Buy Cheaper and Safer Smart Home Solutions from PrimeCables on Father’s day !

Smart home systems are creating a revolution in the way we live our lives and design our homes. Modern living has been uprooted by technology and more Canadian households are choosing smart home accessories to upgrade the potential of their property.

smart home solution

Browsing a range of high-tech products and gadgets, you can build the smart home you’ve always wanted with PrimeCables. As one of Canada’s fastest growing smart home eCommerce sites, we provide high quality product at the lowest prices in the country. In the same way you browse accessories to heighten the enjoy-ability of your smartphone, building effective and appealing smart home solutions work in much the same way. Choose the products that resonate with you and adapt smart home tech to the lifestyle you’re already living.


PrimeCables has numerous smart home products in its market, including several items under the LivingWise product line. These smart home accessories are simple, useful, and at a really good price. If we’re looking at the same price point for similar accessories, though you might find some, PrimeCables’ quality is second to none. Just because we do ‘cheap pricing’, does not mean the product you’re buying is cheaply made. As a matter of fact, PrimeCables has partnered with Orvibo, a leading pioneer in the design and manufacturing in smart home gadgets. Remember, when you buy from PrimeCables, you can count on a lot of things – including quality of product.


Under the LivingWise brand name of smart home products, there’s the Motion Sensor for Smart Home system for $24.99, the Door/Window Sensor for Smart Home system for $27.99, the S31 WiFi Smart Socket Yellow – Smart Phone App Online Controllable for $24.99, the Smart Security Camera for Indoor 720p Night Vision w/ Speaker – LivingWise – 1/Pack for $29.99, and the ZigBee Smart Hub For Your Smart Home ZigBee Sensors for $59.99.


There’s also plenty of combination smart home solutions in the PrimeCables catalogue including the Smart Home Security Combo Set, 2 Window/Door Sensor + 1 Motion Sensor + 1 ZigBee Hub – LivingWise for $99.99, the Smart Home Security Combo Set, 1 Smart Camera + 2 Motion Sensor + 1 ZigBee Hub – LivingWise for $99.99, and the Smart Home WiFi Combo Set, 3 Yellow Smart WiFi Socket + 1 Smart WiFi Camera – LivingSmart for $89.99.


Shop PrimeCables today for inexpensive, high quality, safe smart home solutions. For some of the lowest prices in Canada, you won’t find products like these anywhere else. Also, enjoy free shipping in Canada on any orders above $49!

Top 5 Father’s Day Ideas from PrimeCables

Read through some of the best Father’s Day gifts 2018, suitable for all budgets thanks to the Father’s Day coupons, promotions, and deals exclusive through PrimeCables. If you don’t know what to get your father for the big day, even on a budget, we’re confident you can find something in our pages. As Father’s Day is fast approaching, this is our list of the greatest gifts courtesy of PrimeCables.


The Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder for $4.99 is the perfect gift for a father who is on the go. If your dad likes to go exploring or fishing, or is in the car a lot for work transportation, a magnetic car mount allows them to keep in touch without putting their life in danger. Sticking to any flat surface in the car, the magnetic car mount helps to keep GPS and smartphone devices fastened to some of the most convenient regions of the interior.


The Network Cable Tester & Crimping Tools Combo for RJ-45 RJ-11 for $12.99 is a great tool for dads who are working with networking cables. Though some dads may not know what to make of a tester and crimping tool like this, for the dads that do, they can save tons of money by doing the work themselves instead of buying pre-crimped cables. This tester and crimping combo tool courtesy of PrimeCables makes it possible to make and test a wide variety of network cables.


The PrimeCables® Multi-purpose 38in1 Precision Screwdrivers Phone Repair Tools Set for $14.99 is an expanded collection of tools ideal for general housework, repair, and maintenance projects. Let’s say your father does not already have a similar set or has a dated set, this makes for a nice update and is a great way to show him that you put some thought into it.


The Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Selfie Timer for $6.99 is the fourth entry onto our list for Father’s Day gift ideas. The Bluetooth remote control camera timer is great for taking family photos and video, and is the sort of thing that is small yet very much appreciated by gift recipients. Lastly, on our list, there’s the Illuminated Dual LED Lighted Head Magnifier 4 Lens: 1.5X 3X 8.5X 10X for $8.99. This neat item is great for jewelers, watch repairmen, and fathers who work on smaller projects where directional light is needed.


In the PrimeCables catalogue, there are hundreds more items to browse and consider. Go beyond our top 5 Father’s Day gift ideas and find what works for you. Also, receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49!

Get your Best Canada Lava Hot Deals from PrimeCables

dual LCD monitor desk mount
dual LCD monitor desk mount

PrimeCables deep discounts across over dozens of product categories is catching the eye of Canadian shoppers far and wide. The consumer is always king when it comes to our exclusive eCommerce deals. Shop PrimeCables for all you’ve ever wanted for cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools and appliances, network solutions, smart home accessories, home theater accessories, and more. Get the best Canada lava hot deals from PrimeCables for a limited time!

The Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27″ is usually priced at $189.99 in the PrimeCables catalogue. Today, receive this same dual LCD monitor desk mount for only $49.99 including fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. There are hundreds more exclusive discounts like this across the PrimeCables site. During our ongoing spring sale, Father’s Day sale, and Canada Day sale, we hope to unload much of our inventory off promotions granting as much as 70% off select products!

For consumers that have never had a dual monitor mount, there are many fun reasons to consider buying one. The opportunity to get two flat-screens positioned up in front of your natural eye-line is great for your neck and back, and also creates a more immersive, updated look to your workspace. Installing a dual monitor mount, you’ll also see a lot more space saved on your desk thereby reducing the clutter that would otherwise be there. The Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27″ in particular includes a 360-degree rotation, a 180-degree swivel, and a 45-degree tilting for any viewing perspective.

The dual LCD monitor desk mount is one of the several ergonomic office accessories in the PrimeCables catalogue. When you buy one of these, you also get free returns and a minimum of 1-year warranty ensuring full satisfaction with your purchase. In addition to the monitor desk mount, we also have ergonomic chairs, ergonomic sit-standing desks, and a seemingly endless array of accessories. Get the best deals in Canada on these products and more, every time you shop with PrimeCables.
Competing against the biggest eCommerce giants and corporate retailers, PrimeCables has thrived off trendy, high quality products and exclusive discount pricing you won’t find anywhere else. This month, we’ve turned up the heat on our sales and have splashed Canada-only promotions across the PrimeCables website. Please browse thoroughly and find the products that match your lifestyle. Shop with the best in online shopping in Canada, when you shop with PrimeCables!

Get your 2018 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas from PrimeCables

surprise father's day gift
surprise father’s day gift

The best Father’s Day gift ideas are sometimes not so easy to find. For dads that are hard to buy for and/or who may not consider Father’s Day to be that important of a day, buying the right gift might take some time.

PrimeCables specializes in a wide range of Father’s Day-friendly items under the categories of cables, adapters, mounts and sit-stands, tools and appliances, home theater accessories, network solutions, and more. Among the top favourite Father’s Day gift ideas we have this season is the 20V Cordless Power Drill with Soft Grip Handle for only $49.99. When it comes to buying a power drill for Father’s Day, there’s no better product at this price point than the PrimeCables model. Even better, when you purchase this power drill for Father’s Day from PrimeCables, receive it all with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, free returns included, and a 1-year product guarantee.

Tools & Testers 20V Cordless Power Drill
Tools & Testers 20V Cordless Power Drill

If your father is not one to treat himself very often, buying a Father’s Day gift in line with his own interests can show that you gave it some thought. A power drill is something that a dad can use to get renovations done around the house, build things in the backyard, and more. We know that buying a power drill is the perfect Father’s Day gift for some dads however it might not be for all – and no worries if it’s not. Every father has their habits. They prefer certain foods, certain clothes, and they like what they like. Everyone is different. Please feel encouraged to browse the PrimeCables catalogue for more information on other products that might appeal to your dad.


Searching out products like a power drill, which is something he might use fairly regularly, can improve quality of life and you know it’s something he will appreciate. Going through the specifications for the 20V Cordless Power Drill with Soft Grip Handle, enjoy it with a 1.3Ah Li-ion battery, 0-350/0-1250 RPM, two-speed transmission with optimized torque and speed for screw driving and drilling, an LED light to illuminate darker spaces you might be working in, and a slide pack battery for easy installation and removal of the battery.


Buy the best 2018 Father’s Day gifts from PrimeCables. When something’s looking a little too old for comfort or when you’re looking to surprise him, this power drill might make for the perfect buy. Enjoy exclusive deals, promotions, and more from the PrimeCables’ Father’s Day specials!

Get your Father’s Day Tech Deal in Advance


Dad being hard to shop for is nothing new to us. Believe it when we tell you that a lot of us at PrimeCables have fathers like that. For the dad who already has everything, here are some Father’s Day tech deals and products you can buy in advance to set you up for the perfect Father’s Day 2018.

PrimeCables Father's Day Techy Deal
PrimeCables Father’s Day Tech Deal

TV wall mounts and stands are very popular among fathers who are inclined towards home theater systems and home entertainment. Imagine being able to hang the flat-screen on the wall like a painting and adjust viewing for the optimum angle. See movies, sports, TV, and concerts in a whole new way. Around this time of year, your father might not be expecting a gift like this – that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A TV wall mount and/or stand is a product that fathers use every day. For those hard to shop for, this can be an inexpensive way to upgrade the home entertainment experience and do something he will really appreciate.


Most fathers will usually take the position on Father’s Day that they have everything they need or want. For the fathers who have a home office or who have dreams of a home office, shop with PrimeCables for ergonomic accessories, office sit-stand desks, monitor desk mounts, and more. Easily design and re-design a father’s home office, and provide them with a little bit of an upgrade over the traditional. If your father is interested in new office technology, combining a high-tech sit-stand desk with a monitor desk mount can be a great way to entice them.


There are countless other Father’s Day gifts in the PrimeCables catalogue that might be of interest, including select items on Father’s Day discounts up to 70% off. Consider the 3 in 1 Full Motion Wall Mount for TV 37″- 70″ with 6ft HDMI Cable & Organizers for $43.99, the Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder for $4.99, the Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Selfie Timer for $6.99, the Adjustable Satellite Speaker Wall Mount (Max 7.7LBS/3.5Kgs) – Set of 2 for $9.99, or the PrimeCables® Ultimate Universal Cell Phone/Pad Magnetic Mount 5 Pack Family Value Pack for $19.99.


The lead up to Father’s Day is always a busy time for PrimeCables. We know how expensive some Father’s Day techy deals can be so we do our best to keep prices as affordable as possible. When you shop with PrimeCables, know that all orders above $49 receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee already included. So to browse the ultimate Father’s Day deals and promotions, visit PrimeCables today.

Still Shopping for Father’s Day Deals from Check PrimeCables Tech Feature Deals!

The time of year surrounding Father’s Day usually involves dads who claim they don’t need nor want anything. For dads like these, shopping for Father’s Day gifts can be tough and stressful. Remember that at PrimeCables, we know what it’s like to have dads who don’t want to give any hints or assistance in searching for Father’s Day gifts. For dads like these, even if he thinks he has it all, there are plenty of ways you can surprise him. For any person still shopping for Father’s Day deals from and if you haven’t found anything worth a buy, consider checking PrimeCables’ tech feature deals.

PrimeCables audiophile instrument
PrimeCables audiophile instrument

PrimeCables is a Canadian-owned eCommerce online shopping site that is one of the fastest growing in consumer tech products. For consumers who have never shopped with us before, some of the most popular reasons why Canadian households keep coming back to PrimeCables includes fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee on all purchases. Above all these advantages, PrimeCables also has some of the lowest prices in Canada on tech products under the categories of cables, adapters, sit-stands and ergonomic accessories, mounts, tools and appliances, home theater accessories, network solutions, and more. These are just some of the categories that we specialize in. This Father’s Day, consider browsing the PrimeCables catalogue for something unique and practical that would make for the ultimate surprise.


Needless to say, a product category that is highly underrated in the PrimeCables’ catalogue is the audiophile and instrument accessories section. So if your father is a guitar player, a singer, or a musician, save literally hundreds of dollars on brand-name products and select instrument accessories. And, with Father’s Day deals and promotions up to 70% off in some cases, make a huge impression on Father’s Day in a very good way. Choose from something fun, go quirky, maybe find something a little more out of the box, or go with something completely unexpected. It’s all your call. If your dad is being hard to buy for, surprise him with something that he could actually use but that he might not think to buy for himself. Let’s be honest – those are probably the best gifts at any time of year.


This Father’s Day, take advantage of the PrimeCables’ Father’s Day deal on select pro audio and musical instrument accessories. Browse through headphones and earbuds, stage audio and light accessories, instrument accessories, guitar accessories, microphones, mixers, guitar pedals, amplifiers, and more!