Why You Need a USB External Sound Card Adapter to Boost Your PC Sound

Have you ever been trying to listen to music on your computer and have struggled to get the volume, tone, or EQ just right? Yeah, if you’re like us, low quality audio’s a major pet peeve. If you’re a musician or an audiophile, you probably know what good sound is and a laptop computer rarely has it. Thankfully, there’s a USB sound card which plugs into your hub providing you with more ports, including sometimes 3.5mm output, input jacks, and coaxial and optical jacks.

A USB sound card with 7.1 surround sound. Imagine that! It’s a great booster to your computer’s audio quality. Perfectly sized and easy to install, it’s surprisingly powerful for such a little gadget. If your computer’s always pumping out terrible audio, trying to enjoy a movie or listen to music becomes a challenge. This is your way around it. A USB external adapter’s works magic to create a home theater-esque level sound. Years ago, to improve the sound quality, you would have opened up the computer and replaced the internal soundcard to get you there. No longer. Everything’s done externally and it’s as easy as plug-and-play.

Some of the ways in which this USB external 7.1 surround sound adapter is used includes to listen to concerts and music. You can also use it for gaming, if you really want to sink into that in-the-game immersive kind of feeling. Some use it for Skype for business and family, as the external soundcard has audio-out and a microphone input. If you’ve always wondered what your computer would sound like in a 7.1 channel environment, this is the cheapest and fastest way upgrading this aspect of your audio experience. You also have volume controls right on the adapter which means adjusting it is as easy as reaching over and thumbing up or down.

You can use this to connect headphones into or a home theater system’s worth of speakers, subwoofers, and more. In terms of trying to find a way around normal computer jacks and determining how to create a 7.1 surround sound audio experience from scratch, this solves a headache. A USB external soundcard like this means you can buy the surround sound system you’ve always wanted to have and connecting it to your laptop or computer becomes so simplified that it’s no different from connecting it to your TV. Your sound will come out crisper, clearer, and louder than before, regardless of whether you’ve got headphones sitting on your head or are on the couch surrounded by 7.1 channel speakers.

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15% off Pro Audio Cables for June 2019 PrimeCables Birthday Sale

In the world of audio cables, there’s no shortage of options on how to equip your home entertainment system with sound. Outside of selecting the right speaker system or soundbar to use, audio cables play a key role in the quality of sound you receive. Even with the most high quality speaker there is, if you don’t have the right audio cable to pair it with, it could very well sound terrible.


There are several possible audio cable options in the PrimeCables catalogue, including HDMI cables which are ideal for both video and audio. Many Canadian households will choose HDMI cables as their audio cable and there’s nothing wrong with this. That said, HDMI cables are probably more advantageous to households with a high value on video quality. For upgraded audio, you may choose to go through another method.

Premium HDMI® 2.0 Cables with Nylon Jacket PrimeCables® Mamba Series


For DIY enthusiasts and those people who know a little bit about how audio works, you can complete a re-design on your home audio system, stereo, or home theater system using speaker wire. Place speaker wire inside walls or ceilings and adapt them to the environment. Through PrimeCables, they can be purchased at various lengths which is definitely a major advantage in this day and age where we all have different home media consumption needs.

50ft Speaker Wire 18AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Cable (For In-Wall Installation) – PrimeCables®


Are you a musician looking for professional audio cables on-sale – we got you covered. Browse XLR cables, TRS cables, RCAs, MIDI cables, snake cables, and more. For microphones, guitar, keyboard, bass, or recording equipment, you can pick up all your music cables this June on discount.

1.5ft Premier Series XLR M/F 16AWG Cable (Gold Plated) [Microphone & Interconnect] – PrimeCables®

While you’re at it, if you’re working through a digital interface or have music recording software set up on your computer, you may want to also pick up some 3.5mm audio cables. Specifically designed for headphones, you can buy 3.5mm audio cables separate or choose adapters which can help transfer sound across various devices in a way that may not have otherwise been possible.

3.5mm Stereo Plug/Jack M/F Extension Cable – 6ft – PrimeCables®


Those aren’t the only audio cables we’ll have on 15% off come June. You can also find Toslink digital audio cables, digital coaxial cables, and RCA audio cables among others. You can also find banana plugs, audio and video wall plates, speakers and subwoofers, and other pro audio equipment to pair with your cable purchase. Any order above $49 receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada so be sure to stock up!


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Universal Headphone Stand on sale now at PrimeCables.ca!

Tired of tangled cords, messy drawers, and losing your favourite pair of headphones? Then you need the PrimeCables® Universal Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger, on sale now until September 11 for just $12.99!


The PrimeCables® Universal Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger features a crisp, sexy, full-metal body that holds your headphones at the ready on your desktop, dresser, or in the studio, so you no longer have to worry about finding a safe place to store them or knotted cables.


The high-quality aluminum alloy fits every style of décor, so it matches your setup perfectly, no matter what your lifestyle. Sturdy and detachable, small and lightweight, it features a silicone pad on the base and a leather surface for hanging up the biggest and fanciest kinds of headphones.


It’s the most convenient way to manage your cables, whether at home or at work, freeing up desktop clutter and keeping your audio equipment safe from knicks, contortions, coffee, or whatever threatens your workspace peripherals!


With an overall size of 100mm x 100mm x 276mm, the hanger arm measures 9.4cm x 2.5cm, giving you ample space for large and small pairs of headphones alike. Weighing only 217g, the PrimeCables® Universal Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger is extremely portable and easy to use. Bring it with you wherever you’re jamming and make your workspace truly yours with this professional, practical headphone stand.


It won’t scratch your hardware, nor drop it, nor tip over, with its anti-skid pad and soft leather resting spot. DIY setup makes it suitable for home studios, cubicles and offices, home theatre, and your bedroom. It even makes an excellent, affordable gift, perfect for celebrating the birthdays of all your audiophile friends.


This month, when you place an order of $30 and up, your purchase is automatically eligible for free shipping nationwide. So, order a few, or browse our massive catalogue of musical accessories and pro audio equipment to rack up your total before checkout.


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Back to School Deal Highlight: Get a Dual Headphone Stand Hanger for under $20

Back to school is one of the most important shopping seasons of the year and we’ve got school supplies for every type of lifestyle. Right now, you can get the PrimeCables® Headphone Stand for just $14.99, an aluminum alloy hanger that can hold two pairs of headphones in a clean and organized manner.

PrimeCables headphone mount

If you’re an amateur musician and video gamer, this headphone stand / hanger is totally the perfect organization/storage solution for you.


Keep your musician’s headphones on one arm, and your video gaming headset on the other. The stand won’t tip over, because of its excellent weight balance. It also features silicone cushion pads on the bottom of the base and a leather inlay on top, providing a safe and secure place to hold your headphones while maintaining their shape, settings, and condition.


Easy to reach and easy to install, sturdy and lightweight, this is an excellent item for your bedroom, workspace, and home.


Don’t fret anymore about where to store your headphones where they can be safe, uncluttered, and accessible – this is the best tool available for organizing your headphones, at the lowest price around!


Avoid scratches. Avoid dropping. Avoid tangled cords. Get the PrimeCables Headphone Stand today!


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You can score that free shipping by getting yourself the Monoprice® Hi-Fi Light Weight Over-the-Ear Headphones, for just $39.99. Stylish, durable, comfortable, and complete with high-quality sound, these are the best headphones for starting school in September.

monoprice headphone deal from PrimeCables Canada
monoprice headphone deal from PrimeCables Canada

These hi-fi headphones fit over your head, isolating the sound from all other outside noises with their thick, comfortable padding. They are lighter than other over-the-head designs and still deliver the highest quality of sound possible.


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Get the best Bluetooth speaker bar deals wth free shipping!

Bluetooth speaker sound bars are great for home theatre setups, outdoor entertainment, and portable sound system solutions. PrimeCables.ca is home to the best sound bar deals in Canada.

Primecables bluetooth speaker sound bar
Primecables bluetooth speaker sound bar

Right now through PrimeCables, you can score this Stereo Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wired 2.1CH Subwoofer for just $99.99, a deal complete with free shipping anywhere in the country.


Connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, laptop, PC, TV, media players and mobile devices and enjoy its delivery of superior sound quality. If you’re hosting a party or spending a day at the beach, you can hook up the everybody’s devices with the 3.5mm auxiliary audio port, optical Toslink, USB or SD card.

primecables sound bar with subwoofer
primecables sound bar with subwoofer

It’s simple to set up and install, as a wallmount, on top of your TV stand or as a shelved speaker.


Perfect for home theatres, this 900mm-length speaker bar and subwoofer combo comes with a remote control included for you to easily adjust sound for TV shows, movies, and online videos from the comfort of your sofa. The subwoofer guarantees to fill the room with rich sound and provide you with an immersive audio experience for every movie night, TV marathon or binge watching, or just watching a show with family and friends.


Get it for cheaper by getting the standalone sound bar, without the subwoofer, on sale for just $56.99. Or upgrade your order by adding the Universal Sound Bar Speaker Bracket and mount your new sound bar anywhere in your home theatre, home office or workspace, by attaching it to your display wall mounting hardware, for just $9.99.


If you’re considering making your first ever investment into building a home theatre or entertainment centre, there’s plenty of deals with PrimeCables during our home theatre month.


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