What is USB PD Fast Charging – Read here

USB PD chargers stand for ‘USB Power Delivery’, the newest and latest in USB fast-charging, operational through a USB-C cable. Here’s a little more about what PD fast charging is and its origins.

Where Did USB PD Charging Come From?

It’s no secret we’re using our smartphones more than ever, sucking battery life down to pretty much nothing.

When we buy a smartphone or are looking for smartphone accessories, we may come across various solutions a la wall chargers and external battery packs. These work sure but they don’t charge very fast necessarily.

Enter in USB PD, a new fast-charging standard that provides high-speed charging with variable voltage up to 20V using intelligent device negotiation up to 5A at 100 watts. Assuming you are employing a USB-C cable and have a USB-C connector, there’s nothing that will charge your smartphone faster.

How Fast Do USB PD Chargers Charge?

Provided you have the right equipment, a USB PD wall charger can charge a device up to 100W using a Type-C connector.

On average, a USB-C PD charger will get your device up to 100% approx. 70 percent faster than your standard 5W charger. That means there’s less time for your device to be plugged in and more time with it in your hands.

USB Power Delivery is immensely fast, well-regulated, and adaptable to the different needs of devices ranging from laptops and tablets to smartphones and music players.

Does USB PD Work on iPhone And Android?

Yes, USB PD chargers are compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. The advancement in the tech, however, requires the phone to have the necessary hardware support to do the charging.

It’s sort of like, if you want the fast speeds of a USB Type-C cable, you need the cable. A PD charger’s going to require you having the right cable.

How Do I Get the Best Speed From A PD Charger?

If your priority is getting the fastest charging speed possible, ensure you have a USB-C cable, connector, and that your device has the hardware. Again, PD chargers will supply your smartphone only with the charging speed and power the device allows. Certain iOS/Apple and/or Android/Google/Samsung devices have the hardware while others do not. This is something to consider the next time you buy a smartphone.

USB PD charging is a major jump over the prior fast-charging standard which most older smartphones still support. This was Qualcomm Quick Charge.

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