See the Best Tripod for Instagram Photography and YouTube Video

Do you know how to get your next spectacular Instagram photo from your smartphone or professional camera? Are you ready to take your YouTube videos up a notch with crystal clear, stable photography? What we’re talking about is what anyone with a camera needs – a lightweight tripod.

A tripod is an underrated camera accessory and in an era of selfies, isn’t something thought of outside of people with a strong passion for photography and video-taking. Even so, a tripod instantly expands the types of photos or video one can take. It also opens up a whole new category of capture, with your ability to maintain stability in intense, movement-heavy situations.

What can you do with a lightweight photography and video tripod? We’ll you’ve definitely for some options and different types to choose from. What we’re talking about so far is a universal photography or video camera tripod that allows you to center your camera without problem. Ideally, for this, you want something lightweight, height adjustable, and high compatibility. A tripod like this you can carry with you when you’re travelling, on the road, to events or sports games, or keep it in the home to provide a stable, centered image.

That isn’t the only type of tripod for Instagram or YouTube that will keep your smartphone centered. If you don’t have a DSLR pro camera and are just using your smartphone, consider a mini tripod stand holder for your smartphone – one that’s portable and adjustable. Incredibly inexpensive, they’ll allow you to center your phone on a table or flat surface. Just like a general tripod, you can use it to position, angle, and rotate your smartphone to where you have to shoot.

If you’re making professional YouTube videos or want to up your Instagram photo-taking game, you can also use the sort of tripods that world class photographers go for. Light plays huge influence on quality of photo and video on social media. What so many YouTubers go for are photography light tripods which can help position all sorts of lighting, soft boxes, and umbrellas. Manipulating light, you can ease out facial blemishes and give your image the exact aesthetic you want.

You can’t take every photo with your smartphone or camera in hand! Sometimes, a little bit of stability and manipulation isn’t a bad thing. Find a height adjustable, durable, secure, and portable lightweight tripod for Instagram, YouTube, and social media.

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