How to Pick the Right Cables for your Home Network

Building a home network, you may be asking yourself what the right kind of Ethernet cable is for you. Some may also be wondering about the differences between and whether Cat5, Cat6, or Cat7 network cable is preferable. For all of the PrimeCables customers across Canada, we hope to provide some insight here into these questions.


For those completely new to Ethernet cables, ‘Cat’ stands for ‘category’. In your home, you probably already have Cat 5 or Cat 5e wire. Although this was once the standard for Ethernet connections, it has since become Cat 6 which is more reliable, has higher speeds, and which is backward compatible with earlier Ethernet cables making it highly adaptable.


Now, Cat5 can still be used in some cases and supports gigabit speeds however its performance can be lacking. When you’re connecting Cat5 cable to a Gigabit Ethernet router, you’re really pushing its limits. Cat6 cable is far and away the recommended cable. It can easily handle Gigabit speeds and also carries with it more specifications relating to limitations on crosstalk or system noise than its predecessor.


Although the benefits of Cat6 cable are well understood by industry players and Ethernet fanatics, there are many who believe Cat6 Ethernet cable is more difficult to install. Its conductors are twisted more tightly and there’s more insulation to work out. Therefore, one must go slower when cutting the cable. Cost-wise, Cat5 cable is going to be a little bit cheaper than Cat6 however in short, Cat6 networking cable is always going to be our recommendation. The Internet’s speeds are always increasing and you need to ensure you have a cable that can handle what’s happening.


Now, if you’re cheap or if your budget is not where it needs to be to afford Cat6 cable immediately, Cat5e should serve you well for now. Cat5e is a little more advanced than Cat5 cable and should be equipped with enough tech to stay around for the next few years at least. That said, down the line, you’ll want to switch out to Cat6 cable to get everything up to par. Thankfully, you can browse all these Ethernet cables at PrimeCables and you can compare lengths, prices, and types according with what you need it for and what you need it to do.


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While the Kids are getting Ready for Back to School, Now’s the Time to Ethernet the House

Soon all the hoopla in retail and eCommerce will be about back to school. While the kids are away getting together the school supplies they need for the next year, now might be the perfect time to buy network Ethernet cable and get ready to do up the house.


Ethernet cables are one of the most common types of network cable used in residential and commercial spaces. Via a network Ethernet cable, wired devices can be connected together across a local network. Creating easy connections for file sharing and internet access, Ethernet cables are a great way to bring together switches, hubs, routers, adapters, and personal computers.


PrimeCables has some amazing Ethernet cables on deals and discounts in celebration of the summer back to school shopping season. For when the kids are running around making a fuss about having to start up school again, it’s worth keeping it in the back of your mind. As the kids leave the house for the first time in weeks, enjoy the time and space to get some home renovations done, to clean up problematic areas in the home, and to Ethernet, as you see fit.


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Back to school deals shouldn’t just be for the kids. Pick up a few items for yourself and upgrade your home entertainment setup a bit. It might even help other members of the family connect with internet technologies and more. Keep things organized and connected when you have Ethernet cable handling things in the mix.


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