


The best HDMI port setup is going to be three or more. That gives you maximum flexibility with devices to connect and the HDMI cables you need. If you don’t have a smart TV box or a game console however, you may be able to get by with two. If your TV only has a single HDMI port or two HDMI ports, there’s nothing wrong with that if it works for your home entertainment system. Keep in mind, PrimeCables only has several splitters, switches, and hubs which can increase your number of HDMI ports in a heartbeat. So all in all, you’re never tied into a finite amount HDMI ports in any case.


Shop the best HDMI cables, splitters, switches, and hubs at PrimeCables, and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49!

Top 5 HDMI Cables to Buy this Christmas on-sale to Connect your Devices

This year on Christmas sale we’ve got more than a dozen high quality, heavy duty HDMI cables available. Browse your favourite types and sizes, mix and match, and choose what suits your needs best. To make things that much simpler, here are the top 5 HDMI cables you can buy this December on Christmas sale to connect all your devices with.


HDMI 2.0 6 feet cables in 4K, 60 Hz – $7.99


The most popular HDMI cable in the PrimeCables catalogue, this is a great cable to replace your old VGAs, DVIs, and lesser HDMIs with. Almost every device in this day and age has an HDMI connection. To maximize data transfer speeds though, you need a great quality cable to match. Not just any will work. In an era where HDMI cables are an absolute necessity for almost any consumer, if you don’t know what to buy, start here.


Premium HDMI 2.0 with Nylon jacket protection – $6.99


See this premium HDMI 2.0 cable with the added bonus of having a Nylon wrapped jacket as protection. Zinc-alloy and gold-plated, these cables are compatible with all HDMI devices with strong resolution support, amazing audio support, heavy duty construction, and at an appropriate length. If you’re searching for an affordable 4K HDMI cable, this might be the best deal anywhere in Canada. Shop PrimeCables to enjoy HDMI sales like this one!


HDMI 2.0 cable 4K 10-feet – $7.99

4k hdmi cable from PrimeCables
4k hdmi cable from PrimeCables

Do you need a longer HDMI cable than what you got going right now – consider this longer ten feet of HDMI cable. Compatible with any Blu-ray players, TVs, media streaming boxes, gaming consoles, computers, and any HDMI device, you won’t have any trouble here.


HDMI 2.0 cable with Nylon jacket protection 15 feet – $8.99


Combine extensive Nylon protection with fifteen feet of length. PrimeCables Nylon braided HDMI cables support numerous features, contains all the latest standards, and is fully compatible with older HDMI devices as well. The fifteen feet of length is more than accommodating!


Premium HDMI cable 3 feet with Nylon braided protection – $5.99


If you need a high quality HDMI cable with a cheap price, get this Nylon braided short-length cable at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere. See design features like zinc-alloy and gold-plated connectors. The PrimeCables’ Mamba Series of HDMI cables contain some of the most acclaimed cable options in Canada for home theater use.


See more home theater HDMI cables on sale exclusively through PrimeCables this Christmas. Shop your favourites today and enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49.

How to Connect a Mac to a TV using HDMI for Full Audio and Video Support

Though years ago, connecting a computer to a TV came with challenges requiring a mix of cables, adapters, switches, and all sorts of gizmos and gadgets, things have changed. Today, connecting your Mac computer to a TV through HDMI is easy.

how to connect macbook to tv
how to connect macbook to tv

There are plenty of reasons why Canadian households have chosen to connect their Mac to their flat-screen, including to share business presentations, to game, and for movie streaming. From start to finish, we’re here to help share how to do it in the most efficient way. Using HDMI is the best recommendation for maximizing video and audio quality.


As shared, using an HDMI cable will be the easiest way to make this connection. Whether you’re using a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, or other Apple computer, HDMI is cheap, keeps resource usage low, maintains a high video quality with no risk of latency, and provides a much more versatile signal. All you’ll need beyond your computer and flat-screen is to an HDMI cable and the DisplayPort to HDMI adapter required to make the HDMI connection possible. Keep in mind the latest MacBook models already have an HDMI port so you may not even need an adapter.


Let’s say your MacBook does not have an HDMI output. Then, you must find your Thunderbolt or DisplayPort output and connect your adapter to it. The location of this may vary depending on the model of MacBook so give your computer a quick search. After connecting the HDMI adapter to the video output, connect the HDMI cable to the adapter and then, turn on the computer. From there, jump on the flat-screen and switch the video input source to its intended HDMI destination. The great thing about Macs are that they should instantly pick up on the connection to an HDTV. Instantly, you should see what’s on your desktop on your screen.


As great as this is, there are a few additional steps to take to optimize your MacBook to TV performance. If you’re seeking to watch a movie or play games from your MacBook, you may want to use the Display Mirroring feature. Go into “System Preferences”, into “Displays” and then “Arrangements”, and then, “Mirror Displays”. Set up the TV display as your MacBook’s primary display. You’ll also want to change the sound output from the Mac to the TV via HDMI, possible going through “System Preferences”, choosing “Sound”, and then “Output”.


Connecting your MacBook is pretty easy though occasionally you may run into some issues. Be sure to follow these steps and hopefully you won’t run into any surprises. If you do experience a problem not covered in this guide, search it out online. The Internet’s filled with forums of people who’ve run into all sorts of technical issues with computers, home theater accessories, and product. We can almost guarantee the answer’s out there. All the best with hooking up your computer to TV using HDMI!

How to Choose a DVI Cable

dvi cable primecables


Just like other cable types, DVI cables come in a wide range of different types and there’s nothing more frustrating than finding out you have the wrong one. Among the most commonly used types of DVI cables, there is DVI-I single link, DVI-I dual link, DVI-D single link, DVI-D dual link, and DVI-A.

The differences between DVI cables begins with comparing dual link cables against single link cables. Dual link DVIs are designed to double the power of transmission, increase speed, and provide a better signal quality than single link can. More high resolution monitors and devices require dual link cables, which are needed if one intends to run them at their highest resolution.

In choosing a DVI cable, in part, your options come down to what type of display you have. DVI-A, priced starting around $3.49 per cable, are designed specifically for analog monitors and with compatibility across former VGA devices. For older monitors that are not digital, DVI-A may be the recommended option.


Then, there’s DVI-I which begin around $4.27 per cable price-wise and which are meant for both digital and analog monitors. With DVI-I, there are single link and dual link options. Higher resolutions are somewhat limited however dual link provides better support with bandwidth up to 9.9 Gbps.

Between the three DVI types, the most popular of all these are DVI-D which come in both single link and dual link. The pricing for DVI-D generally starts around $5.99 per cable. For digital displays online, DVI-D is where to go to receive the best signal, communicated from a digital source to a digital display. Bandwidth on a single link reaches 4.85 Gbps and for a dual link, up to 9.9 Gbps. For DVI-D dual link, the specifications are equal to and sometimes better than HDMI 1.4 impressively.

The DVI cables mentioned here contain some of the highest quality cable technology available in the general consumer marketplace, exceeding the limitations of VGA, HDMI 1.4a, DL-DV, and SL-DVI. The only cables that succeed DVI-D are Display Port 1.2 and Display Port 1.1a.


Setting up a screen for your computer, a second screen for your laptop, or getting your home entertainment center going is no easy task. Choosing the right DVI cable ensures you don’t need to struggle with any adapters or anything pointlessly complex. Look for the DVI cable that best suits your needs. Be sure to pay attention to the maximum resolution that a cable can support and ensure it lines up appropriately with the monitor you’ve bought.


For more information on how to choose a DVI cable and the differences between them, be sure to visit Prime Cables. With regular coupons and promotional deals, Prime Cables is a top Canadian brand sharing some of the best deals on DVI cables and more.

The Best Quality HDMI Cable at Low Cost and a Great Discount for Black Friday


For your LCD, LED, or 4K TV, having a high quality HDMI cable for your home setup is key. Any time you’re looking to buy a quality HDMI cable at low cost, don’t hesitate to visit Prime Cables. Beyond the low cost pricing we offer on a day to day basis, this Black Friday we are cutting even deeper!


The Prime Cables HDMI Cables Festival is on with some prices slashed up to 70 percent off! Cheap HDMI cables that do not compromise on quality are finally here. As a company motivated to provide the best quality HDMI cables to Canadian consumers, we might knock a little more than other companies off price but we don’t compromise on quality. That’s one thing we just don’t do.


Don’t go to retail looking for the best deal on HDMI cables. You won’t find it. We’ve scoured the web for better prices on HDMI cables and we haven’t found anything lower than what we’re offering here. Find the HDMI cable that’s right for your TV and partake in the rewards. Among the items in our catalogue, take us up on a 24AWG CL2 high-speed HDMI cable; a gold-plated flexible 1.4 HDMI cable; a swivel connector and nylon jacket 1.4 HDMI cable; or our Premium Series 1.4 HDMI cable. The cheapest HDMI cables in Canada can be found in the Prime Cables catalogue and for a limited time, get them even cheaper.

Before buying your HDMI cable, taking a look through our selection might help you find what products are applicable to your situation. There are some HDMI cables that may be more appropriate to your cable setup than others. Though you might be swayed by companies claiming their HDMI cables are better, produce a better quality picture, or provide a better quality sound, the truth is that all HDMI cables produce nearly identical picture and sound quality. The differences that may exist in quality among HDMI cables is so minimal that studies have shown it cannot be deciphered by a human being. HDMI cables, available at low cost, are going to have the same quality as the most expensive cables on the market. That’s a fact.


Take advantage of our HDMI cable Black Friday discounts and enjoy getting the perfect image at a lower price than you’ll pay in other places. Buy high-speed cheap HDMI cable, get the best deal, and build the home theater system setup you’ve always dreamed of having.

The Best Things to Buy on Black Friday

black friday and cyber monday shopping
black friday and cyber monday shopping


The wait is almost over. Consumers that have been looking towards Black Friday for months are about to be awarded for their patience. Before heading into the shark tank that is Black Friday though, it’s important to know what you’re going in for. There are some products more likely to be discounted than others. Make your quest for Black Friday deals worthwhile!

Many storefronts tend to extend their deals over the 7-day period surrounding Black Friday. Be weary of deals that sound too good to be true. In some cases, a location might be trying to offload inventory from seasons long gone. In other cases, it’s cheap prices, yes, but also cheaply made products. In most cases, if what you are searching for does not need to be super high end, you can really cut down some costs finding items on Black Friday.


Among the items in Prime Cables extended storefront is a 200 watt Class D Bluetooth aptX speaker amplifier. This item features a contemporary, minimalist design to easily blend in with any home aesthetic, aptX coding for better sound quality, high output power, and a compact design. Save over $40 with this Bluetooth speaker available today for only $99.


The Orvibo WiFi Smart Camera Night Vision with speaker is also a favourite among passionate tech consumers. This item includes WiFi IP camera, 720p high definition video, and baby monitor capabilities. Tap into real-time video through your smartphone anytime, anywhere.  Available in one and two packs, see major knock-offs all throughout Black Friday week.


If you already have plans to buy a TV on Black Friday, you can pair it with other accessories to get the most out of it upon setup. This wall amount articulated arm supports screens up to 55 inches. Any type of flat screen, LED, LCD, etc. would work excellently with this choice. Be sure to browse other TV wall amounts and accessories in Prime Cables’ selection should this one not suit your TV purchase. There are more than a few to choose from and the deals are hard to beat.


To find all the latest Black Friday deals, please browse here. Feel free to use the password PRIMEWEEKEND for an additional 15% off all the way up until 11:59 pm 10/22/2017. All orders over $49 receive free shipping and on select items, deals cut as deep as 70 percent off!


Please take the time to browse through Prime Cables’ catalogue of cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools and appliances, audio accessories, and wall mounts. There are bound to be more than a few things you can add to your cart to help get you going with your Black Friday purchases!

Time to Update your Display Port Adapter before Black Friday Arrives!

black friday primecables
Black Friday 2017 should be on Nov 24th this year!

Black Friday is coming up fast and if you’ve already made the decision on what you’re going after, the last thing you want to find out is your display port adapter is wrong. That’s why it might be time to update your display port adapter. When it comes to Apple display port adapters, the best place to shop for them in Canada is Prime Cables. Here’s why.


We stand by our selection of high quality products, all of which are available to be browsed here. There, you will find a range of display port adapters, some of which are no doubt applicable to your unique situation and others that are not. Feel encouraged to take a thorough look through what’s there.


If your current display port adapter does not support connections to certain displays, now might be an opportunity to find one that does. If you have any questions on display port adapters and their compatibility with a given machine, please refer to your manufacturer’s manual or please give us a call and we would be happy to have a representative assist.


Display port adapters are highly useful for their ability to deliver a pure digital connection to external displays. Plug-and-play performance right then and there. Should you decide to buy from Prime Cables and come to find out the adapter is not doing what you want it to do, we provide free returns. We would be happy to swap it out for another.


This Black Friday is going to be filled with amazing deals on computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and all kinds of devices. If you want to save yourself some of the stress on that day, buy ahead. Prime Cables has a number of deals, mainly based in cables and accessories that are sure to help a little when it comes time to hook up that TV or laptop. Though our display port adapter selection can be retrieved here, we have a wide range of table and smartphone adapters; VGA, DVI, and HDMI adapters; and HDMI and DVI splitters as well. Please feel free to take a spin through them and pick up what you need.


There are also mounts and sit-standing desks, tools and appliances, and numerous other accessory-based items that might tickle your fancy before the big Black Friday blowout. Remember, for any order over $49, shipping is free as well!


Prime Cables is a reliable name you can trust to buy your display port adapter from. As a Canadian brand offering premiere products across a multitude of different categories, we have been serving Canadians from sea to sea since 2007.

Do You Know how to Connect your Projector to your Output Devices


Connecting a projector to your output device begins with figuring out what kind of cables you need. For example, there are VGA cables and then there are HDMI cables – both very different and both in need of their own connectors. Ideally, before you buy a projector, you want to figure out which cables you need and which cables are the best for your home entertainment system.


So to get started on this journey, it begins with the projector. There are a number of different projectors to browse through here, ranging in price and features. Price-wise, they are in the range of a TV set however the advantage to a projector is not only in how it displays the image in terms of picture quality and brightness but more premium models tend to come widescreen and can easily be connected to devices like a computer.


From there, it’s all about HDMI or VGA. VGA is the traditional method, somewhat old style though still in use on several models to this day. Prime Cables has a number of specials on VGA and SVGA cables here for anyone who might already be saddled with a project requiring VGA. HDMI is a more advanced cable, able to communicate 1080p, 4K, and as it continues to be updated, it is very much seen as the cable of the future. If you want to take a quick browse through the types of HDMI cables available in the marketplace today, please direct your attention here.


There are also adapters available which allows you to modify the connector on your cable, moving from a VGA connector to an HDMI connector easily. Some people favor these type of adapters as they increase the amount of devices that can be used with a projector.


If you are experiencing any issues with connecting your projector to your output devices, refer back to your manufacturer’s handbook. If your project is not regularly set up and you are just pulling it out now for a special event or whatever the case, you should start getting it set up at least two hours in advance. That way, any issues that come up can be dealt with appropriately within the timeline.


What you want to remember with a projector is to first, examine the ports on the machines you want to connect and weigh your options; then, choose the best quality cables you can; and then, connect it all together. Now you can have fun with your new projector!

How to Connect a MacBook to your TV


Connecting your MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air has never been easier. If you are seeking the most effective way to connect your Apple product to your TV, follow these guides to learn how to connect your MacBook to your TV.

There are a wide range of benefits to learning how to connect your MacBook to a TV. The most obvious of these is that it allows you to stream internet-based content in a larger format. If you have a family or a larger home theatre system set up, streaming content to your big TV can help turn something like watching your favourite TV series into an event for all in the house to enjoy.


All you need to enjoy this connection is a MacBook adapter, TV video cables, and audio cables. Pick up these basics to get started on your way to hooking up your Apple product to your TV. This page is a great resource to figure out what is required in order to help get you connected. For example, an HD TV will only require a Display Port to HDMI cable, starting at $7.49. If you are working with a VGA monitor/TV or an RCV TV however, a little more will be required in order to get you going. All of these cables and adapters are available for purchase through Prime Cables.

Take full advantage of your MacBook’s capabilities by hooking it up to your home entertainment system. Another benefit to hooking up your MacBook is if you have a photo album slideshow you want to take a spin through for everyone to enjoy. Show vacation photos with ease. Or, if you’re a gamer, setting it up on the big screen can be an awesome way to jump into a game like never before.

Moving beyond the entertainment-based uses of a MacBook connected to a TV, many artists end up using a secondary monitor such as a TV for a range of purposes. Build a beat or write your next hit song on Logic on a TV-connected MacBook. Build logos, graphic design, animation, and all sorts of fun stuff while having that additional display monitor to enjoy and move things over to.

Prime Cables has built the ultimate resource to help you connect a MacBook to a TV with ease. Please feel encouraged to make that purchase, browse through its contents, and enjoy the merits of an optimized MacBook viewing setup.