Why Bluetooth Sound Bars Are Better Than Surround Sound Speakers

Bluetooth soundbars. Absolutely 100% necessary to modern home theater designs, many tech fans argue.

Though we at PrimeCables.ca might not go that far, soundbars have their place. If you love connecting your smartphone or tablet up to a speaker and letting the sounds of your favourite Spotify playlist blast out, this is the product you have to have.

As amazing as a high-quality set of surround sound speakers are, here is why many Bluetooth sound bars are often better.

Built-In Subwoofer

A major concern to a lot of audiophiles is how to replicate the bass in a soundbar. Many 5.0 Bluetooth soundbars are coming with built-in subwoofers which are surprisingly powerful, especially for family rooms and condo-sized master bedrooms.

They Can Be Cheaper

You can get a premium 2.1CH soundbar for less than a more developed surround sound system. Shopping at discount stores like PrimeCables.ca certainly can help with the cost, if that’s a noticeable barrier to a lot of your home theater shopping.

You Can Connect Wirelessly

You can connect anything with Bluetooth capability to a soundbar and do so wirelessly. When you’re getting ready to go out, getting ready for work, or making dinner, connect your smartphone to your speaker and let it play.

D46e9 portable bluetooth speakers portable bluetooth speakers


Although a proper speaker set can deliver a pounding sound no doubt, soundbars can do the exact same. There is no loss in volume or power. They come with the wattage to deliver low-pitched, booming sounds if you so desire to use them as such.

Mount It, Save Space

A mounted soundbar looks sleek, stylish, and takes up almost no space. A soundbar itself is designed fairly economically as-is, even when it isn’t mounted. You won’t be scrambling to figure out how to hide all the wires from a speaker set and how to configure it for the correct sound image, either.

The Setup Is Much Easier

To tag onto that last point, have you ever set up a Bluetooth soundbar? It’s so easy! It’s just your basic plug-and-play design. There is not much more than that tied to connecting a soundbar to a home theater system.

They Can Be Surround Sound

The progression of tech has made it so that a lot of new Bluetooth soundbars have a surround sound design. This means you can have the same sort of audio experience as you would with standalone speakers.

As home theater tech continues to move forward and Bluetooth soundbars and Bluetooth speakers grow more advanced, this sort of wireless audio is likely to replace the classic home theater setup we know and love. Shop all types of speakers, soundbars, and more at PrimeCables.ca.

Why Buy A Bluetooth Sound Bar

A Bluetooth sound bar provides high-class sound, superior in performance, functionality, and computability.

Searching for a Bluetooth sound bar as a speaker for your home or home theater system, the benefits form a long list. As they continue to rise in popularity and add a more high-tech and cinematic presentation to home entertainment, here are some of the key advantages to the Bluetooth sound bar.

High-Quality Sound

Bluetooth sound bars aren’t built cheap. They are held up alongside surround sound systems as some of the best audio you can buy.

Improve Your TV Setup

TV speakers are average. They don’t compare to more elaborate speaker setups. Those same setups are unfortunately costly, come with a lot of wires, and take up more space what any sound bar will. A sound bar, however, is a big upgrade over any flat-screen’s built-in sound.

Mount Your Speakers

A Bluetooth sound bar can be mounted. So can a regular home theater speaker system except there are multiple components to factor in. One needs a mount for each speaker and the amplifier. This cleans up the look of your home theater setup in a very obvious way.

It’s One Speaker

A 2.1CH Bluetooth sound bar is a single speaker. This simplifies the wire setup that typically dominates the layout of a traditional speaker system. No cable management involved.

2.1CH Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer – PrimeCables®

Perfect For Small Rooms

A Bluetooth soundbar can be mounted or set across a table, stand, or shelf with ease. It takes minimal space to install. This makes it a great option if you’re searching for home theater audio for condos, apartments, or small bedrooms.

Always Charged

Bluetooth devices commonly have to be charged. Bluetooth speakers require a charge. Bluetooth earbuds or True Wireless earbuds require a charge now and again. A Bluetooth sound bar doesn’t. It’s always ready to receive a signal.

Connect Multiple Devices

Of course, the obvious benefit to a Bluetooth sound bar is its ability to connect with multiple devices. From smartphones to your home theater system, this is a multi-purpose speaker setup capable of syncing to anything sending out a signal.

Built-In Subwoofer

This isn’t the case with every sound bar but some do come with a built-in subwoofer. This further expands your audio setup with an increased frequency range. A great feature if you’re going to be playing a lot of bass-heavy music on your sound bar or watching concerts.


We can’t say it enough. A Bluetooth sound bar with a built-in subwoofer is simple, high-quality audio. Hear what’s going on in your film. Boost audio quality. Give yourself more power over how you hear your entertainment in-house.

Choose a Bluetooth sound bar from PrimeCables.ca today or opt for another audio system. Surround sound speakers, desktop PC speakers, speaker and subwoofer set, and more. Fit a sound bar nicely into your home entertainment space today and see how convenient this innovative audio is.