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dual LCD monitor desk mount
dual LCD monitor desk mount

PrimeCables deep discounts across over dozens of product categories is catching the eye of Canadian shoppers far and wide. The consumer is always king when it comes to our exclusive eCommerce deals. Shop PrimeCables for all you’ve ever wanted for cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools and appliances, network solutions, smart home accessories, home theater accessories, and more. Get the best Canada lava hot deals from PrimeCables for a limited time!

The Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27″ is usually priced at $189.99 in the PrimeCables catalogue. Today, receive this same dual LCD monitor desk mount for only $49.99 including fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. There are hundreds more exclusive discounts like this across the PrimeCables site. During our ongoing spring sale, Father’s Day sale, and Canada Day sale, we hope to unload much of our inventory off promotions granting as much as 70% off select products!

For consumers that have never had a dual monitor mount, there are many fun reasons to consider buying one. The opportunity to get two flat-screens positioned up in front of your natural eye-line is great for your neck and back, and also creates a more immersive, updated look to your workspace. Installing a dual monitor mount, you’ll also see a lot more space saved on your desk thereby reducing the clutter that would otherwise be there. The Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27″ in particular includes a 360-degree rotation, a 180-degree swivel, and a 45-degree tilting for any viewing perspective.

The dual LCD monitor desk mount is one of the several ergonomic office accessories in the PrimeCables catalogue. When you buy one of these, you also get free returns and a minimum of 1-year warranty ensuring full satisfaction with your purchase. In addition to the monitor desk mount, we also have ergonomic chairs, ergonomic sit-standing desks, and a seemingly endless array of accessories. Get the best deals in Canada on these products and more, every time you shop with PrimeCables.
Competing against the biggest eCommerce giants and corporate retailers, PrimeCables has thrived off trendy, high quality products and exclusive discount pricing you won’t find anywhere else. This month, we’ve turned up the heat on our sales and have splashed Canada-only promotions across the PrimeCables website. Please browse thoroughly and find the products that match your lifestyle. Shop with the best in online shopping in Canada, when you shop with PrimeCables!

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