4 Reasons Why Buying A 1080p TV is Better Than 4K

4K is a powerful medium. 4K TVs have better tech in them than their 1080p counterparts. Surprisingly to some though, there are still many, many reasons why buying a 1080p TV is more advantageous than going with a 4K model.

1080p Is Less Expensive

The reason why most homes will buy a 1080p flat-screen online as opposed to 4K is due to the expense.

4K is a premium HD television. Premium tech equals premium cost. 1080p is still a great-quality television with crystal clear video and although 4K inevitably will come down in price, in the current landscape, 1080p is arguably equally preferable.

If You Haven’t Watched 4K, You Won’t Know What You’re Missing

Lots of people are attracted to 4K simply because it’s 4K. They don’t really know what they’re buying per se except for the fact that it’s a really great TV and a premium model. That’s fair. However, if you haven’t seen 4K, you don’t really know what you’re missing.

Let’s put it a different way. If you’ve watched HD TV before, you’ve probably only seen 720p or 1080p. Though there is a clear difference when comparing 4K side-by-side with 1080p, it’s negligible to those who aren’t accustomed to watching pure 4K signal.

You can’t miss it if you haven’t experienced it before. You’ll appreciate a 1080p flat-screen just as well, if not more.

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4K Programming Isn’t Widely Available

To enjoy 4K video, you need to have an actual 4K video. Most of the time, the best signal you’ll have will be a 1080p signal. This is common in live streaming, YouTube, online video, live TV broadcasts, and elsewhere.

If they aren’t capturing video in 4K, it’s not like the signal will automatically upgrade because your TV is a 4K model.

Look into what you want to watch on your flat-screen. If you aren’t receiving a 4K signal, this suggests a 1080p FHD LED TV will transmit the same signal in the same quality as a 4K screen.

4K Video Can Be Slow And Buffer Often

Any 4K downloads or live streaming requires Internet resources we don’t all have. This further exacerbates the problem of 4K. Though the picture quality is amazing, you need to have the technology to support it.

Your Internet package could be slow. You could have the wrong type of 4K video file or the wrong HDMI cable, or it could just be so much data that however it’s being transmitted to your screen, you experience buffering and degraded picture quality.

4K is a powerful video standard but 1080p is not to be discounted. Until the world makes a fast jump into adopting 4K as the new HD standard, think twice before overspending on a screen that isn’t wholly needed. Find the best 4K TVs and the best 1080p flat-screens in Canada at PrimeCables.ca today.