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So your smartphone needs a charge. What do you do – you take a cable and you plug it in. Almost any device you want to charge, there’s a cable for that. But, how do they work – well, that’s what we hope to shine a light on here.


Every USB cable has at least two wires inside, no matter if it’s being used to power a device, charge, and/or for data transfer. All electric circuits depend on loops and in order for a loop to occur within a cable, two wires are needed. The key idea to remember is electric current which is the movement of an electric charge inside of a metal wire. A flow of charges is created by the electric field housed in the wire. If there’s no closed loop, the charge quickly will build on a wire’s surface, creating a zero electric field with no current. Alternatively, with a closed loop, mobile electrons reach back towards where they’re coming from and prevent charges from building up.


In most USB cables, there may be between four and five wires. The average Apple lightning USB cable has 5 wires. They typically are color-coded, such as in red, green, white, and black. The colors correspond to a code. ‘Red’ is a positive wire with 5 volts of DC power; ‘black’ is usually the ground wire in almost all electronic devices including USB cables; ‘white’ is the positive wire; and ‘green’ is the negative wire, used for data in tandem with white. A USB connector’s engineered so that the power wires are closer to the tip than the data pins, giving your device power before transferring data.

apple lightning cable from PrimeCables
apple lightning cable from PrimeCables

To complete an electrical circuit when you want to charge your phone, one end of the cable must be plugged into your phone and the other end into a charger. Back and forth, electrons then flow to the charger along the surface of a copper wire. For data transfer, data wires take on the opposite polarity on the same frequency meaning a mirror image is created. The white wire pushes data to its destination while the green wire is working in the opposite direction. This eliminates noise and allows a clear connection to be maintained.


As a USB Type-C cable is bent and beat up over time, eventually one of the wire strands break which is what causes a cable to eventually fail. If any one of the four wires snaps, the result is a malfunctioning cable which cannot complete its circuit.


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What is Apple MFi Certification and Why is it Important to your Apple Cable

Maybe you’ve heard a lot about Apple MFi certification in the past few years. If you don’t know what MFi is about, let us explain. ‘MFi’ is essentially just a fancy way of saying a product has been ‘made for iPhone’, ‘made for iPod’, or ‘made for iPad.


Every MFi cable contains an Apple-manufactured authorization chip, ensuring your cable product has perfect compatibility with all Apple device using the lightning connector. The guarantee with an Apple MFi-certified cable is you’re getting a cable that is 100% compatible that you can trust.


If you’re using an Apple product, you want an Apple MFi certified instead of going with an unlicensed USB cable that you could be taking your chances with. Especially when it comes to buying on the cheaper end of the spectrum, some USB cables can carry risks. An Apple MFi certification ensures you’re not putting your device at risk and that you’re getting an excellent quality cable in the process. Apple USB cables are available for connection on iPhones, iPads, and iPods all over the world.


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Keep in mind that Apple does not hand out these certifications every day. Manufacturers are permitted to use the MFi logo on the product package however there’s strict regulation that guides the design compatibility of any cables or related accessories. The amount of applications go to Apple for approval for MFi certification is high however those that are actually approved are less than five percent. That says a lot about the high quality of standards Apple maintains. It also says a lot about the quality of PrimeCables’ products. Through an MFi certification, Apple guarantees quality of the cable or accessory.


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