See the Hair Dryer Wall Mount with the Best Reviews in Canada

A hair dryer is an essential item in getting one’s hair styled and shaped just right before any occasion.

Like other products, a hair dryer doesn’t sit easy on the countertop. Its shape is tough to neatly keep in a drawer or on the shelf. Thankfully, a hair dryer mount affixed to the wall provides an excellent location to put yours.

Why A Hair Dryer’s Design is Problematic

A hair dryer comes with multiple attachments. Those have to be put somewhere. The cord attached to the hair dryer has to be wound and secured. The shape of the hair dryer itself is strange and does not stack or store well.

A hair dryer wall mount can be stationed on most surfaces. Be it tile, drywall, glass, metal, wood, or brick, once you’ve installed the mount you have a neat place to position the main dryer machine as well as a hook to hold the wound cord and secure placements for the hair dryer attachments.

Nothing is loose or lost. Everything about your hair dryer is kept organized and away from sink spillage, moisture, or any bathroom countertop activities that could pose a threat to its functionality. This is all done with a magnetic holder on a mount.

How Secure Is A Hair Dryer Mount?

If the mount is installed correctly, it is secure. A Dyson Supersonic wall mount uses a magnetic holder to keep the appliance locked in place. A silicone pad also prevents scratching or accidental dropping.

Furthermore, the cable management hook is designed to prevent anything from catching and pulling down the appliance by accident.

There’s no better hair dryer storage option going. Magnetic holders like these are used in commercial hair salons and by professionals. There’s no reason not to have the same convenience in your own washroom.

Hair Dryer Wall Mount Magnetic Holder For Dyson Supersonic™

The powder-coated finish and beech trim is an easy color combination to blend in with most existing bathroom décor aesthetics. You can keep it in arm’s reach or wherever is comfortable. Even in smaller washrooms, there’s always a place for a hair dryer wall mount in the room.

No more tangled cords. No more clunky hair dryers left out on the counter. Keep things well organized and your bathroom neat and tidy.

Cutting down on clutter through simple affordable home storage options like this hair dryer magnetic mount makes getting ready in the morning and then relaxing in the evening so much easier.

Give your hair dryer a designated home with a hair dryer stand. It’s a key piece of storage most never knew they needed until they had it. Find beauty storage solutions in high-quality, affordable storage products at,, and other Canada-only brands.