Why Bluetooth Sound Bars Are Better Than Surround Sound Speakers

Bluetooth soundbars. Absolutely 100% necessary to modern home theater designs, many tech fans argue.

Though we at PrimeCables.ca might not go that far, soundbars have their place. If you love connecting your smartphone or tablet up to a speaker and letting the sounds of your favourite Spotify playlist blast out, this is the product you have to have.

As amazing as a high-quality set of surround sound speakers are, here is why many Bluetooth sound bars are often better.

Built-In Subwoofer

A major concern to a lot of audiophiles is how to replicate the bass in a soundbar. Many 5.0 Bluetooth soundbars are coming with built-in subwoofers which are surprisingly powerful, especially for family rooms and condo-sized master bedrooms.

They Can Be Cheaper

You can get a premium 2.1CH soundbar for less than a more developed surround sound system. Shopping at discount stores like PrimeCables.ca certainly can help with the cost, if that’s a noticeable barrier to a lot of your home theater shopping.

You Can Connect Wirelessly

You can connect anything with Bluetooth capability to a soundbar and do so wirelessly. When you’re getting ready to go out, getting ready for work, or making dinner, connect your smartphone to your speaker and let it play.

D46e9 portable bluetooth speakers portable bluetooth speakers


Although a proper speaker set can deliver a pounding sound no doubt, soundbars can do the exact same. There is no loss in volume or power. They come with the wattage to deliver low-pitched, booming sounds if you so desire to use them as such.

Mount It, Save Space

A mounted soundbar looks sleek, stylish, and takes up almost no space. A soundbar itself is designed fairly economically as-is, even when it isn’t mounted. You won’t be scrambling to figure out how to hide all the wires from a speaker set and how to configure it for the correct sound image, either.

The Setup Is Much Easier

To tag onto that last point, have you ever set up a Bluetooth soundbar? It’s so easy! It’s just your basic plug-and-play design. There is not much more than that tied to connecting a soundbar to a home theater system.

They Can Be Surround Sound

The progression of tech has made it so that a lot of new Bluetooth soundbars have a surround sound design. This means you can have the same sort of audio experience as you would with standalone speakers.

As home theater tech continues to move forward and Bluetooth soundbars and Bluetooth speakers grow more advanced, this sort of wireless audio is likely to replace the classic home theater setup we know and love. Shop all types of speakers, soundbars, and more at PrimeCables.ca.

5 Types Of People A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Can Help Make Smile

A Bluetooth speaker lets you take the music with you. No wires. No plugging in. No syncing. A Bluetooth speaker is ready and equipped to play your tunes for you whenever you like so long that it’s charged.

Waterproof and portable, if you’re looking to buy a Bluetooth speaker online, you’re not alone. There are many types of people that love their Bluetooth speakers and that use them fairly regularly. Here are just five of them.

People With A Pool

Having a pool in your backyard is pretty friggin’ cool. So is going to a pool party. If that’s you, Bluetooth is the only way to go. The last thing you want is wires around the water.

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker by the pool replaces the boom-box of old and lets you and your friends DJ playlists all day long.

People At The Beach

Catching a tan on the sands or on a boat out on the water, a little music can help shift your relaxation mode into high gear. Don’t be afraid to bring out your portable Bluetooth beach speaker this summer.

Especially if you have a bit of privacy, being at the beach is a memory waiting to be made. A speaker puts your memory to music.

People Who Love Singing In The Shower

Take your Bluetooth speaker with you in the shower and don’t be afraid if it gets a little water contact. Sing your heart out. Listen to your favourite playlist. Hear the morning news while you prepare for the day ahead.

Whatever your routine is, for people who want to maximize their minutes, a speaker in the shower helps to keep time passing quickly.

People Who Hike

Not all hikers love to have music or a podcast going while they do their thing but some do. It certainly can help pass the time or can also be used as a part of your celebration once you achieve the distance you set out to.

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers are highly adaptable and designed fairly roughly. They’re an opportune accessory to have with you on these sorts of long walks.

People Who Camp

When you’re camping, it’s all about de-stressing and connected with nature out in rugged surroundings. You don’t want to be fidgeting with a wire and tech to try and get your speaker working.

For these folks, a Bluetooth speaker is a simple way to listen to their own private soundtrack.

Bluetooth was first launched in 1999 and ever since, it’s been the go-to for listening to music. Buy your own Bluetooth speaker at PrimeCables.ca today and take it with you to wherever you’ve decided to spend your time.

What is the Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker in 2021 – See Here!

A Bluetooth speaker this summer that you can take with you on excursions anywhere blasts podcasts, music, and more at a higher volume than any smartphone or mobile device can handle.

Portable Bluetooth speakers should be able to pair easily with your device. The sound quality should also be quite clear and with a decent amount of volume with no distortion involved. Fortunately, there are several brands in the Bluetooth speaker space with high-quality and affordable products.

The best waterproof Bluetooth speaker in 2021 is easy to find if you know what to look for in a model.


Evidently, the #1 thing that makes a Bluetooth speaker an excellent purchase is its sound. It’s everything. Not only will the sound have clarity to it but it will be reliable and stable in its transmission of the signal it is receiving.


A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is designed to be carried. It’s not just an object that stays safe inside the house. It’s something you take with you on vacation, out to the beach, and by the backyard pool. For this reason, you want a speaker in a solid, heavy-duty case.


Find Bluetooth speakers on sale in Canada from PrimeCables.ca, available as little as $10 and under. Though they make speakers at various price points, you don’t need a very advanced speaker for the sort of use that necessitates it being waterproof, snow-proof, and dustproof.


A Bluetooth speaker should be able to pair with any device equipped with Bluetooth. Some difficulties can get run into on certain devices and with certain speakers and a lack of compatibility. If you are going to use a speaker, test it out right away to ensure it can link to your device.


Lastly, check out any additional features it may include. Some waterproof Bluetooth speakers come with an FM radio receiver and other handy design features that can make one model advantageous over another.

What Can You Do With A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

  • Go to a water park, beach, or by the pool and not worry about your speaker being damaged by water.
  • Any summer adventures you want to go on, a la rock climbing, cycling, or hiking, hook your waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 speaker to your backpack and you’re ready to take on anything.
  • Are you doing a road trip this summer – if so, toss your Bluetooth speaker in the back to listen to in the car or have it accessible for when you arrive at your destination.
  • Take your speaker out during winter. It will work in the snow as well! Listen to your music while shoveling.

Shop Bluetooth speakers, waterproof speakers, and more at PrimeCables.ca today.

Why Buy A Bluetooth Sound Bar

A Bluetooth sound bar provides high-class sound, superior in performance, functionality, and computability.

Searching for a Bluetooth sound bar as a speaker for your home or home theater system, the benefits form a long list. As they continue to rise in popularity and add a more high-tech and cinematic presentation to home entertainment, here are some of the key advantages to the Bluetooth sound bar.

High-Quality Sound

Bluetooth sound bars aren’t built cheap. They are held up alongside surround sound systems as some of the best audio you can buy.

Improve Your TV Setup

TV speakers are average. They don’t compare to more elaborate speaker setups. Those same setups are unfortunately costly, come with a lot of wires, and take up more space what any sound bar will. A sound bar, however, is a big upgrade over any flat-screen’s built-in sound.

Mount Your Speakers

A Bluetooth sound bar can be mounted. So can a regular home theater speaker system except there are multiple components to factor in. One needs a mount for each speaker and the amplifier. This cleans up the look of your home theater setup in a very obvious way.

It’s One Speaker

A 2.1CH Bluetooth sound bar is a single speaker. This simplifies the wire setup that typically dominates the layout of a traditional speaker system. No cable management involved.

2.1CH Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer – PrimeCables®

Perfect For Small Rooms

A Bluetooth soundbar can be mounted or set across a table, stand, or shelf with ease. It takes minimal space to install. This makes it a great option if you’re searching for home theater audio for condos, apartments, or small bedrooms.

Always Charged

Bluetooth devices commonly have to be charged. Bluetooth speakers require a charge. Bluetooth earbuds or True Wireless earbuds require a charge now and again. A Bluetooth sound bar doesn’t. It’s always ready to receive a signal.

Connect Multiple Devices

Of course, the obvious benefit to a Bluetooth sound bar is its ability to connect with multiple devices. From smartphones to your home theater system, this is a multi-purpose speaker setup capable of syncing to anything sending out a signal.

Built-In Subwoofer

This isn’t the case with every sound bar but some do come with a built-in subwoofer. This further expands your audio setup with an increased frequency range. A great feature if you’re going to be playing a lot of bass-heavy music on your sound bar or watching concerts.


We can’t say it enough. A Bluetooth sound bar with a built-in subwoofer is simple, high-quality audio. Hear what’s going on in your film. Boost audio quality. Give yourself more power over how you hear your entertainment in-house.

Choose a Bluetooth sound bar from PrimeCables.ca today or opt for another audio system. Surround sound speakers, desktop PC speakers, speaker and subwoofer set, and more. Fit a sound bar nicely into your home entertainment space today and see how convenient this innovative audio is.

Trendy Bluetooth Speakers in Canada for Home Theater Systems And Portable Use

Bluetooth speakers are notoriously hit-and-miss. Cheap Bluetooth speakers lack sound quality. Unfortunately, the more expensive Bluetooth speakers are also massively expensive.

Listen here! Whether you love listening to music, podcasts, or using them with a home theater system, some of the best Bluetooth speakers in Canada are on sale this month from PrimeCables.ca.

Mini Portable Retro Bluetooth Speaker

A mini portable retro Bluetooth speaker is cute and a great gift for any birthday, holiday, or outdoorsperson.

Though small, the sound is wide and mighty, with a long-lasting battery of up to 7 hours. A Bluetooth connection that’s easy to sync up with, this 63mm speaker is perhaps the best for its size.

Button Scarlet Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Retro Home Decoration Vintage Gi-MUZEN® -RED

Retro Bluetooth Speaker FM/AUX Radio

A bigger model, this is retro style all the way. A retro Bluetooth speaker FM/AUX radio offers premium Bluetooth sound for any gathering in the home, office, kitchen, outdoors, or while travelling. If you’re buying a gift for someone who’s really into the retro look, this full-sized speaker is exceptional.

Retro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker FM/AUX Radio with Old Fashioned Classic Style – MUZEN OTR® -RED

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

It is tough to find quality with affordability. That said, for under $10, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker hits the mark.

Clip it on your backpack. Toss it in your bag when you’re on the go. Being waterproof, it’s a summer favourite for around the pool or at the beach.

BT5.0 IPX5 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – PrimeCables®

Bluetooth Speaker and Subwoofer Set

Are you searching for a home theater Bluetooth speaker set – check this out! Take in 2.1 multimedia sound with subwoofer included.

Choose this trendy Bluetooth speaker in Canada for PCs, smartphones, 3.5mm devices, or any home theater or home entertainment system.

2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Stereo Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Set – PrimeCables®

Wireless Bluetooth Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer

A home theater Bluetooth sound bar is a great choice if you’re trying to save on space sans sacrificing function.

Features include 2.1CH sound, a 3.5mm aux, a built-in subwoofer highlighting those key bass frequencies, and a design that emphasizes length over width or height. Mount it to the wall or position it on a table.

2.1CH Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer – PrimeCables®

Bluetooth Party Speaker

A Bluetooth party speaker is a high-quality, premium-grade speaker with massive power for parties, large gatherings, and to function as a sort of Bluetooth-enabled PA system.

Manufactured by Monoprice, it is available with free shipping anywhere in Canada. A built-in amplifier with an 8” woofer and 1/2″ dome tweeter, alongside the 3.5mm and two RCA inputs qualifies this speaker as one of the best in its category of use.

Bluetooth Party Speaker – Monoprice®

Don’t accept tinny, less-than-robust audio from cheap Bluetooth speakers. Highly-rated Bluetooth speakers are out there and on sale. Act fast! Shop high-quality speakers and speaker systems from PrimeCables.ca today.

Pro Audio, Speakers, Headphones, and More get MASSIVE Deals this July

Canada-only exclusive deals at PrimeCables this July hits upon professional audio lovers’ sweet spot. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to get some upgrades done on your home entertainment system’s sound, to pick up a good hair of headphones, or to buy an audio gift for a family member or loved one, here’s your opportunity. All you have to do is drop in on PrimeCables this July, add your favourites to your shopping cart, and cash out. From now to the end of the month, you can find a ton of pro audio speakers and headphones on sale.

Headphones or earbuds

Earbuds broken? Headphones starting to not work so well? All July long at PrimeCables, headphones and earbuds are available to be perused and picked up. Find wireless Bluetooth earbuds, premium headphones hi-fi DJ over-the-ear style, active noise cancelling headphones, and enhanced-bass noise-isolating earbuds. Don’t up your costs somewhere else. Find solid summer deals that you don’t need to wait around for some sales day to get. Music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify never sounded so good!

Surround sound speaker systems or soundbars

Have you ever been watching a movie where the audio was just so bad it made it hard to enjoy – yeah, us two. If you need better speakers for your home theatre system, don’t wait. Shop multimedia surround sound speaker sets or smaller, more space-efficient Bluetooth stereo soundbars. No matter what kind of space you’re working with or what your entertainment setup is, there’s something for everyone in our catalogue. Don’t spend a buck more than you need to. It’s so much nicer when your TV’s sound is equal quality-wise to the 1080p HD picture in front of you.

More pro audio gear

There’s so much more pro audio gear to discover that could easily pair up with your home entertainment system. See microphones and instrument accessories, and set up a little home-based musician’s corner. See mixers and amplifiers to match. Do you need a portable speaker? We got those. Find stage audio and stage lights you can use to design a rehearsal space or something special for yourself and your friends to play music in. Under pro audio accessories, exclusive sales can be found on height adjustable metal satellite speakers, adjustable background support stands, microphone stands, and more.

This July, make sure you’re getting the best price. Our catalogue year-round is always equipped with the best deals we can give. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, and have a look. Worth it to shop with PrimeCables? Absolutely.

Time to Shop Bluetooth Stereo Soundbars and Surround Sound Systems

Kick off the summer with a completely re-designed video-audio home media arrangement.

Bookshelf high-performance speakers.

The 2-way pair of bookshelf high-performance speakers are the right choice for smaller living spaces, such as an office, dorm, apartment, condo, or even a bedroom. These two speakers are small in size, give that amazing clarity in sound, and are quick-connect.

Bluetooth stereo soundbar.

The Bluetooth stereo soundbar is one of the most popular home theater speakers in Canada. Included when you buy from PrimeCables is free shipping to anywhere in Canada. The advantages of a Bluetooth soundbar are that it can connect not only to your TV but it can also make a connection to smartphones, DVD players, tablets, and anything else with Bluetooth capability. Although a surround sound system can seem attractive, for when you want more functionality or need to save on space, the Bluetooth stereo soundbar is perfect.

5.1 surround sound speaker and subwoofer.

Surround yourself with high-fidelity sound using this 5.1 channel surround sound speaker and subwoofer. In this package, you have everything you need to enjoy a great home theater experience with 4 satellite speakers, a center channel for your mid-range and high-range frequencies, and an 8” powered subwoofer. Included is also 4 C-brackets to mount the satellite speakers to a wall. Give your electronics and media the speaker system they deserve with this collection of surround satellite speakers.

25-watt speaker amplifier with Bluetooth.

If you want some more freedom to design your own home theater audio experience, this tube amplifier is equipped with 25 watts of power and makes for a unique hybrid hi-fi speaker. Use Bluetooth capability to connect a wide variety of devices to this hub. Features include RCA and USB inputs, 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response, and dual channel stereo analog. You won’t be let down by the power this amplifier carries.

PrimeCables taps into Canadians’ desire for high quality products at cheap prices. Suit up for summer by upgrading speakers, TVs, and whatever else you need. Any deal priced above $49 also qualifies for free shipping to anywhere in Canada. It’s well worth taking a look!