What Is A Gaming Keyboard?

When you start PC gaming, you may be searching for gaming accessories online and find keyboards that are typically backlit, quite colorful, and made for gaming. If you don’t already know what a gaming keyboard is and whether you need one or not, check this out. If you’re serious about gaming, you may want to make it your next purchase. Here’s why.

Are Gaming Keyboards Different From Regular PC Keyboards?

PC gaming keyboards look a lot like standard computer keyboards but upon closer inspection, you will find quite a few differences.

A gaming keyboard is an advanced keyboard, adapted in design from a standard model to specifically suit the gaming experience. The keys are arranged and the function is designed to optimize gaming use.

What Are Features Of A Gaming Keyboard to Know?

A gaming keyboard has mixed colors backlit with LEDs. This is to allow gamers to play on their keyboard at night. This is the most common feature on a gaming keyboard that most use to distinguish it from a standard keyboard.

The lights on a gaming keyboard can also be synced and arranged in different ways. A gamer can cluster certain keys, designate them by color, and craft their own shortcuts visually and mechanically to further optimize their gaming experience.

A high-performance mechanical gaming keyboard also has advanced mechanical switches. When using a keyboard like this, you get a faster response from the keys and the durability and performance is better.

There is typically an ergonomic influence in the keyboard design, with things like a memory foam palm rest. Knowing that the keyboard will be used for extended periods, it’s also generally waterproof and sweat-resistant although this varies model by model.

Some other features to be aware of includes the amount of keys, switch type, switch rating, operating system support, anti-ghosting and/or rollover support, and FN keys to program as multimedia shortcuts.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards or Membrane Gaming Keyboards

To gain a competitive edge over the standard keyboard, you might not be faced with whether it’s worth it to buy a mechanical gaming keyboard or membrane gaming keyboard. The difference lies in the keys.

D8b46 cab kb 508 gaming accessories gaming keyboard rainbow backlight 114 keys for windows pc
Gaming Keyboard for Windows PC (Membrane type)

For fast-paced gaming where you need to be fast but not necessarily forceful with keys, mechanical keyboards give you that quick bounce-back that’s very useful. You generally get faster response times with a mechanical keyboard.

Membrane keyboards require more force to press down. Why some gamers prefer membrane keyboards are because you can glide your fingers over the keys faster. They may not bounce back as quickly as mechanical keys but you can glide your fingers arguably quicker over a wider area.

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