Differences Between A Curved Monitor And A Flat Monitor

In 2012, if you had asked anyone what was better, a curved monitor or a flat monitor, the seemingly obvious answer was curved. These days, with consumers are a lot better educated, debates around curved v. flat monitors have intensified with the answer being a little blurrier compared to before. What’s better – you decide. Here are the main differences between a curved monitor and a flat monitor.

Flat TVs Outsell Curved TVs

Flat TVs continue to thrive. Curved TVs have stalled for years, with consumers not showing any interest in paying a premium for what’s being marketed to them as a ‘more immersive watch experience’.

Curved TVs Are Better For Gaming

A curved computer monitor is considered a better screen to game on than flat monitors. In gameplay, the more you feel like you’re in the game, the better. A gamer gets that a lot more using a curved screen.

Flat Monitors Are Better For Multiple People

Curved monitors aren’t always well suited for multi-person use. If you are buying a TV to have 6-7 people spread out across the room watching it, a flat-screen provides a more consistent perspective visually than anything curved.

Curved Monitors Have Less Distortion

On a flat screen, light is projected in a straight line outward from the display. This means some light’s moving past the viewer. A curved monitor aims all of its light outward at the viewer, guaranteeing a crisper image.

Curved Monitors Have More Depth

The main benefit of a curved monitor is depth. The curve allows a more realistic recreation of our three-dimensional world than a flat monitor can.

Flat Screens Have Less Glare

Glare is a problem. Re-positioning a flat screen easily eliminates glare. For curved monitors, the shape makes it almost impossible to overcome glare issues. This isn’t a problem if you’re using curved screens in low-light but if it’s mid-day and you’re in front of a window, good luck!

Curved V. Flat Tech Is Almost Identical

The tech inside a curved monitor and flat monitor are the same in terms of picture quality. The refresh rates are identical as are the color depth and dynamic range. Where there does exist a difference is in screen ratio. Curved monitors generally have a 21:9 ratio compared to 16:9 for screens that are flat. This equates to a curved monitor being wider compared to height than a flat screen.

There are some real benefits to curved monitors but also clear reasons as to why flat screens continue to be more popular. Shop both at PrimeCables.ca and compare. See what best resonates with you.

Benefits of a Curved Gaming Monitor

The immersive nature of an HD curved gaming monitor makes it one of the best going, outperforming flat monitors in comparison.

Although a lot of the hype around curved monitors has died down, they remain a viable alternative to flat monitors.

Here are a few of the reasons to buy a curved gaming monitor, with info on tech, display configurations, and more.

Expands Field of View

The most obvious benefit of a curved gaming monitor is its expanded field of view. A curved monitor’s angle makes it feel like what we’re seeing is real-life action.

The Image Looks More Realistic

We interpret length, width, and height differently on a curved flat-screen which makes things appear more realistic. We see all three dimensions. This creates a more enhanced viewing experience, forcing you to use your peripheral vision.

Less Eye Strain

A recent study showed the impact curved screens have on eye health. As it turns out, when watching a curved monitor, the eyes feel less tired, you’re less likely to experience blurred vision and/or aching behind the eyes, and less discomfort all around.

Maximum Eye Comfort

A curved gaming monitor is designed to mimic the perspective a human eye has. Through advanced curvature design that resembles the natural curve of the human eye, you maximize comfort.

Reduces Distortion

Flat screens are likely to appear blurry and distorted around the edges. This is due to light projections on a flat monitor. Comparatively, a curved screen causes light to be aimed at a viewer. This way of projecting light delivers a clearer, more accurate image.

27″ Curved Gaming monitor 1080P FHD 144hz Super Thin Aluminum frame Freesync – PrimeCables®

More Efficiency

Did you know most people read faster on a curved screen – it’s true! You can also locate information on a curved screen quicker. This means using a curved 1080p monitor isn’t just for gaming. You can use it as your go-to work-from-home monitor as it is likely to help increase efficiency.

Aesthetically Impressive

A curved monitor is stylish and sleek. They make a home theater setup all the more trendy, emulating a more theatrical and immersive entertainment experience. A curved screen is anything but ordinary. It’s a statement to guests as well as yourself.

Latest Flat-Screen Technology

Curved TVs make use of the newest tech in flat-screen design, incorporating a better contrast ratio, reduced reflection, brighter color, a faster refresh rate, and in-plane switching. This is why gamers love it – you get a fast response time at all times, ensuring the most realistic real-time gaming possible.

Get the latest tech and see the most natural way of watching a monitor for yourself. The experience awaits. Are you ready for a curved gaming monitor in Canada – visit PrimeCables.ca today.

What’s the Best Screen to Watch 1080p Quality On – Choose Yours!

An incredible home theater is built all around the screen. Whether you are working from a flat-screen, projector screen, or computer monitor, the quality of the screen and the components included in its design dictates everything about the picture you’re viewing.

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Let’s start with your 55” 4K home theater TV. A home theater system on automatic will always choose a large sized TV like this. Depending on the room and if you’re watching with a family, this may be the right screen to enjoy HD TV on. Alternatively, if it’s a smaller room, a great viewing experience doesn’t rely on size for enjoyability.

A step down in size are 43” and 32” models which will bring down that cost by 50-75%. If you’re working in a condo or bedroom, a flat-screen like this may be all you need. Team it with a wall mount and a Bluetooth stereo sound bar, and you now have everything you need to consume amazing larger-than-life media.

For a picture that’s equally crisp and large, and if you really want to make an impression with friends and family, a projector for home theater is a great investment. This may be an anti-screen choice but it does create a very immersive environment. It’s like having your own private home cinema. I mean, that’s essentially what it is, isn’t it? With a projector, you can enlarge video as needed. There aren’t any boundaries to how big or small a picture can be, though you may sacrifice some quality on super, super large viewing.

If you’re a gamer, you likely know the challenges that come with playing a game on a home theater flat-screen. A lot of gamers forego the usual 1080p TV and choose a gaming monitor, curved or flat. All in high-definition picture quality, you’re getting a lot of added support to maximize your game play while minimizing quality interference with your video. The most popular contemporary computer monitor is a curved gaming monitor, of which there are still a few remaining on sale 27 inches in size right now!

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